Articles written by: Kari Maze

Kittens Tortured at the Hands of Unknown Abusers Deserve Justice

One kitten was rescued from a running dryer at a laundry mat, another was thrown inside a bag and tossed into traffic from a moving car, and a third was abandoned behind a dumpster with a painful infection. Demand whoever hurt these innocent animals be found and given the toughest punishment allowed for these senseless crimes.

Pony Allegedly Lethally Debilitated From Overgrown Hooves Deserves Justice

A pony’s hooves were allegedly so overgrown that her bones fused together. She was barely able to walk, per reports, and may even lose her life due to the severity of the deformity. Demand the person reportedly responsible for this animal cruelty be given a tough punishment under the law.

Cats Allegedly Covered in Fleas and Surrounded By Flies and Waste Deserve Justice

Six cats were allegedly found living amongst massive amounts of fleas, flies and trash at an abandoned residence. Rescuers reportedly had to wear hazmat suits to even enter the premises. Demand that the person accused of mistreating these innocent animals receive no mercy under the law.

Puppies Found Dead in Fire Pit Deserve Justice

Four puppies were found buried and abandoned, with two having been burned in a fire, according to reports. Demand the people accused of these crimes be brought to justice.

Dog Reportedly Starved and Suffering With Large Tumor Deserves Justice

Two pit-bulls, including one with a large untreated tumor, were reportedly left outside, starved, and denied veterinary care. Demand the person accused of this animal cruelty receive a fitting sentence.

Implement Harsher Punishments for Animal Cruelty Offenders

Animal cruelty is not considered a felony in the state of Nevada until the person has two prior offenses, making it so many people who commit unthinkable crimes against animals are required to spend no more than six months in prison. Demand these laws change at once so that animals will be better protected.

Minks Allegedly Neglected, Abused, and Left in Their Own Filth Deserve Justice

Minks allegedly living in their own feces were forced to drag their injured bodies over mesh wire to find water. Demand whoever is reportedly responsible for farming these animals be charged and given a stringent legal sentence to make sure no other minks will have to suffer.

Dog Reportedly Shot for Walking Onto Neighbor’s Property Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly shot several times as he hid underneath a neighbor’s shed, trembling in fear. Demand the person accused of this animal abuse get the toughest punishment the law will allow.

Animals Allegedly Starving and Living in Filthy Zoo Cages Deserve Justice

Zoo animals who were reportedly found injured and living in unsanitary enclosures without proper food or water will soon be re-homed. Demand the man allegedly responsible for neglecting them get a strict punishment under the law.

Dog Reportedly Forced to Suffer With Venomous Snake Bites and Open Wounds Deserves Justice

Bruno the dog was reportedly found covered in painful cancerous masses, bleeding sores, and venomous snake bites. Demand the person thought to have abused him receive the strictest legal sentence.

Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Fleas and Painful Sores in Filthy Homes Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly found with fleas and sores all over their bodies, in buildings where cats and children also apparently lived in filth. Demand the people accused of this animal cruelty receive a strict, just punishment if found guilty.

Dog Allegedly Kicked Repeatedly and Slammed on Ground Deserves Justice

A young dog named Angel was reportedly beaten for refusing to walk. Demand the person allegedly responsible for this crime receive the harshest prison sentence the law will allow.

Dog Allegedly Starving and Living in His Own Waste Deserves Justice

An elderly dog was reportedly found surrounded by urine and feces without access to food or water. Demand the person thought to be responsible for this horrific crime receive a stringent legal sentence if he is found guilty of mistreating this helpless animal.

Dog Allegedly Left Zipped in Filthy Backpack on Truck Floor Deserves Justice

A tiny dog was reportedly held captive inside a zipped up backpack, while a woman drove around with the bag inside her truck. Demand that she be punished for this alleged act of dangerous animal cruelty.

Cat Reportedly Impaled With Arrow and Left to Wander Streets for Days Deserves Justice

Robin the cat reportedly walked around with an arrow embedded in his torso for days before finally being rescued. Demand the person accused of shooting him receive the maximum punishment.

Dog Allegedly Chained to Truck Without Food or Water Deserves Justice

Six dogs were found by police, allegedly neglected, starving, and living in dangerous conditions. Demand the people thought to be responsible receive the maximum punishment allowed by the law if it is found they committed these inexcusable acts of animals cruelty.

Cat Torn Limb From Limb in Instagram Video Deserves Justice

Horrific Instagram videos show a cat being pulled apart and a puppy getting violently stomped to death. Demand that the perpetrator of this sickening cruelty be found and swiftly brought to justice.

Kittens Reportedly Thrown From Moving Vehicle Deserve Justice

Several kittens were apparently thrown from a speeding car into oncoming traffic. Demand the person accused of this horrendous cruelty be punished.

Dog Reportedly Slammed Against Wall and Swung by the Neck Deserves Justice

A dog was apparently choked, hit with a shoe, and slammed against a wall multiple times by her owner. Demand the woman be punished to the full extent of the law.

Elderly Dog Abandoned in Woods Deserves Justice

An old, confused Labrador retriever named Henry was reportedly abandoned at a park by his owner. Demand justice for Henry.

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