Kitten Attacked and Soaked With Bleach Deserves Justice

Target: Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

Goal: Ensure people who abuse stray animals are held accountable.

Alonzo Kyles, who was accused of soaking a cat with bleach, had his conviction overturned because it was thought the cat was a stray, and stray dogs and cats in Ohio are not given the same considerations under law as house pets. Cuyahoga County prosecutors are taking the case to the Ohio Supreme Court to try and have this decision overruled. They are also requesting the law be clearly defined to say that anyone who abuses a stray cat or dog will be subject to felony animal abuse charges.

Because it could not be proven the cat was someone’s pet, the judge overturned the conviction. The law, known as Goddard’s Law, makes it illegal to abuse any companion animal and states that the definition applies to “any animal that is kept inside a residential dwelling and any cat or dog regardless of where it is kept, including a pet store.” However, prosecutors argue that the legislators who wrote the law meant for it to protect all cats and dogs since they wrote “any dog or cat regardless of where it is kept,” instead of “any cat or dog that has received care.”

Not only is it important to change this law to make sure all abused cats and dogs receive justice, but it is imperative that such abusers be punished since they oftentimes eventually turn to either hurting or killing people. Sign this petition to demand the law be rightfully interpreted to mean that animal abusers be held responsible for heinous acts against all cats and dogs.


Dear Attorney General Yost,

Alonzo Kyles, who was originally convicted on a felony charge for allegedly throwing bleach on a kitten, will not be punished because a judge interpreted Goddard’s Law to mean that protections only pertained to companion animals, which are defined as animals that are “kept inside a residential dwelling,” or inside another establishment where they receive ongoing care. Because the law is worded in this manner, prosecutors surmised the judge focused on the word “kept” and allowed the man who reportedly committed this act to walk free.

Specifically, reports state the man threw bleach in a stairwell where a black kitten was located to try and remove the cat, and authorities found the distressed animal lying still and meowing at the bottom of the stairs. His paws were swollen and red, and the cat did not resist help, according to officers. Although a grand jury convicted the accused party on felony animal abuse charges, the case was appealed and another court decided that because it was not proven the cat had an actual home, or since the cat had not been kept somewhere on a regular basis, his conviction should be overturned.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors would like to see this decision reversed and are further requesting that the law’s wording be changed so that it specifically states all cats and dogs, including strays, be protected from the hands of animal abusers. Prosecutors proclaim officials who wrote the law meant for all animals to receive such protections, or else they would have said “any cat or dog that has received care,” rather than “any dog or cat regardless of where it is kept.”

Since animal abusers oftentimes move on to committing more serious crimes against other human beings, both people and stray animals will likely be at risk if this law is not interpreted differently. I therefore urge you to support the Cuyahoga County prosecutors’ case to ensure that all cats and dogs, including strays, receive equal protections from cruel acts of animal abuse.


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Photo Credit: Mark Marek


  1. This law MUST be amended and updated to reflect a compassionate society’s values. Why discriminate between those who have homes and those who don’t? It sends the message that it is acceptable to abuse strays. That’s completely unacceptable and encourages violence towards these defenseless animals.

  2. Laura Rolder says:

    Throw bleach on him and let him suffer like he did to a poor helpless kitten. Shame on any justice system who does not charge him as a felony animal abusers and lock him away.

    • Manitou CalmStorm says:

      So true. I can’t agree more. This slimy piece of cat puke is a disgrace to the air breathing world. As a Native American, these animals are my brothers and sisters, domestic or not. It is criminal what these pond scum suckers get away with. Strays my ass. They are God’s children as much as we are. This cowardous punk will be dealt with.

  3. Animal abuse is animal abuse. It should not matter whether they are a stray or not. Idiots need to change law and have a moral standard and heart.

    • Totally agree, Kelly. How can it be okay to torture an animal if it’s a stray??? Whoever makes these laws up should be tortured along with the scumbag who did this and be covered in bleach themselves….

  4. Irene Leggett says:

    So the crooked justice system is virtually saying ANYONE can abuse, torture and even kill an innocent animals if its deemed a ‘stray’ The justice system absolutely stinks and the judge in question should be ashamed to uphold such a disgusting suggestion. Come on vigilantes, do your stuff instead as it appears that the justice system couldn’t give a damn about innocent animals getting abused or killed.

  5. This ridiculous, archaic, and unacceptable law sends a horrible message that if a being/animal-human or otherwise,has no home,family, spouse,or job then they are to be considered unworthy of any and all protection,shelter,education,love,food,and freedom that is given to those that are not considered”strays”.This sends a very dangerous message that it’s ok for the bully to get the others to gang up with him (as predators often do in a hunt)and violently attack and brutally beat foster children. Or rather human STRAYS!!This needs to be addressed and this overturned immediately before something on a larger scale happens. In the meantime brainless lowlifes that do violent,abusive things to animals need to be secretly dealt with and the fear of God-and retaliation from harmed animals needs to be instilled and embedded in them. I feel they should go thru the rest of their lives tortured and in fear of animals.I dream of a day where scum like this failed abortion suffers horribly,and unbelievably everyday at the hands of disgusting sexual predators and the like. Makes me actually envy the ability of Hannibal Lectur when he causes his cell neighbor to die from chewing out his own tongue and choking on it. It’s a fact that scum such as this kitten abuser proceed to become extremely violent people that end up maiming multiple people often killing them or worse, making it a chronic mental illness of a serial killer!! STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY AND ABUSE! OVERTURN THIS LAW! And if that’s what it takes to prosecute this prick, that kitten is No stray! Belongs to me! Everyone should claim the kitten ! Let’s force them to put him in prison!

  6. This “judge” brings the profession into disrepute, and has abbetted an abuser to evade justice which in itself is an offence. Failure to dissemble justice correctly is an extremely serious matter and this “judge” needs to watch his step. An animals ownership isnt the issue, else there would be no penalties for abuse against wild animals who are clearly ownerless, yet there are. This “judge” needs to be probed, something is very off here

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