Dog With Chain Embedded Into Neck Deserves Justice

Target: C. Colin McAllister, Chief of Police (COP) for Naugatuck, CT

Goal: Punish the individual who embedded a chain into the dog’s neck through proper investigation.

On May 13, 2023, a Siberian husky with a 28-inch chain wrapped around his neck was brought to an animal control facility in Naugatuck, Connecticut. The dog, now named Justice, was just a puppy of about 1 or 2 years old. The chain was buried in his neck, causing the fur on his neck to appear uneven. Justice had a fever and other health issues outside of the chain constricting his neck. Witnesses reported that he had difficulty walking when he was lured into a car to be brought to safety.

After being brought to the animal control center, Justice had to undergo surgery to remove the chain. Skin had grown over the chain, leading Naugatuck police to believe that the chain had been left on him for an extended period of time. The brutal treatment of Justice gained attention for a nonprofit organization designed to reduce animal abuse, Desmond’s Army. The individual who committed this act of animal cruelty has yet to be found as police have little information to go off of. Desmond’s Army offers a $1,500 reward for anyone who has any information on who may have committed this crime.

Justice had to undergo extensive treatment and recovery in order to bounce back from this horrifying endeavor. His perpetrators must be punished accordingly. This is a clear example of animal abuse and those responsible must be properly investigated and charged. Sign this petition to demand justice for this young pup.


Dear COP McAllister,

A helpless puppy was found with a 28-inch chain embedded into his neck to the point of abscess growth. Justice, the pup’s new name, had to undergo surgery to remove the chain which required intensive recovery. Justice’s life was put on the line, and those who committed this awful crime must be properly charged.

The amount of pain Justice must have endured while skin grew over the chain is unimaginable. If it were not for witnesses finding and taking him to the proper resources, he may have suffered even worse health conditions.

Please do not let the individuals who committed this awful act go unscathed. We demand you to enforce the proper investigation needed to find these abusers. They cannot remain unpunished while the life of a poor animal was put at stake based on their actions. Find and punish those responsible for the horrid treatment Justice endured. I appreciate your attention to this message.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pxfuel


  1. This was long term abuse. The chain was there for many, many, months. Someone out there knows this dog. Possibly a picture of the dog along with the reward notice might bring in more information. The punishment must fit the crime. Since this was a long imposed cause prosecutors must exact the same in punishment. I hope this person is found, charged, and given appropriate punishment. They should also pay all medical costs as well as rehoming costs. I hope the police department recognizes this crime and continues to look for the person responsible.

  2. One bullet one less animal abuser – there is no other way to treat these useless pieces of shit who constantly abuse and kill these poor animals. Fuck what is wrong with this world?????

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