Thousands of Animals Dead After Being Shipped in Cardboard Boxes Without Food or Water Deserve Justice

Target: Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transportation, People’s Republic of China

Goal: Improve and enforce animal transportation regulations.

China has some of the most lax animal welfare laws in the world. This insufficiency in animal rights has recently led to the death of thousands of animals that were left to die at transportation depots. Five thousand animals were shipped from a breeding farm in China in cardboard boxes where they were left without food or water for over a week until they starved to death in their cardboard coffins. Only 200 animals were saved and sent to a local animal shelter. Transporting animals in this manner is illegal, yet there is no enforceable penalty for perpetrators.

Sign this petition to urge the Chinese authorities to implement new animal transportation regulations and make sure they are enforced.


Dear Minister Li Xiaopeng,

Nearly 5,000 animals were left to starve to death at a shipping depot in China. The perpetrators of such a heinous act of animal cruelty will go unpunished as regulations in your country do not adequately protect animals. This is shameful and must not be allowed to continue. In this most recent tragedy, the thousands of animals that died were stuffed in cardboard boxes and left without food or water for a week. This intentional neglect and willful abuse must end.

I urge you to improve your current regulations governing the transportation of animals and ensure stiff penalties are enforced.


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  1. Shame on China – yet again their lax animal welfare standards are an absolute disgrace.


    • Amen Nicole and everyone elses commments I agree whole heartedly. Fucken gooks, their cruelty to animals has fucked up the whole world now, yet they continue to get away with their evil ways. I hope they get what they deserve in the end, hell and a painful death to all of them, someone needs to drop a bomb on all those asian bastards, vietnam, korea, cambodia, thailand, bali, they are all the same, cruel and heartless. I wouldnt send an ant over there. Please God help all the poor animals in asia.

  3. Lesley Halkett says:

    China again! Those poor animals suffered a horrible lingering death because these bastards just regard them as a “product”. Makes my fucking blood boil!

  4. Somebody should stuff all of China in a box and let them all suffocate and starve.
    And just FYI, China just passed a law allowing families to have 3 kids now instead of just 2 per family. (They used to limit to one and killed female babies – that’s what a “great” country they’ve always been) They’re afraid India and Africa will out-populate them for world domination. Never mind that they are ALL ALREADY overcrowding the world with their animal and human cruelty.
    I hope covid isn’t done with the world yet and mutates and wipes out most of the human stain on this planet.

    • You couldnt have said it better. If we are not careful, the world will be speaking Chinese soon. They are out to take over and they’ll have their dog Meat farms operating everywhere. I say Drop a bomb on them and all the other animal abusing countries

  5. Absolutely shocking! It’s always China, they are the real plague on this planet!!! They will not stop until they decimate everything on the planet and then have to resort to cannibalism!! SHAME CHINA, SHAME!!!

  6. Donna E. Szlosek says:

    I agree with Mariska above — DO LIKE I DO BOYCOTT ALL PRODUCTS FROM CHINA — the abuse to innocent animals must stop!!!!!!

  7. Shane Paul says:

    Fuckin China…again. We need to just start taking every animal that’s spotted there out of the country. What kind of human being with a functioning brain treats another living being like it’s some kind of plastic “product”. We shoulda done something to teach them a lesson when they spread Covid all over the world.

  8. Jill Orton says:

    This is a true indictment on every Chinese. The ones who did this should be held responsible by the C
    hinese themselves. To starve an animal or not to give them water is cruelty in the extreme and I agree, everyone should boycott everything that comes out of China. If their exports didn’t sell, I am sure they would change their tune

  9. There are no words to describe how low I view China right now. Pretty despicable!!

  10. Czerny A. says:

    China. What can you expect from a country that tortures and eats dogs? Yulin Dog Meat Festival started yesterday. The CCP has murdered 60 million of its own people; what’s a few animals to this kind of gov’t when they use dissidents and political prisoners for organ harvesting?

  11. E johnson says:

    Maybe the US president could at least condemn THIS China practice…maybe? I pray that the sick people in this world that torture those that are helpless meet a fiery, horrendous death

  12. Again about CHINA – when is it not about them when it comes to destroying the lives of animals. This is totally unacceptable but definitely not unbelievable from where it took place. Don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of hearing about China. I haven’t got one good thing to say about that god damn country – insane, insane!!

  13. Of course CHINA … doesn’t surprise me in the least. that country needs to smarten the F up … you are despicable. Everything from poisoning food to doing this and Corona virus.. and many many more problems!!! JESUS JUST STOP IT !!!!!

  14. Denise Alvarado says:

    Since when have the Chinese cared about anything but their own individual wants? Big to-do about anti Asian hate, but no one says a thing about how much hate they feel towards everyone else and their cruelty and callousness to others.

  15. That’s the CCP for ya. All life is cheap to them.

  16. Janet Garraghan says:

    It’s a cruel race that allows this to happen within their laws! This is barbaric, sadistic and could only possibly be carried out by greedy, selfish, backward degenerates who care nothing for the suffering of any other living creature! Too many “Me, Me, Me’s” running the country – it’s all about them, selfish to the core and don’t give a damn about the world around them! It’s time the authorities got themselves into the 21st century and took action against the evil monsters who cause or allow neglect, abuse, torture and heinous killing of living creatures. Breaks my heart how people can be so cruel and selfish. I despair of the human race.

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