Puppy Reportedly Subjected to Brutal Eye Maiming With Hot Kitchen Knife Needs Justice

Target: Heather L. Adams, District Attorney for Lancaster County, PA

Goal: Prosecute and punish couple who allegedly used a kitchen knife to operate on puppy.

A Pennsylvania puppy was allegedly subjected to an unauthorized and painful medical procedure by a dog breeder. According to the state’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) chapter, Ray Martin (with his wife’s assistance) performed surgery with a knife he had heated on the English bulldog puppy’s eye in the couple’s kitchen. No pain medication or numbing were apparently provided during this torturous process.

The alleged act was said to be done in response to a condition known as cherry eye that the puppy had developed. Martin reportedly removed an essential gland around the eyelid. Because the procedure allegedly did not include veterinary supervision, this young animal will likely need continued care and treatment for the remainder of his life. For both the alleged crimes of failure to provide veterinary care and torturing an animal, this suspect has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

Sign the petition below to demand the maximum punishment for Martin and additional charges for the woman accused of aiding and abetting him.


Dear Ms. Adams,

A breeder purchases a puppy, and a short time later this breeder faces animal cruelty charges. The evidence for these charges comes from a concerned veterinarian who examined the young animal.

The accusations, however, could never truly encompass this living being’s alleged suffering. The puppy’s eye was reportedly cut with a scalding hot kitchen knife. The pain, as you can imagine, would have been unbearable. According to reports, the puppy did not even receive even miniscule pain relief. The professionals looking after him estimate he will now need life-long care for this apparent maiming.

Please prosecute Martin and his alleged “assistant,” his wife, to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Vlad Chetan


  1. Find the sick freak that did this — burn out his eyes with hot knife – then hang — this trash does not deserve to live!!!!!!

  2. Animal abusers globally must have the mandatory death penalty implemneted.A slow and agonizing death is essential!

    • Milantia Roy says:

      Wish it were possible but those bastards usually get away with murder — thay aren’t very many judges that take seriously those acts of cruelty.
      Let’s hope that Ms. Adams, gives a fair judgment and that she orders that his license be revoked for the duration of this bastards miserable life.

  3. This is when I believe “an eye for an eye…” because this is unforgivable and despicable. I agree with the other statements that say,”Street Justice” and the “Death Penalty”. These are demons that must be destroyed. I pray that young dog finds a forever loving home/family and can heal from the trauma.

  4. This breeder license must be permanently removed. This breeder must also be charged, fined, prosecuted ,do jail time for animal cruelty. This breeder must never be allowed to have dogs/pets/animals nor be in any business associated with dogs/pets/animals.

  5. OMG, why would someone do this? Not wanting to pay a vet to do the procedure is no excuse. If you can’t afford to get your pets proper treatement when it’s needed, don’t go into this line of work (or have pets at all)

  6. Gabriela Torres says:

    let’s hope that he experiences that later on when his eye cataracts are removed.
    Atupid idiot!

  7. The same treatment to the BASTARD!

  8. These freaks would cry mercy if threatended with the same action that they inflicted on this most vunerable creature. Is this a “breeder” or a puppy mill??!! And where is the law to ensure they receive jail time as animal cruelty is a felony yet most courts have no spine in convicting these twisted individuals.

  9. Rose Coffey says:

    What a stupid ignorant thing to do. These two most definitely need the utmost punishment possible and no more animals for either of them. Ban them from even being around animals.

  10. Elizabeth Rutledge says:

    Horrifying and sickening!!! This was barbaric end it hurts me personally just to think of how that dog felt. Extreme fear followed by some of the worst pain you can inflict on a living being. please do everything in your power to prosecute the person who did this. 20 years in jail is justified! And make sure no other animal ever gets near him!!!!!

    I am literally begging you to strongly punish this sick human being!!!

  11. Yet another reason to ban ALL breeding of domestic animals. If breeders aren’t busy adding to (for profit, no less) the problem of homeless animals, they’re neglecting &/or torturing them! Either way, there is NO SUCH THING as a “responsible” breeder. They are ALL selfish and self-entitled.

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