Don’t Slaughter African Elephants for Money

Target: Tinashe Farawo, spokesman for Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority

Goal: Do not allow endangered elephants to be massacred for revenue.

A few weeks ago, most African elephants were declared endangered or critically endangered. Now, the Zimbabwe government is selling permits to massacre up to 500 elephants in a shameful attempt to drum up revenue.

Tourism revenue in the country has dwindled due to the current pandemic, but this no excuse to sell a living creature to be hunted and killed. The Zimbabwe Parks claim that the killed animals will be used for food, but in reality, these animals are the targets of disgusting trophy hunters. Trophy hunters should be ashamed of their pathetic pastime, especially when it is used to line the government’s pockets.

Sign this petition to make the government in Zimbabwe stop selling hunting permits for endangered animals.


Dear Spokesman Farawo,

The decision of your organization to sell permits to slaughter hundreds of endangered elephants is shameful and appalling. The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority should be protecting the animals under its care and not raffling them off to drum up revenue. Just a few short weeks ago, many elephants in Africa were deemed endangered or critically so. In light of this, how can you allow such atrocities against these dwindling species to fill up your own coffers?

I urge to you reconsider and stop selling the lives of endangered elephants to shameful trophy hunters.


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Photo Credit: Carole Henderson



  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Trophy hunters contribute to wildlife loss. I am beyond disappointed as these elephants are in danger of going extinct. What has happened to leaders who would do this to their own animals? For money? Would they target their kids for a few extra dollars? It sounds far fetched but it really IS this important. Leaders of governments do not show a lot of forethought. They only see the immediate and the attitude is, “What do I care?” Yet these leaders devastate this earth and all may die very harshly by their doing so. They will kill every living thing with their foolish choices. I wouldn’t want to live with that thought if I were them.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    SHAMEFUL AND UNACCEPTABLE, ZIMBABWE. Stop the slaughter of our beloved elephants IMMEDIATELY. Or watch your tourism dollars vanish.

    • Jim Takahashi says:

      Evan Jane Kriss : Where there’s demand, there’s supply.
      Much more shame on trophy hunters (mostly white AmeriKKKans).

  3. Jim Takahashi says:

    Trophy hunting is a “sport” predominantly enjoyed by white people (mostly AmeriKKKans), showing a white people’s deep-rooted cultural trait. Yes, this is a cultural issue and needs to be acknowledged and addressed as such.

    And, white people tend to have big money to enjoy this “rich man’s sport” and satisfy their crooked sense of superiority and dominance. This is yet another case showing how international economy and politics work : rich countries trample poor countries, which are often undemocratic and controlled by privileged few.

    Though rich countries are also controlled by the rich and powerful, they are at least politically more democratic. So, I think the solution should be sought by people in rich countries rather than those in poor countries. In other words, the voice of people in rich countries can be louder and more influential.

  4. I agree with Jim. The people driving the trophy hunting industry are the people with money to spare. They are coercing the governments which need more cash (which probably ends up in the officials’ pockets, not used for the betterment of the people). The people in rich countries (including the US) need to stop trophy imports and under the table deals for people with money( eg. the Trumps). With the money gone, maybe those other countries will actually implement laws to protect their wildlife.

  5. Trophy hunting is not a “sport.” A true sport means both parties know they’re in the game, and the rules are fair and equal for everyone. Trophy hunting is murder by cowards with small packages (if you know what I mean), plain and simple. It should be made a crime, punishable by huge fines (hundreds of thousands of dollars), lengthy jail terms (decades), and possible death penalty as an eye-for-an-eye (or tusk-for-a-tusk, if you will). The only way wildlife should be shot is with a camera. It’s still a memorable encounter, and both sides live to see another day.

  6. Lynne Mayers says:

    It’s senseless and cruel.

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