Puppy Slammed on Ground and Abandoned With Two Broken Legs Deserves Justice

Target: Linn County, Iowa Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden

Goal: Find, arrest, and prosecute person who broke puppy’s legs and left the animal to suffer.

A 12-week-old golden retriever puppy, later named Kimble, was dropped off on a citizen’s doorstep with two broken legs. It was determined by a veterinarian that the animal was abused. Whoever hurt this innocent puppy needs to be found, arrested, and swiftly prosecuted so that other dogs in the surrounding area will be protected.

A veterinarian concluded that the puppy had a fractured rear leg and another break in his right front leg. Police said that Kimble was likely injured as a result of someone slamming the animal to the ground. Kimble has since undergone surgery and is being cared for by animal hospital staff.

Sign this petition to demand the person responsible for harming Kimble be found and held accountable for their actions in an effort to keep other animals in the locality safe.


Dear County Attorney Sanden,

Police are currently searching for a person who they say violently handled a golden retriever puppy named Kimble. It is important that this individual is arrested and quickly prosecuted to better ensure other nearby animals will not also be attacked.

Kimble had to have surgery on both his rear and front right legs to fix fractures, and is still under veterinary care. Reports indicate that Kimble likely broke the legs after being harshly slammed on the ground. Kimble was dropped off on an area resident’s doorstep by a teenager, although it is not known who hurt the puppy. For these reasons, I demand you encourage authorities to continue searching for the individual who abused Kimble and that you also seek a prison sentence for the guilty party.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Michael McPhee


  1. Paula Morgan says:

    There is no reason or excuse for this type of action. Find the person and hopefully the law will set an example. Iowa must strengthen the law. Presently it is very lax. Please fix it!

  2. Another lowlife psychopathic animal torturing murdering monster bastard pos who must be caught and put to death by the same torture and suffering this monster committed against an innocent and helpless Puppy named Kimble.
    Catch this lowlife and kill the evil lowlife pos.
    All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death.
    This must be introduced into the Animal Protection Laws. This is the only way we can rid these lowlife animal torturing murdering monsters from our planet. Kill them all.
    My heart aches for precious and innocent Kimble.

  3. Another dangerous sociopath. Next time it will be a kid.

  4. Nanci Little says:

    This was sadistic and sadists are born that way, lacking mirror neurons which must be inherited.. or NOT.. from either parent.. Without mirror neurons (commonly referred to as the ’empathy gene’) a person has NO possibility of actually FEELING for anyone or anything but himself. Furthermore, sadists actually get a charge while inflicting terror or pain to anyone or anything that cannot fight back, endangering the health and welfare of any child, elderly or disabled person that comes under their control, and any helpless animal unlucky enough to cross their path. These people cannot be ‘changed’ nor ‘educated’… only made to FEAR the necessarily severe and quick criminal charges!


    We NEED the Animal Abusers’ Registry the FBI promised long ago.. so that, just like Child Molesters, no person moves next door to, or rents to or from, hires or works for, or socializes in any way UNKNOWINGLY with such a person!

  5. Death penalty! Kill that person!

  6. All animal abusers internationally must be put to death. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure.

  7. This vile scumbag severe dog abuser must be put to death! I dare this vile bastard to meet with me in real life!!!!

  8. Find the sob and break his legs. Not a nice comment. Whoever he is,he needs to be in jail with Bubba.Let him deal with his ass.Dont need a pet at all. Have the maggot sign a registry for animal abusers and cruelty.

  9. Is he available for adoption?

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