Seek Justice for Animals Reportedly Found Dead in Hotel Room

Target: Steve Wolfson, District Attorney of Clark County, Nevada

Goal: Prosecute and stop the alleged animal hoarding and neglect in Las Vegas.

Reports reveal distressing details from Las Vegas, where authorities allegedly uncovered extensive animal hoarding. Metro police and animal control officers entered a residence and hotel room associated with Timothy Miller and Carolyn Luke, apparently leading to shocking findings. Officers allegedly discovered over thirty animals, including 12 deceased and 21 living dogs, in abysmal conditions.

Further investigation at another location reportedly revealed more suffering; cramped living spaces filled with dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters living in their own waste. The overpowering ammonia fumes reportedly caused physical discomfort to the responders. The gruesome scene extended to finding deceased animals stored in a freezer, suggesting prolonged and severe neglect.

The extent of this alleged neglect underscores a pressing need for legal reforms to prevent such atrocities. Strengthen animal welfare laws to protect the vulnerable from such alleged mistreatment.


Dear DA Steve Wolfson,

We urge your immediate attention to an alarming situation that has recently come to light involving severe alleged animal hoarding and neglect in Las Vegas. Reports indicate that dozens of animals were found in deplorable conditions, suffering due to apparent severe neglect by their caretakers, Timothy Miller and Carolyn Luke.

In locations associated with the couple, authorities reportedly encountered numerous animals living in dire conditions, deprived of basic needs and care. The impact of this alleged neglect was visibly distressing, not only for the animals but for the officers involved, emphasizing the urgency for legal intervention.

We respectfully demand that thorough legal actions be pursued against the individuals involved in this case. It is crucial to send a strong message that animal hoarding and neglect are serious crimes that will not be overlooked. By ensuring justice in this case, we can deter future occurrences and advocate for the voiceless.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: B.Hbers

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  1. these people need to be institutionalized. they will never be right in the head and you can bet they will do this again and again. there is no repairing this type of behavior.

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