Chihuahua Killed in Hellish Fire Chamber Deserves Justice

Target: Allister Adel, Maricopa County Attorney

Goal: Punish perpetrator responsible for burning dog to death.

A horrifying discovery was made near an elementary school filled with playing children. The disturbing crime scene included a wire enclosure so ravaged by fire that it had melted. Inside this death trap was a deceased, severely burned chihuahua.

The Arizona Humane Society said of the heartbreaking tragedy: “AHS assists law enforcement on more than 6,000 cases of suspected animal cruelty each year, and yet this case is one of the most horrifying in recent history.” An animal autopsy is being conducted on the victim and a reward offered for information, but so far the perpetrator of this horrendous act of cruelty remains unknown. Thanks to tougher state laws recently enacted, the eventual suspect could now face significant jail time.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecutors to stay vigilant and seek the maximum possible sentence when an involved party is apprehended.


Dear Ms. Adel,

An innocent dog lost his life in a horrific manner, just a short distance away from an elementary school. If a child had discovered the charred corpse of this animal (trapped in a melted cage), he or she could have been scarred permanently. The person or persons responsible for this atrocity should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Arizona recently took a harder line against cruel animal abusers. Please ensure this worst-of-the-worst offender, when apprehended. receives an in-kind punishment.


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  1. Put the worthless jerk in a cage and them torch it!

  2. Missy Voigts says:

    Come soon, Lord Jesus. So much pain and suffering in the world…

  3. Oh my god…what is wrong with us!!!!

  4. can you imagine how frightening this was for the poor chihuahua?This is a psychopath in the making or on the loose. Can’t imagine finding out if it was my dog,this is horrific enough just reading about it.

  5. Catherine neilson says:

    someone must know who these gutless wonders are, if you know these B******s are please name them and when they do get caught I hope their mother and father(if they have one) breaks all ties to the evil pigs

  6. Debbie Chewning says:

    What kind of society would allow this to go unpunished?

  7. when you find this SOB, throw him in a cage and set it on fire. Just walk away. Subhumans like this do NOT deserve to live. They are beyond evil.

  8. Ojala le llegue su karma y se las cobre todas.

  9. THIS is why I refuse to crate my babies. Never have, never will. I don’t want to spend my life in a box and I refuse to make my babies do it. This is their home and they are not toys to be put away when we are done with them. They are living beings with feelings like we have and this hurts me deeply in my heart and soul. Please find who did this.

  10. My heart breaks… we have had Chihuahuas since 2002, so full of unconditional love…
    There is zero forgiveness or understanding in me about this… when this human garbage is caught the best lesson for this individual is to be locked in a cage & set on fire until death.

    • One of my babies is half chihuahua and half Jack Russell. I can’t imagine a more pure, loyal soul. My heart breaks. I can’t bear this. I hurt for this little baby. So so much. This has to stop.

  11. Paul Conrad says:

    An eye for an eye. Tit for tat.

  12. Maggie Loughran says:

    horrifying. poor little angel
    what a sick pos next your kids

  13. Bernice Lupo says:

    The idiot POS who did this should suffer the same fate …….. IN PUBLIC.

  14. Whomever this twisted monster is needs to be found AND thrown in jail. Such evil must be dealt with. With that said; judges and lawyers are you going to ensure the felony charges stick once this heinous POS is found??!!! This Angel was burned to death!!!

  15. Leslie yang says:

    Dammit! Another males or males that did this. So sick of violent aggressive males that murder murder, rape and do nothing but commit heinous crimes. Sick warped gender with many problems. Just look at the world. Males at the helm of all destruction

    • Sounds like you are a sexist and hate towards men like a typical feminist. Grow up and it could be a woman who did it also.

  16. Once convicted the monster responsible should be caged and burned to death like the poor sweet dog! Give this degenerate some understanding of the evil that they did as they die the same way. JUSTICE!!!!!

  17. Poor little dog, my heart is breaking for him, find the psychopath that did this and Hang him, worthless scum!!!

  18. Someone should find him and catch him on fire

  19. Cheryl Miller says:

    Please please please catch this horrible person that would do that to a cute little dog!!!! Thank you!

  20. The pos that did this must be a has been asap🎯

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