Dog Reportedly Kicked to Death by Drunk Who Claimed She “Deserved It” Needs Justice

Target: Ismael R. Ozanne, District Attorney for Dane County, WI

Goal: Charge man who allegedly kicked dog to death to the fullest extent of the law.

A dog was allegedly kicked to death during a dispute and the man reportedly responsible added that the innocent animal “deserved it.” This alleged cruelty must be punished to the fullest extent the law will allow. Sign the petition to demand justice.

Ishmael L. Moran was charged with felony animal mistreatment and disorderly conduct after he reportedly drunkenly confronted a man walking his dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Bella. Authorities say when the man attempted to avoid Moran, he was harassed again. Then, Bella was reportedly kicked in the underbelly. Authorities say she fell and did not get up. Moran allegedly said, “she deserved it.” A necropsy later showed that Bella died of sustained rib fractures and internal bleeding.

This apparently unprovoked cruelty against an innocent animal cannot go unpunished. Sign the petition to demand that Moran be charged to the fullest extent the law allows. It seems that until he is off the streets, no animal is safe.


Dear District Attorney Ozanne,

An innocent dog is dead after she was allegedly kicked by Ishmael L. Moran during a drunken confrontation. If this account proves true, Moran must be punished for this unprovoked cruelty.

Not only did Moran allegedly assault and murder the dog with one brutal blow, but authorities also indicate that he laughed and said she “deserved it.” No animal deserves to be mistreated and harmed so viciously. I ask that you protect all animals in your city by prosecuting Moran to the fullest extent the law will allow if these horrible accusations prove true.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Spruce Pets



  1. As I have said before, the useless Judges need booting out! They are afraid of any repercussions so just give a slap on the wrist – “Don’t do it again naughty boy, it’s only a dog now off you go” Useless Tossers all of them.

    To say the law is an ass is disrespectful to the animal. Assholes would be more appropriate.
    This is where we need ‘Vigilante’ groups who feel strong enough to track these bastards down and give them the same treatment.

    The asswipes who do this to innocent animals are cowards, all of them!
    If I could I really would be first in the queue to show them the error of their ways!
    We do not need these shitbags in our world. They are a disease that needs eliminating – preferably very painfully.

    Jonny W.

  2. Marilyn COLLINS says:

    Judges are mosly uncaring about animals. It’s pathetic really how this animal cruelty is so common all over the world.makes be totally sick

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