Street Dogs Shot Dead With Air Gun Deserve Justice

Target: Ajay Kumar Misra, Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh, India

Goal: Initiate a thorough investigation and prosecution for alleged street dog killings.

Residents of Jodhwarl, Teliyarganj, in India’s Prayagraj and nearby areas, call for urgent action following disturbing allegations. A local man, known as Javed, allegedly used an air gun to kill two to three street dogs. His alleged actions have harmed animals and instilled fear among the community members.

Recently, a confrontation reportedly escalated when Javed attempted another shooting of a street dog. When a local woman intervened, it’s alleged that Javed and his accomplices later entered her home and threatened her with severe consequences. This alleged incident has propelled the community to demand justice, emphasizing the need for a safe and compassionate environment for residents and animals.

This situation raises significant concerns about public safety and animal welfare, making it crucial that these allegations are addressed promptly. Take appropriate legal action against those involved. Such acts of violence and intimidation must not be tolerated.


Dear Advocate General Ajay Kumar Misra,

We, the residents of Jodhwarl and Teliyarganj and supporters around the world, urgently appeal for your attention to a grave issue impacting our community and its most vulnerable members—our street dogs. It has been reported that Javed, a resident, has used an air gun to lethally injure several street dogs, posing a threat not just to animals but also to the community’s sense of security.

Following an incident on March 25, where a courageous woman attempted to stop this violence, it was reported that Javed and several accomplices retaliated by threatening her in her own home. This allegedly alarming development suggests a broader threat to public safety that must be addressed. We urge you to take these reports seriously and consider the inaction’s implications on community trust and safety.

We request that you ensure a full investigation into these alleged crimes and take swift action to prosecute those responsible. The community of Teliyarganj needs reassurance that such acts of cruelty and intimidation will not stand. We count on your leadership to uphold justice and maintain peace.


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  1. Lesley Rodgers says:

    So, only one brave woman to stand up to these cruel scum? Where are the men in this community? Hiding? If everyone who care for these street dogs were to stand up to these violent bas*ar#s then they would soon stop their evil persecution against innocent dogs. Better still, drive the brutal men out of the community, but they should also be prosecuted and jailed.

  2. Irene Leggett says:

    Might have known it was in INDIA….truly becoming the cess-pit for brutality, depravity and cruelty towards innocent dogs. Its time the government and officials started to jail all the vile, sadistic, barbaric animal abusers, oh I forgot, they’re quite happy for these heinous atrocities to continue. Gandhi must be ashamed at his ‘fellow countrymen’

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    They know who the pos monster is, arrest his ugly self. Get him off the streets so dogs and humans will be safe. Authorities need to get off their hands and put this creep behind bars!

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