Dog Reportedly Found Dead in Trash Bag at Training Facility Deserves Justice

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Secure the arrest and prosecution of all individuals involved in alleged abuse at pet training and boarding facility.

In The Colony, Texas, an alarming situation has emerged at Leiva Boarding and Training. Numerous pet owners report the heartbreaking loss of their dogs while in the care of this facility. One such account pertains to a dog named Moose who, according to owner Selena Trevino, was an emotionally supportive, healthy animal until his stay at Leiva’s establishment. Reportedly, Moose was discovered lifeless, transported in a trash bag no less. This incident alone paints a chilling portrait of animal neglect, yet it appears not to be isolated. Another pet owner has stepped forward, alleging that their dog also died under Leiva’s care.

These occurrences beg a serious, immediate investigation into Leiva Boarding and Training, particularly given the criminal charges already leveled against Taylor Leiva and David Judelson. Taylor stands accused of tampering with physical evidence, while David, her father, faces seven counts of animal cruelty. Such revelations highlight the urgent need for an exhaustive, transparent inquiry to uncover the magnitude of this alleged misconduct. Time to take action.


Dear Governor Abbott,

We, as engaged and concerned citizens, write to express our profound alarm about multiple reports of pet deaths at Leiva Boarding and Training. These incidents, involving not just one but several animals, are not just disconcerting but demand immediate and serious legal scrutiny.

Your position grants you the authority to direct resources towards a thorough investigation of these allegations. We implore you to use this authority decisively. Establish a dedicated task force to explore all aspects of this case, from treatment protocols at the facility to the individuals operating it.

We expect the implementation of due process, with the arrest and prosecution of all individuals found culpable of abuse or neglect. There should be no sanctuary for those who show a complete lack of empathy and responsibility toward innocent animals.

It stands crucial for the community to see justice done in this grim situation. Without prompt action, we risk permitting such reported tragedies to fester, eroding public trust in both business practices and law enforcement in The Colony.


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  1. Yes, I support shutting down these so called boarding and training. This is not the only Board and Training facility in Texas that a dog died while in their care. Read the YELP reviews on foxy roxy daycare in Austin TX. A dog owner wrote a review with pictures of the dead dog. Do a search on Google.
    So for those who worships the managements of a doodle rescue organization(s), the organizations uses these deadly boarding facilities some of their doodles!

  2. Greg – please prosecute everyone at this facility responsible for Moose’s death (as well as the other animals that lost their lives there), and put these uneducated pieces of shit behind bars! What happened, and what is happening, at this facility IS NOT OK! Put them out of business!

  3. How do these fools who take their dogs to dog-called trainers think think how they are going to be taught? But saying that, if anyone is so pathetic that they cannot spend time to teach their dog at home then they have no business owning one.
    I expect they think that it is going to be —
    “Well ok, good dog, now when I say ‘sit’ you ‘sit’. But do these stupid owners know how they are taught (made to sit)?
    Very much in the same way as Circus animals are taught. And that is by fear and punishment.
    I mean, how the bloody hell can you kill a dog if your training methods are humane and above board?
    I guarantee that these sods use methods that are fearful and also very painful to the animal (even torturous in some cases) until they very quickly learn what they are supposed to do. Dogs are not stupid and in many cases have more sense than many so-called humans!
    So when they eventually get back home, ( unless they have died through shock or abuse) they will obey their owners command,( well maybe) not because they want to please them but though through fear of punishment if they do not.
    So you now have a supposed family pet who obeys commands through fear of punishment.
    Not an ideal situation at all.
    These money making ‘dog training’ academies or whatever the pricks call them should be seriously vetted out or better still press-ganged or mobbed without warning. Seriously need to be taken to task. Especially over animal deaths.
    Just another ‘money- making scam again at the expense of innocent animals!
    I say again, if you do not have the patience or brain to teach your new puppy or dog yourself the DO NOT bloody well have one!!!

  4. Abbot isn’t going to do anything about this, he’s too busy with his politics and himself, but hopefully someone in authority will address this horrible facility and the illegal abuse of the pets they’ve got their hands on. They should be shut down immediately and then they should be in jail for a long time followed by a permanent ban on animal contact. Ideally they would be shut in their own sham training center and treated like they’ve treated the animals they’ve abused and even killed.

  5. They both “deserve” to be tortured to death

  6. Virginia Gorski says:

    I wish there were more stringent punishments for animal abuses! I say, do the same to the abuser as they did to the animal! Or….i am for euthanizing
    animal abusers, which is highly unlikely since murderers and rapists go un punished!

    Anyway, keep putting out those petitions! Good work!

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