Dog Who Had Been Shot in Back and Then Reportedly Neglected Deserves Justice

Target: Sean Duggan, Chief of Police of Chandler, Arizona

Goal: Demand a thorough investigation into alleged abuse of a paralyzed dog at a rescue.

An alarming situation has come to light in Chandler, Arizona, where a rescue organization is reportedly under investigation for potential animal abuse. Concerns were raised by a Texas-based animal rescue, which had entrusted the Special Needs Animal Welfare League in Chandler with the care of a paralyzed dog named Butters, who had been apparently shot in the back.

This Texas rescue had agreed to transfer Butters and another dog to the Chandler-based organization, believing it would provide the specialized care these dogs needed. However, recent pictures reportedly showing Butters looking severely underweight raised serious concerns about the well-being of the animals in the care of this Chandler rescue.

Allegations of neglect and mistreatment prompted the Texas rescue to take action. They traveled to Chandler and apparently discovered what they describe as appalling conditions – dozens of dogs reportedly living in a Chandler home, with incessant barking and a disturbing, putrid odor. The Chandler police were alerted, and photos and videos of the situation were shared on social media to draw attention to the matter.

Reportedly, representatives from the Chandler rescue initially offered to address the allegations but failed to follow up. When journalists from Arizona’s Family news outlet arrived at the property associated with the rescue, they reportedly encountered an unpleasant odor and a lack of cooperation in verifying the living conditions of the animals. We must take action now.


Dear Chief Duggan,

We, the concerned citizens, are writing to express our deep concern and distress regarding the allegations of animal abuse at a Chandler-based rescue organization. The reported conditions and treatment of animals under their care have raised serious ethical and legal questions.

Allegations of neglect and mistreatment, including claims of dogs living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, cannot be ignored. The reported putrid odor and the disturbing sounds of animals in distress have deeply troubled our community.

We urge you, as the Chief of Police of Chandler, Arizona, to take immediate action and launch a thorough investigation into these allegations. It is imperative that the welfare of these animals is safeguarded, and those responsible for any wrongdoing are held accountable under the law.

Our society places great importance on the humane treatment of animals, and we must ensure that any organization entrusted with their care upholds these standards. By investigating these allegations rigorously, you can send a clear message that animal abuse will not be tolerated in our community.

We implore you to act swiftly in this matter and to keep the public informed about the progress of the investigation. Justice for these animals is paramount, and we believe that your office has the authority and responsibility to ensure that justice is served.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk


  1. The bastard deserves to be shot dead

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