Stop Rampant Coastal Construction That Evicts and Chokes Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Target: Robert Boyles, Executive Director of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Urgently protect and conserve the declining loggerhead sea turtle population.

The loggerhead sea turtle population, a vital component of South Carolina’s diverse ecosystem, is facing imminent danger. Increasing coastal development, pollution, and human interference are jeopardizing the very survival of these magnificent creatures. It is imperative to take immediate action to secure their future.

Loggerhead sea turtles, a species of global significance, grace the shores each year to nest and give birth. However, rampant coastal construction disrupts their nesting grounds and the natural rhythm of their life cycle. The litter and waste from these developments, as well as plastic pollution in the oceans, are detrimental to the health of these ancient mariners.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action for the protection and preservation of South Carolina’s loggerhead sea turtle population.


Dear Executive Director Boyles,

The loggerhead sea turtles that grace South Carolina’s coastlines are not just a part of the ecosystem; they are a symbol of the commitment to safeguarding the natural heritage. It is with deep concern that we write to you today, urging you to take resolute action to protect these remarkable creatures and their delicate habitat.

The allure of development should not overshadow the responsibility to ensure the survival of these endangered animals. Their nesting grounds are being encroached upon, and the pollution plaguing the oceans threatens their very existence. There is a moral obligation to prevent this travesty from unfolding.

We implore you to enforce stringent regulations that safeguard the loggerhead sea turtles and their nesting sites. By implementing comprehensive measures, a harmonious balance can happen between human progress and ecological preservation.

Safeguarding these ancient mariners is not just an environmental necessity; it is a testament to the commitment to future generations. Let us leave a legacy of responsible stewardship, showing that progress can coexist with nature’s wonders.


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Photo Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife

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  1. What ever it takes to protect these loggerhead turtles is simply a must do. We need be good Stewarts to all species. The demands of humans are killing so many important species. With climate change you would think the demand for ocean front property would diminish. I guess not. Insurance won[t cover losses in such areas but builders will continue to scam people into buying. The iconic turtles heed beaches to lay their eggs. They have done so for millions of years. Humans are ruining their chances of continuing the species. We need laws to stop the profiteering of builders and planners due to no consideration of species continuing to live. It’s their earth too!!!

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