Stop Giving Animal Abusers Slaps on the Wrist

Target: Victoria Prentis, Minister of Crown Prosecution Service

Goal: Ensure maximum punishment for individuals convicted of heinous acts of animal cruelty.

One of the world’s most famous cities has recently been the sight of several disturbing incidents of apparent animal cruelty. In two separate incidents, dozens of dogs and puppies were rescued from a kennel and an animal testing facility in London, England. All of the animals were reportedly in a dire state, exhibiting signs of diseases like mange and parvovirus. In yet another London incident, multiple puppies were found abandoned in a rusty cage placed outside in freezing temperatures. And in an incident that tragically took a life, a concerned Londoner discovered a dead cat believed to be cut nearly in half.

While it might be assumed that a large city like London would have stringent and strongly enforced laws on the books to deal with these types of alleged crimes, such an assumption is far from reality. In yet another case involving defenseless dogs, two individuals were found guilty of neglecting and nearly starving their pet canines to death. Despite the seriousness of these charges, the defendants were handed suspended prison sentences, which means they will likely spend not a day in jail.

Sign the petition below to demand London’s legal system do right by other animals cruelly abused, exploited, and killed.


Dear Attorney General Prentis,

The Animal Welfare Sentencing Bill was supposed to be a reset for UK animal cruelty punishments deemed too lax by many citizens. What happened to London? After the passage of this bill, a couple found guilty of starving their dogs received a suspended sentence. Currently, the city is dealing with a series of very troubling cases involving a cat reportedly almost cut in half and dozens of young dogs nearly losing their lives to alleged neglect at animal testing and kennel facilities.

Will these animals receive the justice seemingly not afforded to prior victims, or will the status quo of unchecked and unpunished animal cruelty continue? Please strongly enforce sentencing standards for the sake of all vulnerable animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Henda Watani 


  1. London, if u strength your rules and laws against animal cruelty, you will definitely see a drop in these cases so no more slaps on the wrist please! SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU CARE FOR YOUR ANIMALS!!!

  2. Manitou CalmStorm says:

    Animal abusers should get a mandatory sentence in hell.

    • Cheryl Marshall says:

      Lawmakers need to wake the f*ck up, no jail time? Where did these judges get their degree from? The high school library! Get a clue, this won’t end until you do your job!

  3. The death penalty and nothing less is required to be implemented to all scumbag animal abusers globally.

  4. Heartbreaking cruelty in LONDON OF ALL PLACES! What is the UK coming to?

  5. To my friends across the pond and elsewhere. Don’t be fooled for one minute about UK and animal cruelty. If you saw what goes on with fox hunting and badger bating. They have people who dig the fox out the hole surrounded by hounds or will bag a fox then throw it in front of the hounds. These Hunt’s people have friends in high places, very high places! A slap in the wrist is about as much as they can cope with in UK. Criminal.

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