Dog Beaten and Choked by Man on Video Deserves Justice

Target: Matthew Hynes, DVM, Director of Michigan Veterinary Medical Association Macomb Branch

Goal: Revoke license if veterinarian is convicted of beating, slamming, and even choking his dog.

A YouTube video surfaced appearing to show a man beating, slamming, and even choking his pet dog. Unfortunately, the circumstances are nothing new. These specific allegations, however, have a troubling new twist: the suspect is a veterinarian.

This man remains publicly unnamed by authorities. The fact that he has been identified as a professional who is tasked daily with the care of animals merits concern, though. The German shepherd at the center of the allegations, as well as two other pet dogs in the suspect’s home, have been removed from the residence. And an official in the county executive’s office was apparently troubled enough by the allegations to say that “there’s no question we had to get these dogs out of there for their own protection and for their own good.”

If the allegations against him prove true, this man should not be allowed to work with or care for animals. Sign the petition below to urge Michigan’s veterinary board to evaluate this case for possible license revocation.


Dear Dr. Hynes,

Veterinarians by their very nature must have a calm, measured approach. Animals—and especially sick animals—are unpredictable, but they absolutely deserve humane care. A veterinarian in Macomb County has allegedly demonstrated that he does not possess the fundamental qualifications to continue practice.

This man was reportedly caught on video abusing his pet dog to the extent that the animal was removed from the premises and charges were brought against the suspect. Only when authorities went to speak with him did they discover that the suspect worked in an animal care clinic in Shelby Township. Even if the suspect is convicted, the misdemeanor nature of the charges means that he will spend a minimal amount of time, if any, in jail.

Long-term consequences need to be more stringent. Please stay apprised of this case and, if a conviction does result, ensure that this man does not practice veterinary medicine again. The animals—and the people who entrust the care of their precious family members—deserve far better.


[Your Name Here]


  1. Stella Waldvogel says:

    He’s Wayne Albert Gilchrist, a veterinarian at Companion Care Animal Clinic on Van Dyke in Shelby Township,PA and they only charged him with a misdemeanor.
    NO. This is FELONY animal cruelty. Additionally he needs to lose his license to practice and his kids need to be removed from the home!

  2. Anybody saying anything??

  3. This MFer needs to have the shit choked out of him!!!!!!!

  4. I can only say —thank God that my pets vet is a wonderful, pet loving person.

  5. Out of curiosity, is the dogs life better now ? They are probably in a cage, all 3 dogs separate from each other and their human family ( I assume that not all the members of that family was abusive). For how long is this situation going to be? Are they going to be adopted -together – by other families? Are they going to live in some dog place cages for the rest of their life ? Are they going to get put down if the place is getting over crowded?
    I’ve signed the petition but trying to think of the bigger picture for the dogs well being.

  6. This man needs to be in jail, kept away from all animals and never see the light of day again.

  7. William Turner says:

    How in gods name can this man be in charge of caring for animals,its bloody ridiculous.Whoever gave him just a misdemeanor charge should also be charged with being irresponsible.

  8. Melinda+Maddox says:

    This piece of shit needs no animals and no license to treat them EVER!!!!!!!
    He needs some serious jail time too. Who knows how many other times he’s done this and never been caught!!!!!

  9. How could he be a Veterinarian to help animals and almost kill his own dog? I bet he treats his clients the same way. He obviously hates animals. He absolutely needs his license revoked and never own or be near animals. Prison time is an absolute necessity!
    Wat a disgusting human

  10. Agree with all the comments. If my vet treated any animal like that, I would call the police. This man has something wrong with him and should NOT be around any animals or children.

  11. He, the jerk that he is does not love or care about animals. He should have his vet license revoked!!! Who would trust him enough to put their beloved pet in his hands. NO ONE with a lick of common sense.

  12. linda sarnacki says:

    That mother fucker!!!!!

  13. Myrna Lipman says:

    Wayne Albert Gilchrist, a veterinarian at Companion Care Animal Clinic on Van Dyke in Shelby Township,PA needs to be given much more than a misdemeanor. That is a joke! And please, all people who love their animals who take their pets to this man for care, you may want to reconsider. Who knows what he does behind closed doors to the pets brought to him for treatment if this is the way he treats his own animals. Also, as mentioned earlier by someone else, the welfare of then dogs removed from his home need to be strongly advocated for. They should not have to suffer for the cruelty inflicted upon them by this man. Hopefully, they can be adopted together or at least, if individually, to loving homes.

  14. Raymond Stevens says:

    This piece of shit asshole should be choked out. Better yet, throw his stupid ass in jail and tell the inmates what he did. Justice will be dished in an eye for an eye fashion.

    • I agree. He is a disgusting animal. How he got away with it this long is a mystery, but people are scared to report them. His own kid is watching this horrible abuse, and hopefully hell get some help or he will end up an abuser himself. Thank God the dogs were removed! In so many of these cases they allow them to stay while an investigation is going on. What a worthless piece of shit excuse for a human! He sure as hell didnt become a vet for his love of animals he was a ass wanting to make money, and knew he couldnt abuse humans that way. Scum hes scum.

      • No, he’s NOT an animal! Animals are useful.
        This bastard is an animal abuser and torturer who needs taking off our planet!
        DEATH to all sick arrogant bastards like this fucker and the more painful, the better!

  15. This monster needs to sit in prison! Thank goodness those poor dogs were removed from this home.

  16. Beat and choke him then put him in jail

  17. This ugly, pocked face, mentally deranged severe animal abuser requires instigation of the death penalty and nothing less! A slow and agonizing death for this scumbag is essential!!

  18. Elease M. Bradford says:

    This veterinarian is a sadistic, jerk for beating and chocking his innocent German Shepherd. He is a disgrace to the veterinary profession. No telling how many other fur babies he has abused and gotten away with. His license needs to be revoked and he needs to be severely punished. He shouldn’t be allowed around any more animals. I hope the fur babies he abused get justice.

  19. How is change suppose to happen, if you let abusers still take advantage of the innocent!!!!

  20. How is change suppose to happen if you let abusers continue to abuse the innocent is my question !!!

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