Dog Beaten and Choked by Man on Video Deserves Justice

Target: Matthew Hynes, DVM, Director of Michigan Veterinary Medical Association Macomb Branch

Goal: Revoke license if veterinarian is convicted of beating, slamming, and even choking his dog.

A YouTube video surfaced appearing to show a man beating, slamming, and even choking his pet dog. Unfortunately, the circumstances are nothing new. These specific allegations, however, have a troubling new twist: the suspect is a veterinarian.

This man remains publicly unnamed by authorities. The fact that he has been identified as a professional who is tasked daily with the care of animals merits concern, though. The German shepherd at the center of the allegations, as well as two other pet dogs in the suspect’s home, have been removed from the residence. And an official in the county executive’s office was apparently troubled enough by the allegations to say that “there’s no question we had to get these dogs out of there for their own protection and for their own good.”

If the allegations against him prove true, this man should not be allowed to work with or care for animals. Sign the petition below to urge Michigan’s veterinary board to evaluate this case for possible license revocation.


Dear Dr. Hynes,

Veterinarians by their very nature must have a calm, measured approach. Animals—and especially sick animals—are unpredictable, but they absolutely deserve humane care. A veterinarian in Macomb County has allegedly demonstrated that he does not possess the fundamental qualifications to continue practice.

This man was reportedly caught on video abusing his pet dog to the extent that the animal was removed from the premises and charges were brought against the suspect. Only when authorities went to speak with him did they discover that the suspect worked in an animal care clinic in Shelby Township. Even if the suspect is convicted, the misdemeanor nature of the charges means that he will spend a minimal amount of time, if any, in jail.

Long-term consequences need to be more stringent. Please stay apprised of this case and, if a conviction does result, ensure that this man does not practice veterinary medicine again. The animals—and the people who entrust the care of their precious family members—deserve far better.


[Your Name Here]


  1. I saw the video and was completely sickened to see this egregious and brutal treatment of the dog. This man deserves to be charged to the fullest extent, to lose his vet. license, and to be banned from ever owning an animal again.

  2. eleanor dunkavich says:

    This sick piece of shit should be put away

  3. This sorry excuse of a human being is sickening and disgusting and unconscionable. He is a heartless sub-human “it” thing that must be PUNISHED SEVERELY FOR THE PAIN, SUFFERING AND TRAUMA HE CAUSED THIS POOR HELPLESS DOG. IT IS JUST UNTHINKABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE.

  4. Dana and Edwin Craig says:

    Absolutely shocking and DESPICABLE!!!! A vet treating any animal in this manner should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And lose his license to practice vet medicine and never should have the privilege of ever owning any animal ever again !!!

  5. I’m absolutely disgusted that someone could EVEN think of doing this, let alone actually going through with it. The pain , horror and fear that poor dog went through and for what !!! WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING???? WHY ARE ANIMALS PUT INTO THE WRONG HANDS. This is soooo heartbreaking. I only HOPE someone finds this evil b*****d and tortures him to the fullest extent

  6. Publicly name this so called vet to protect his clients dogs. Who knows how many of them have been mistreated by this idiot. Take away his license and never give it back.

    • Uncommonsensesc says:

      His name is Wayne Albert Gilchrist (did some digging on the internet). He apparently has a practice – Companion Animal Care Clinic in Shelby Township).

      • Why did they change his name on this petition?

      • Susan Macatangay says:

        I looked up both doctors. Dr. Matthew Hynes should be concerned that his name is on this petition. This petition is a concern. There’s a red flag here.

      • Great piece of detective work.
        Now we know who the fucker is, can only hope some one, or group can teach this mother a severe lesson that he will never forget!
        So-called humans like these bastards have no place
        in, or on the world and need to be dealt with permanently.
        And NO, I am not all mouth, and YES, I sure would deal with these obviously deranged waste of space shitbags who torture and abuse innocent animals who cannot fight back.
        I think that this tosser will need to seriously need to keep looking over his shoulder from now on!

  7. He should lose his license and his job. He should expect a visit from karma as well. Things find their way back to you and he deserves something of equal measure!

  8. This sick POS should be stripped of everything he has and never be allowed to touch another animal. Unacceptable.

  9. DEMENTED, Sadistic Monster!!!! Let Everyone know what a Monster he is !! He should lose his license and NEVER be allowed Any Animal ever again!! I am Heartbroken for these Animals he has ever Abused.

  10. If that were my dog this scumbag would be taken off he planet.

  11. lisa atkindon says:

    If this person is a vet they should be named and shamed these are people we trust with our animals

  12. This is nothing less than violence and a criminal act against an animals. Animals are sentient beings, and we need better laws and protection in place to protect all animals from such evil people.

  13. Holly Dowling says:

    This man must lose his veterinarian license and not be allowed to own any pets whatsoever.

  14. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs, as their death

  15. Horrible he should get the same punishment

  16. Just watched shocking, they say the dog was a rescue and he did it infront of his kids hearing that poor dog crying was unbearable what a bastard.

  17. I get fed up of hearing about these monsters. If it’s on video show it including his face. If his face is visible doing this to his own pets what is he doing to other people’s animals. Way past time for laws to help prevent this.

  18. How can this bastard be a vet????
    Death sentence!!

  19. Maria Lavorato says:

    TAKE HIS LICENSE AWAY PERMANENTLY. Ban this crazy from animals permanently. Charge with animal cruelty and fine him!

    The sweet dogs must find a happy forever home ….not a kill shelter. They are innocent and should not pay! You can see the German Shepherd is not attacking him even they he is being tortured. THAT SAYS IT ALL!! PROTECT THESE DOGS!!!! MAKE THE PSYCHO PAY!!!

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