Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit Deserves Justice

Target: Ray Whitley, District Attorney General of Summer County, TN

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly fatally burned pet kitten to fullest extent.

“There was no way to even comprehend the amount of pain he was feeling.” This somber statement came from the rescue group who cared for Phoenix, a five-week-old kitten brought to the Tennessee-based organization. Phoenix had apparently suffered severe burns over much of his body, leaving him with extensive nerve damage. Despite the rescue’s best efforts, Phoenix tragically died from his injuries.

Local police reportedly confirmed that these horrific burns resulted from Phoenix being tossed into a fire pit. He is beleived to have suffered for days without medical intervention before his case was brought to authorities’ attention…precious time that could have been used to save his life. Richard Lee Tyler Russell, the man with whom Phoenix lived, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Sign the petition below to demand he receive maximum punishment if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney General Whitley,

Suspect Richard Lee Tyler Russell has an impending court date on charges of aggravated animal cruelty. He stands accused of throwing his pet kitten into a fire pit and leaving the animal to suffer from extensive injuries without medical aid. Although the kitten was later rescued thanks to a tip from a good Samaritan, he reportedly died in agony. The rescue organization who battled to save his life said of the tragedy: “his tiny body was just unable to fight off the horrible burns he was dealing with, plus the smoke inhalation.”

Both this organization, who witnessed the horrific effects firsthand, and the community at large are pleading for justice to be served. Please be vigilant in prosecuting this disturbing case and pursuing the most severe penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: TRU Rescue


  1. The laws are too damn wimpy when it comes to punishing these idiots for the crimes that they do and that’s just it, they don’t punish them. It is time to allow a group of animal lovers/activists to have the authority to kick the SH### out of psychopaths like this before throwing their sorry, useless asses in jail. I guarantee you, when these pieces of crap know that that is what they will get when they abuse, torture and kill an animal, things will change. Until then, the stupid ass laws that are in existence now are truly pathetic!!!!!

    • You are absolutely right. The criminal justice system is a complete joke and failure. This is why people need to take justice into their own hands with these horrific animal abuse cases. Vigilante justice is the only way to go, the courts are absolutely useless. Somebody needs to find him and seek Justice. That is the only way these things will stop.

      • You are SO right!
        Vigilante justice is what’s needed for these bastards!

        And it is sure going to happen believe me.
        The only time these shitbags are going to help the world just a little, is when they are fucking dead!

        Power to all the animal Vigilante groups everywhere who can do what the bloody useless law will not! And then have a good nights sleep knowing there is one less animal torturing bastard in the world!!

    • Pienso exactamente igual Broche!!!!

    • Today a kitten tomorrow some kid. This piece of crap needs to be thrown into a fire pit.

    • Diane+johnson says:

      I fully agree…I couldn’t have said it better!!!!

    • I totally agree with you

  2. Nichole Bachand-Bartlett says:

    This has me so upset right now. I am bawling my eyes out for this poor baby. I wish it had survived I would have adopted it and gave it the best home ever. This is so evil, and I truly hope he gets what he deserves. I wish I lived in TN so I could find him myself.

  3. Manitou CalmStorm says:

    The piece of rotted shit needs to have the same thing done to them.

    Phoenix needs justice, don’t let this bastard who murdered Phoenix, off Scot free. Put them away for all eternity!

    Piece of trash kitten murderer should burn and feel the excruciating pain poor little Phoenix felt.

    May that scum rot in hell.

    • Exactly. These evil pieces of shit should receive the same exact pain and torture they inflict on their innocent victims.

    • I totally agree with you, all these animal abusers should be given the same punishment as they did to those innocent poor animals, instead of giving those prices of shit a light sentence or fine. Animals have feelings, they feel happiness and pain, they feel love and hate. Laws need to change for the abuse of those poor, innocent animals now not later


  5. So many shitty trash excuse for people!! Poor little baby!! What makes these dam cowards feel like they’re better than animals to do this crap?!!! They’re the ones who don’t deserve to live!

  6. 4 DAYS!!!! Most humans cannot even tolerate a tiny cooking burn or sunburn from laying out much less 4 days that would feel like 4 years or eternity. This makes me so sick I could throw up!
    Whoever did this needs to be thrown into a fire pit and left for 4 days.

  7. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This really breaks my heart & I want this Very Vile POS 2 Be Rotting in the Slammer!!!!!

  8. I wish we could treat humans the same way they treat animals.

  9. This POS should be put in jail and throw away the key, better yet throw him in a fire pit.It’s sickening the cruelty that goes on in this world!!!

  10. Oh God. How and when and why did some “humans” become sadistic monsters? Oh God. This is beyond upsetting and disturbing. I have no words. It’s so past time for the monsters parading as humans to be completely wiped from our earth. Please God.

  11. Shelly Barrett says:

    They need to take this piece of shit monster and throw him in a fire and take him out right before death so he can suffer for a few days and die. I am so sick of reading about this bullshit. Why don’t lawyers and judges get tougher on these kind of people. If you’re a bleeding heart lawyer that believes these scum of the earth people deserve to live, you’re just as much of a problem as the monsters!!!

  12. John Sammon says:

    People who do this to animals should just be publicly executed in the most painful way possible.

  13. This guy needs to be punished to.full.extent of the law. This screams he will do something worse later to a animal or a person

  14. What a disgusting bastard. Remove him from this planet.

  15. Debbie Jordan says:

    What the hell is wrong with people! Authorities do your job and put this monster away forever! No innocent animal should EVER have to endure this senseless evil act of abuse.

  16. Lily Kazemifar says:

    Give him the same punishment to feel what the little body went through. All the serial killers first started with abusing and killing animals then move to another level of killing people . The prosecutors should consider that and do not let him be free. Please be the voice of that little indecent kitty and punish him.

  17. Deanna Burger says:

    I am so outraged that this monster did this and will never get what he deserves. People like him need to be eliminated from every community, either jailed forever or put in the ground for good

  18. This act wasn’t committed by a man but a monster. So frightening that someone who is so obviously a psychopath will no doubt walk away with a slap on the wrist because ‘it was only a cat’. And yes, whilst there’s the fear it may be a child next time, ‘this time’ is equally as important to most people who have a beloved pet. Where is the justice?

  19. lt is a very sad comment on humanity, and the officials we trust to enforce our animal protection laws that we even need to sign a petition to prosecute the non-human who would THINK of throwing a kitten into a fire pit!!! Equally disgusting, is that if witnesses delivered the “justice” that this moron deserved, knowing he’d probably get a slap on the wrist, if anything, THAT’s who would be prosecuted!!


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