Toy Poodle Apparently Beaten to Death by Vengeful Man Deserves Justice

Target: Lori Linskey, Monmouth County, New Jersey Prosecutor

Goal: Prosecute man accused of stealing and killing pet dogs to fullest extent.

Two elderly dogs allegedly became pawns in a man’s sick game against his girlfriend. Nicholas Winter reportedly sent repeated texts to the woman, in which he threatened her two pet toy poodles. In response, authorities converged on a residence, presumably Winter’s home, and made a horrifying discovery.

One of the poodles, 12-year-old Bentley, had been killed. A veterinary autopsy apparently confirmed the cause of death as blunt force trauma. The second animal, 14-year-old Sophia, was thankfully found alive. If not for the police intervention, however, she may have met the same fate as Bentley. These dogs deserved to live out the rest of their long lives peacefully, but they allegedly fell victim to the worst kinds of violence instead.

Winter faces up to five years in prison. Sign the petition below to demand he receive the maximum sentence if he is found guilty.


Dear Prosecutor Linskey,

“We take animal cruelty cases extremely seriously in Monmouth County. Taking the life of a defenseless animal as a means to emotionally traumatize its owner is reprehensible and tragic.” You gave this statement in regard to the animal cruelty charges brought against Nicholas Winter. This man stands accused of stealing his girlfriend’s dogs and beating one of them to death.

Please back up your words with decisive actions. Do not let this suspect off with a plea deal or a lenient prosecution. He allegedly killed an elderly, defenseless living being. If he is convicted, do everything in your power to ensure he serves prison time.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Julissa Helmuth


  1. this man is obviously a psychopath in the making who may well move on to human action.The longer the better in jail and warnings to ppl wherever he moves that he’s a serious animal abuser.

  2. Nadine brundage says:

    Demented, evil scum needs to be put away permanently. Stop letting these sick bastards off with the usual slap on the wrist. Heartless and cruel to take out your anger on a defenseless, old innocent dog. Unbelievable, unfit to walk the planet.

  3. Put scumbag lowlife Nicholas Winter behind bars!!! Also the owner of these dogs is at fault too because why does she date such a violent scumbag to begin with?

  4. He needs to get the same treatment

  5. They say he may get 5 years in prison. I bet he won’t do a day in prison. No one in power is going to give this bastard what he deserves. They’re too afraid of the fallout. If it was up to me he would be beaten nearly to death, then gasoline poured all over his body and set him on fire. Video tape it and put it on Pay-Per-View. I bet whoever would do this would make a lot of money from people who would want to see an animal abuser suffer and die on Pay-Per-View. I would pay a $100.00 easy to listen to his screams. They would be music to my ears.

  6. It’s obvious that POS coward doesn’t have the guts to face a man, so he takes it out on a defenseless dog. How did he get ahold of the dog in the first place? Where was law enforcement to keep him from doing so?
    None the less, he should face punishment from animal lovers in the area. If I was there, I would be first to volunteer.

  7. That monster deserves the death penalty! There is no excuse for beating a precious animal to death! Please do not let this monster off the hook with a few whole years in prison. We need to crack down on animal cruelty so we can end it already.

  8. Law enforcement, prosecuting attorney and judge need to take this seriously. Prosecute to the max. No leniency. This is an evil criminal who knew exactly what he was doing and has no regard for any life.

  9. This is sick in SO many ways.
    Sadly this may result in a slap on the wrist unless you think about how soon he will move on to humans and this shouldn’t have to be added for someone to see this as beyond subhuman.
    The world would be a much better place if animals were in charge😑

  10. Diane+johnson says:

    Give the POS full MAX PENALTY!!!!!! Make sure he never is to own or be around animals again!!!!

  11. I am so sick of reading about this sh*t. When will the courts and justice system realize they would be the most popular people on the planet if they helped stop this.

  12. MICHAEL BAVARO says:


  13. Poodles are my favorite. If they were mine, he might be very worried about his life expectancy.


  15. This pos doesn’t even deserve jail (free room and board!). I wish they would stop all animal testing and start using human animal abusers instead!!! Then maybe the abuse would stop if people actually had a punishment to fear!!!! God bless all animals and damn all animal abusers.

  16. Same punishment for the crime!!! I’m so sick of these worthless animal abusers literally getting away with murder. Time to rid our world of all of them and start with this piece of shit!

  17. Cheryl+Miller says:

    Those poor innocent dogs and owner!! Why would he beat Bentley to death?!? Why?? He needs to go to jail, pay a fine, never be allowed near the pet owner, do community service and never ever be allowed to have pets!! Throw everything at this heartless creep!!!

  18. Beat this bastard to death!!!!

  19. Wow. Pure evil. Lock that POS up and throw away the key.

  20. There needs to be a fucking group of animal lovers that go around killing these fucking animal abuser murderers. Fucking assholes need death .

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