Toy Poodle Apparently Beaten to Death by Vengeful Man Deserves Justice

Target: Lori Linskey, Monmouth County, New Jersey Prosecutor

Goal: Prosecute man accused of stealing and killing pet dogs to fullest extent.

Two elderly dogs allegedly became pawns in a man’s sick game against his girlfriend. Nicholas Winter reportedly sent repeated texts to the woman, in which he threatened her two pet toy poodles. In response, authorities converged on a residence, presumably Winter’s home, and made a horrifying discovery.

One of the poodles, 12-year-old Bentley, had been killed. A veterinary autopsy apparently confirmed the cause of death as blunt force trauma. The second animal, 14-year-old Sophia, was thankfully found alive. If not for the police intervention, however, she may have met the same fate as Bentley. These dogs deserved to live out the rest of their long lives peacefully, but they allegedly fell victim to the worst kinds of violence instead.

Winter faces up to five years in prison. Sign the petition below to demand he receive the maximum sentence if he is found guilty.


Dear Prosecutor Linskey,

“We take animal cruelty cases extremely seriously in Monmouth County. Taking the life of a defenseless animal as a means to emotionally traumatize its owner is reprehensible and tragic.” You gave this statement in regard to the animal cruelty charges brought against Nicholas Winter. This man stands accused of stealing his girlfriend’s dogs and beating one of them to death.

Please back up your words with decisive actions. Do not let this suspect off with a plea deal or a lenient prosecution. He allegedly killed an elderly, defenseless living being. If he is convicted, do everything in your power to ensure he serves prison time.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Julissa Helmuth


  1. 5 years is nothing!! 25 at least plus a vasectomy. Don’t ever let him own a Dog or cat ever

  2. It’s all been said … nothing gets done to hold the scum of the earth humans accountable ! The human animal still has a long way in its evolution …. The non human animals can’t wait that long ! Throw the scum in jail since he can’t be beaten to death to get a taste of his own actions

  3. Mike Castoldi says:

    What a piece of shit!!! No animal deserves this kind of abuse!!! Someone should just kill this SHITBAG!!! RIP Bentley

  4. Stacy Tuttle says:

    Agree with Rhona…
    The POS…needs to be shot in the head..get rid of the creep

  5. If that was my pet…..that man could would not find a place on this planet to hide from me.

  6. He belongs in prison. He is a thug and abuser and a control freak. Life long ban on owning or being around pets and animals! Do that to my dogs and see what goes down…don’t let the door hit ur ass on the way out. Godspeed sweet Bentley. Prayers sweet Sophia. Neither one or his gf deserved any of this. He is a danger to all

  7. There is only one thing these bastards understand and that would be given the treatment.
    As I have said before, I am not a violent person at all until I read about what these useless fuckers do!
    Although I am now 75 I am still fit and would like just ten minutes (maybe less) to show this tosser what it feels like to be on the receiving end. Bastard!!
    One thing is for sure the fucker would remember me for the rest of his pathetic crippled life!
    Imprisonment is just a joke for pricks like this and death is too quick.
    These arseholes need to suffer the same as the animals that they have tortured.
    All power to any vigilante groups who could make these wankers plead for death.
    We do not need shitbags like these in our world.

    • Fay Richardson says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I’m so fed up with these useless pieces of garbage getting away with a slap on the wrist. What this scumbag did to this poor innocent helpless dog should be done to him. I’d like to do myself. Is anyone stupid enough to think he feels any remorse or will ever be a decent, productive member of society? You’re delusional if think that. He’ll go on to hurt and possibly kill more animals and people. The world would be better off without him in it.

  8. Susan Kulikowski says:

    This POS needs to be locked up for the rest of his miserable life. No animal deserves this treatment. Poor dog. Hope someone will do the same to this monster.

  9. Referring to my fist submission, should have read ‘same treatment’ at end of first sentence.
    Regards – Jonny.

  10. What a sick SOB. Beat him to death.

  11. Cathy McCormick says:

    Give this psychotic animal abuser the maximum time in prison! He is a pathetic loser without any ethics or morals!!!

  12. What would it take to get these types of monsters executed right away? I would love to set fire to them and burn them into hell! Justice for Bentley, Sophia, and all the helpless, voiceless, and abused creatures of this world.

  13. There is NO JUSTICE for these innocent beings…these precious animals that continue to be cruelly abused and MURDERED with very little consequence to the perpetrators! WHY do you think this keeps happening?


    May this murderer meet a similar fate…that’s about all the justice we’ll ever see, sadly.

  14. This subhuman Winter needs to be beaten to death. That is the only justice for this innocent soul. He needs to experience the fear and pain of his victim

  15. Seema Garg says:

    This man needs to be put to death. No animal deserves yo be a pawn in some POS’ twisted game. Plus he obviously must be beating his girlfriend up. 5 years is not enough time for this deranged person. Don’t waste tax payer dollars locking him up. He most likely would have killed the second dog had police not intervened.

  16. Lisa Novick says:

    Evil people. If they are capable of hurting animals, they are capable of hurting anything and anyone. They should be punished.

  17. Andrew Wells says:

    Hang him!!!

  18. I researched his name and saw that this being set another man on fire at a party years ago. He’s a sick and violent. He needs therapy while in prison.

    • He does not need therapy. What he does need is having his bollocks kicked to a pulp whilst he is screaming for mercy!
      It is the only thing bastards like this understand.

      Am I a violent person? No I am not until I hear what sick fuckers like this have done to innocent animals!
      Death is too good for these tossers but at least they would not do it again that’s for sure!!
      Jonny W.

  19. Maria Lavorato says:

    Agree 100% …MURDER 1 …no less. Winters needs to feel all the same pain! and both little poodles need to have their justice!

    Punishment should fit the crime…or we will not make any progress for all the other innocent animals!

    Hope this is true -“We take animal cruelty cases extremely seriously in Monmouth County”

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