Dogs Reportedly Shot in Face and Beaten Until Their Bones Snapped Deserve Justice

Target: Dave Sunday, District Attorney of York County, PA

Goal: Seek stronger charges and penalties against accused animal abusers and killers.

A miniature dachshund suffers broken ribs and a collapsed lung. A man pleads guilty to beating his pet dog with a baton. A suspect in a different case pleads no contest to shooting his pet dog in the face. These horrific crimes have two commonalities. They all took place in York County, Pennsylvania. And not one of the guilty parties was sentenced to a day in jail.

All three of the guilty or no contest pleas in these aggravated animal cruelty cases resulted in probation. While some of the suspects were prohibited from contact with pets for a period of time, none of them received the kind of penalty that would have really mattered. In fact, prosecutors seemed to go out of their way to drop more severe charges that may have resulted in jail or prison time.

Sign the petition below to demand these legal leaders stop giving violent animal abusers an easy pass.


Dear Mr. Sunday,

A local newspaper article recently confirmed that cases of animal cruelty are significantly on the rise in York County. With the lax approach the legal system is seemingly taking toward these crimes, it seems little wonder that abusers are not apparently worried about a future behind bars. Within the past several months, the York County prosecutor’s office has let a man who admitted to beating his dog with a baton, a man who pleaded no contest to shooting his dog in the face, and a man accused of giving his dog a collapsed lung and broken ribs walk free with legal slaps on the wrist.

Please stop giving out plea and probation deals to violent criminals, as if they are candy. The next time they appear before you, it may be for an even bigger tragedy that you could have prevented.


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Photo Credit: Dominika Roseclay


  1. Judi Coyne says:

    This type of offense deserves jail time and psychology care – animal abuse is often precursor to violence against humans.

    • Joyce O'Mall says:

      Sincerely – same treatment to this person – after they are put in prison!! Animals have no rights and this is why they are tortured and killed by demonic people

  2. These human beasts need to be beaten so that they suffer the same fate as these poor helpless dogs!!! Let the animal lovers have a go at them, place their pictures in public places,look for them and give them what they deserve!!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Stop being worthless cocksucking sleazefuck subhuman pos cuntwhore failed abortions and torturing and hurting animals and letting other cockfucks get away with hurting and torturing animals

  4. American Girl says:

    Whar are you STUPID? YOU should be culled along with these inbred asswipes your protecting!

  5. There is absolutely not excuse or reason for this kind of aberrant behavior. These so-called men are a danger to humans as well as all animals and show no regard or compassion for any kind of life. Probation is a hall-pass to do more damage next time, and there will be a ‘next time.’

  6. The justice system is so corrupt they can’t see horrible, horrific torture and cruelty these innocent dogs were subjected. Shame on you for not giving these men prison time.
    These people will repeat these abuses because they were basically given the freedom to continue without consequences

    • lisa black says:

      So many horrific stories of animal abuse from Pennsylvania lately, are they competing with Florida for the biggest POS state status?The monster that Did this should be put UNDER THE JAIL!

  7. I am upset the judges in these cases allowed the abusers to get off free of charge. Does the judge want to foot the bill for the healing of these animals? I’m sure not. Did the judges of these cases force the abuser to pay for the healing of the victim? Animals feel pain, are sensitive living beings who give us love and devotion even beyond our human friends and family. Many states are now felony states for animal abuse. Pa needs to be among them. nI strongly feel any judge who allows such insane and cruel behavior to walk out of course to get another animal to abuse should be accused of inappropriate behavior and told to retire from the lofty position. These judges are promoting more violence in our society. These people are the scum of the earth and the judges right along side of them. It’s a disgrace!

    • I agree with you 💯% there is no place in society for animal abusers. These poor pups just want a loving home with a family who will take care of them and love them the way they love us. Judges need to stop letting these abusive bastards go, do the same to them. I’m sure things will start changing.

  8. Instaigation of the death penalty and nothing less must be performed on these vile,mentally deranged dog abusing/ killing scumbags.Slow and agonising deaths for these evil cretins is essential!! OH YESSS!!!!

  9. The people who we elect are assholes. This amount of jail time is a joke. These poor animals will suffer forever until we stop it. People that mistreat animals should never be allowed to have another.

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