Dog Reportedly Beaten at Gas Station Deserves Justice

Target: Amira D. Fox, Lee County, FL State Attorney

Goal: Seek maximum penalty against man who allegedly attacked dog at gas station.

A bystander recorded an act of apparent animal cruelty that took place in full public view. The video seemingly captures a man pummeling a dog in his car. The man was parked at a gas station in Fort Myers, Florida when the video shows him opening the back door, reaching across the backseat, and seemingly repeatedly striking the animal. He then slams the door and presumably drives away.

The disturbing video only became known to authorities after it was distributed in a Facebook group. Residents are understandably outraged, and the police are seeking more information from the public. Neither the identity of the man in the video nor the identity of the specific gas station where this act allegedly took place are known. More worrisome still is the fate of the dog.

Sign the petition below to demand prosecutors seek full charges when a suspect is apprehended.


Dear Ms. Fox,

A video originating in Fort Myers recently went viral for all the wrong reasons.  The video in the spotlight seemingly depicts a blatant act of animal cruelty. Worse yet, this suspect apparently felt emboldened enough to aggressively punch his own dog multiple times in broad daylight where anyone could and seemingly did see him.

The brutality shown in this snapshot could very well be a reflection of someone capable of even more violent behavior. This individual must answer for his actions, and any vulnerable living beings under his brand of “care” must be protected. When he is apprehended, please have charges that demonstrate the gravity of this alleged crime ready and waiting.


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  1. How is it possible to stand and take a video or photo of animal abuse and not get a photo of the license plate or think to call the Humane Society? This is just as despicable. And then post to Facebook. Passive. Entertainment value. Both the abuser and the exploiter should be punished. When is this alright to do?
    I hope the owner/abuser is penalized in a manner that effectively parallels the trauma and abuse he’s inflicted on the dog.

  2. Marilynn Knowlson says:


  3. Elease M. Bradford says:

    This barbaric, snake in the grass needs to be caught at once and this poor, innocent dog taken from him. This is not the the way pet parents treat their fur babies. I hope he is caught soon and severely punished. I hope this poor, innocent dog is rescued and he recovers from his injuries and gets justice.

  4. Kimberly Hagerty says:


  5. dUH, Could somone not read the reg plate? Also, no way would I have stood by and let this scum drive off, he would
    ve had a taste of his own sick medicine.

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