Two Puppies Abandoned in Freezing Park Deserve Justice

Target: Avon Police Chief Jeffery Bukunt

Goal: Get justice for the two puppies left to die in a freezing park.

Winter is here, and for pet owners that means keeping their furry family members safe and cozy until the spring. Unless, that is, you are the owner of two Pit bulls that were found dumped in a park in Avon, Massachusetts. It’s lucky the pair was found, as one officer commented that “they wouldn’t have survived in the cold much longer.”

The two Pit bulls are each just a year old – practically puppies. They were dangerously skinny when they were rescued, though it is unclear if they had been abandoned for a long time, or if whoever had them wasn’t bothering to give them proper care and sustenance. Either way, when they were saved, they had hardly anything to insulate them from the Massachusetts winter.

Whoever did this to them didn’t break their spirits. But until the perpetrators are found and brought to justice, who knows what other animals they may be abusing. They dumped these two animals when there were many local shelters with warm beds, food, and veterinary care that would have taken them in. They tried to kill these dogs, and they must be stopped until they risk any more lives.

Sign the petition to ask that the Avon Police do everything in their power to find who dumped this pair of bonded Pit bulls.


Dear Chief Bukunt,

Recently two Pit bull puppies were found shivering in the cold in a park in your town. They were entirely skin and bones, though whether that was due to the period of abandonment or the lack of care from their previous owners is unclear. What is clear, however, is that their suffering was intentional. There were a plethora of local shelters that these dogs could have been taken to, but they were left to die in the frigid Massachusetts winter.

These animals are fortunately ok, but until the people who did this are brought to justice there is no telling what other animals they may be abusing. It is vital that they are found. Please, make sure that whoever left these two bonded Pit bulls to die never hurt any more animals.


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  1. Really? You could leave tgem at a firehouse, shelter, vet’s office…anyplace they’d have a chance. Disgusting

  2. The owners do not deserve to own pets as they are not responsible pet owners. If the city had an animal shelter they should of been
    brought there.

  3. Please follow up on this case and do your best officers. 🙏

  4. Nadine Brundage says:

    Brainless, low life scum of the earth dumped these innocent pups. Since they won’t be found we can only hope they drop dead of some deadly disease. They won’t be missed.

    • Patricia Lamonica says:


  5. Such pieces of worthless filth, to abandon those precious babies in the cold. I hope the monster(s) are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent! Some people don’t deserve to even go near an animal, let alone own one.

  6. The POS(‘s) that did this, probably illegal pit bull fighting owners, need to be left out in the same weather conditions. Let’s see how they like it!

    • Joyce O'Malley says:

      The people who did this deserve the same treatment! In fact – animal abusers should get the same treatment that they are doing – and have done – to the animals they torturing and killing!! Prison is too good for these shit ball humans!!

  7. The monster who abandoned these poor dear pups deserves to be severely fined and jailed ASAP!

    Prayers for these sweet pups to get loving forever indoor homes very soon.
    God Bless these puppies and their kind rescuers!

  8. Cheryl+Miller says:

    Please please please help these pups!! Don’t allow cruel people to throw animals away!! Please make sure they have a place to go for help. Give them a safe place to go until they can find a home. Thank you!!!

  9. Rosemary Ferguson says:

    Let’s get justice for these poor pups and get the evil heartless scum that did this…I’m just glad the pups were rescued in time

  10. The scumbing bags that did they should be found and arrested! Another issue here is the shelters. the shelters should not be charging surrender fees. If it was free to surrender an animal at a shelter then animals will not be dumped or brutally killed.

  11. Joyce O’Malley – I could not have said it better! Prison would be way too good for them!

  12. Animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.

  13. Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of sadistic human psychopaths.
    This perpetrator must be found and HARSHLY punished!
    He must also be FORBIDDEN from ever owning animals again!

  14. Take the buttheads up in the mountains tie chain them up and let them freeze

  15. Why would anyone leave these sweet puppies to suffer alone in the freezing temperatures? Please, authorities, penalize the offender(s) to the fullest extent of the law. People like this need to know there are harsh consequences for animal cruelty.

  16. Some people don’t deserve to be alive they are low life BASTARDS!

  17. I plead with authorities to put forward the time and effort into finding the person who did this…for no other reason than to ban them for life from owning or having any access to any animals in the future. People like this need to be found and punished, so they can’t do any harm again to defenseless animals.

  18. Sure hope they are looking for the abuser/killer and when they find him make sure he is tightly chained outside.. and forgotten…IN MY OPINION

  19. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    When there are so many alternatives available, there is absolutely zero justifiable reasons to cruelly abandon any innocent animal to fend for itself! It is just heartless and disgusting!!…The lowlife creeps who purposefully sentenced these two puppies to an unimaginable murder by starving and freezing, must be identified and prosecuted to the max for felony animal cruelty, which hopefully includes extensive mandatory jail time and permanent banning from ever being allowed around another animal in their miserable lifetime!!

  20. Find those responsible, fine them, deprive them of food, chain them outdoors for a week. They get the clothes on their back, no hats, gloves, jackets. Part of their sentence is also no pet ownership ever. Periodic, surprise police visits to ensure compliance.

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