Elderly Horse Reportedly Punched and Hit With Rocks Deserves Justice

Target: Maricopa County District Attorney Alister Adel
Goal: Pursue maximum punishment of two men accused of viciously attacking horse.

Two men were caught on camera hitting an elderly horse and throwing rocks at him. The attack lasted half an hour while the horse was trapped in his pen. The horse, named Indy, is 30 years old and is retired.

Indy’s owner stated, “This is supposed to be [his] good ole days, and then this happens.”

The owners first realized something was wrong when they noticed some rocks in Indy’s pen while they were feeding him. “We saw a river rock in his pen,” said owner, Sean Pietsch. “So we checked the security cameras and that’s when we discovered two individuals had come into the yard at 1 a.m. and were in here for about 30 minutes straight — assaulting the horses, throwing river rocks at them, punching them. All kinds of horrible, horrible things.”

Per the security camera footage, the attackers fled when the owner stepped out on to his porch in the middle of the night. “I almost feel guilty that I was 200 feet away and didn’t know, and didn’t stop it,” he said.

The attackers repeatedly threw large rocks at the enclosed animal.

“He was crashing into the rails, trying to do everything to get away from them — to get out of his pen,” said Sean.

Recently, sheriff’s deputies arrested two individuals and charged them with this alleged crime. The suspects have not yet been proven to be responsible for this horrific attack and are facing trial on the charges. Ask prosecutors to vigorously pursue this case.


Dear District Attorney Alister Adel,

Two individuals were recently arrested and charged with burglary and animal cruelty charges for an alleged attack on an elderly horse. The horse is 30 years old and was locked in his pen when the suspects allegedly attacked him with rocks and their fists.

The attack went on for 30 minutes until the owner just happened to come out on his porch. While the horse survived the attack, he is facing severe emotional trauma from this incident.

I ask that you please devote all resources necessary to fully and vigorously prosecute the two individuals accused of this heinous crime.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Belinda Hankins


  1. MR KIM SINGER says:

    Hard to imagine behaviour more sickening or depraved. These ‘individuals’ must be made an example of. FFS what is wrong with people?

  2. These jerks need to be removed from society, forever! But first use them as punching bags, then stone them!

  3. 20-year-old Lawrence Weinhart and a 16-year-old boy

  4. OMG how horrible for this poor horse. WTF is wrong with people anyways – they seem to live only to see how much abuse they can inflict on animals. Beat the living shit out of them and stone them right to death – the sooner the better.

  5. To the owners of the horse: AR15 or shotgun- both would stop the abusers

  6. All scumbag animal abusers gloally require instigation of the death penalty and nothing less!

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