Elderly Horse Apparently Assaulted With Rocks in Nighttime Attack Deserves Justice

Target: Maricopa County District Attorney Alister Adel

Goal: Pursue maximum punishment of two men accused of viciously attacking horse.

Two men were allegedly caught on camera hitting an elderly horse and throwing rocks at him. The attack apparently lasted half an hour while the horse was trapped in his pen. The horse, named Indy, is 30 years old and is retired.

Indy’s owner stated, “This is supposed to be [his] good ole days, and then this happens.”

The owners first realized something was wrong when they noticed some rocks in Indy’s pen while they were feeding him. “We saw a river rock in his pen,” said owner, Sean Pietsch. “So we checked the security cameras and that’s when we discovered two individuals had come into the yard at 1 a.m. and were in here for about 30 minutes straight — assaulting the horses, throwing river rocks at them, punching them. All kinds of horrible, horrible things.”

Per the security camera footage, the attackers fled when the owner stepped out on to his porch in the middle of the night. “I almost feel guilty that I was 200 feet away and didn’t know, and didn’t stop it,” Sean said. “He was crashing into the rails, trying to do everything to get away from them — to get out of his pen.”

Recently, sheriff’s deputies arrested two individuals and charged them with this alleged crime. The suspects are facing trial on the charges. Ask prosecutors to vigorously pursue this case.


Dear District Attorney Adel,

Two individuals were recently arrested and charged with burglary and animal cruelty charges for an alleged attack on an elderly horse. The horse is 30 years old and was locked in his pen when the suspects reportedly attacked him with rocks and their fists.

The attack appears to have gone on for 30 minutes until the owner just happened to come out on his porch. While the horse survived the attack, he is facing severe emotional trauma from this incident.

I ask that you please devote all resources necessary to fully and vigorously prosecute the two individuals accused of this heinous crime.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Belinda Hankins


  1. Find the two SCUMBAG POSs and put them behind bars NOW! Let these scumbags get buttraped for life!

    • Naila Johnston says:

      Amen! I say kill them… that is what they tried to do to these defenseless horses!! I am sickened and enraged!! This cannot just get a slap on the wrists!!
      You S O.B’s …..
      Die a thousand torturous deaths!!!

  2. Time was when such people were lynched. Good people don’t know what to do with evil, so they get off over and over. We are here to care for animal. If all the people in the world dissappeared, the animals would be fine. If all the animals dissappear, people will not survive. What kind of feeble brain would harm an old horse? It is not understandable. There is no reason or excuse. Their only plea is quilty due to evil impulses. No release from jail, ever.

  3. These cruel evil despicable punks need to be severely punished – like suffering the same abuse as they committed…and then removed from society forever. They are a menace to all – animals and humans. ANIMAL ABUSE CAN NO LONGER BE SWEPT UNTER THE RUG. IN EVERY CASE THE PUNISHMENT MUST BE SEVERE. IN MY OPINION

  4. Jesse thompson says:

    I say put these two jerks in a stall and lets have a party throwing rocks and punching them just like they did to that poor baby horse for a 30 minute beating. These Scum bags don’t deserve to have freedom anymore.

    • Joyce O'Malley says:

      How about putting all the cowardly jerks – that abuse and harm animals – in the same prison so they can all torture and abuse each other!!

  5. Is the owner deaf? One thing for sure, I would have heard all the noise due to the commotion. Secondly, I would have gone to where my beloved horse was & taken care of the cowardly POS’s committing this abuse with a loaded shotgun.

  6. Cheryl Miller says:

    Complete losers!!! They need to pay fines, do jail time, never allowed to own animals, take their kids away from them if they have any, the community should be aware of these creeps and months of community service. That poor innocent horse is forever traumatized!!

  7. Jail is too good for these “pieces!” They deserve to be stoned to death-not given a slap on the wrist and given free room and board (prisoners eat better and have more benefits than hard-working people!!!! ). This needs to be changed NOW!!!

  8. Crimes like this need to be taken seriously. Find the men responsible and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

  9. Gefängnis ist viel zu schade für solche Bestien, das beste ist diese Monster aufhängen, sie werden weiter Tiere quälen das ist Abschaum.

  10. Glad the culprits were found. They should get maximum sentence for their horrible act.

  11. Throw the book at both of those reprobates. They deserve the same treatment that they did to Indy. Lock them up, make them pay a large fine and put them on an animal abuse list. Some people should never have been born

  12. They deserve a good long jail time! Bastards!

  13. Shelly Blazich says:


  14. Naila Johnston says:

    Amen! I say kill them… that is what they tried to do to these defenseless horses!! I am sickened and enraged!! This cannot just get a slap on the wrists!!
    You S O.B’s …..
    Die a thousand torturous deaths!!!

  15. Doris Alpern says:

    They came to inflict pain and torture and they need prison time. They are disgusting if not stopped will keep on torturing innocent animals knowing they can get away with it.

  16. These vile mentally deranged scumbag severe animal abusing cretins must have the death penalty implemented.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedurer!!

  17. Maria Bertrand says:

    So happy that the owners have cameras in place. So with the video evidence please apprehend and charge these lowlifes to the maximum the law allows. SLAP ON THE WRIST DOES NOTHING! MAX JAIL TIME, MAX FINES ETC. I AM DEMANDING JUSTICE FOR THIS INNOCENT LITTLE HORSE!

    I am so sorry Indy. I hope you have a full recovery and nothing bad ever happens again. You look like a sweet little angel.

  18. Stone these scumbags to death….simple.

  19. I don’t know why evil people like this are even allowed to exist. What purpose do they serve except to inflict misery on innocent animals. I hope these low life scum are prosecuted to the maximum as they should be.

  20. These two creeps need to be prosecuted to the maximum sentence for such a cruel and deliberate act of abuse to senior horses confined in their stalls. What right did the two people have to go into the persons property and torture such innocent horses and for what reason? This is sick and inhumane. Don’t slap their wrist and let them off the hook for what they did just for kicks.

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