400+ Animals Reportedly Found Starved and Rotting Deserve Justice

Target: Sandy Cruickshanks, County Attorney of Laurens County, SC

Goal: Punish suspects who allegedly neglected or exploited hundreds of animals to the fullest extent.

The reported largest animal cruelty case in South Carolina’s history resulted in the rescue of 400-plus animals. A large range of animals were included in the seizure, including horses, hogs, hens, roosters, rabbits, and dogs. The rescued allegedly suffered from severe emaciation, disease, and rotting gums and teeth. To compound the seeming crisis, a large barrel was reportedly discovered filled with dead and decaying chickens.  These animals may have been victims of a suspected cockfighting operation.

At least three individuals were charged in association with the alleged crimes: Robert Milton Kellett III, Tina Messer Hurley, and Jeffery Justice Dale Williams. Despite the ample evidence of apparent cruelty on a wide scale, these suspects only faced 11 counts each of cruelty-related offenses. Nine of the charges involved seeming torture, while one pertained to overworking animals and the other count targeted the alleged cockfighting.

These suspects, and anyone else associated, need to be held fully accountable. Sign the petition below to demand punishment to the fullest extent if they are found guilty.


Dear Mr. Cruickshanks,

The case involving Robert Milton Kellett III, Tina Messer Hurley, and Jeffery Justice Dale Williams has been billed as the largest animal cruelty investigation in South Carolina’s history. Nearly 500 living beings reportedly almost died at the hands of these suspects. Many more dead animals were discovered on the property, possibly victims of an alleged cockfighting ring. These innocents seemingly suffered horrendously.

The suspects may be facing unrelated charges, but please put the full and appropriate weight on the alleged animal cruelty-related offenses. This state needs to send a message that it values all life, and every life must be safeguarded. No plea deals: prosecute with vigilance and seek the maximum possible penalty in the event of a conviction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Laurens County Sheriff's Office


  1. OKAY, where are the police? who should be patrolling around to view these outrages? I’m not normally one to rat on a neighbor, but if I saw abuse, I would call the authorities. This cannot go on in a “civilized” society.
    Why are the 3 suspects only charged with 11 counts?, when 400 animals found. This is beyond disgusting, and I expect to see REAL punishment for these evil humans.

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