Shame on Trophy Hunter Who Cut Out Heart of Giraffe for Valentine’s Day

Target: Barbara Dallas Creecy, South African Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries
Goal: Stop the barbaric practice of trophy hunting in your country.

A woman shot and killed a majestic giraffe, cut the animal’s heart out, and bragged about how a picture of her holding the still bleeding heart was the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift.

The woman claimed the trophy hunt was a gift from her husband and it allowed her five-year dream of slaughtering a giraffe come true.

The woman posted the same tired justifications for the killing that are made by nearly all hunters, such as the killing was actually good for the herd, the species is protected by her hunt, and the local community is better off due to it.

The hunter further defended her actions, stating “If you ban hunting, animals will become worthless and they will disappear.”


Dear Barbara Dallas Creecy,

A woman recently shot a giraffe in your country, cut its heart out, and bragged about it being the “perfect” Valentine’s Day present. This is disgusting.

Trophy hunting in South Africa is said to generate nearly $2 billion dollars in annual revenue. While this sounds like a large amount, in reality, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the negative publicity it generates for countries that allow this barbaric practice.

Conservation, rather than destruction, is a much more sustainable and, likely, profitable pursuit.

We ask that you pursue all available channels to stop the immoral practice of trophy hunting.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Merelize Van Der Merwe


  1. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    I think it would be good for the rest of humanity if we cull the herd and get rid of her. Or species will be better off without her, and that hunt will protect our species from lowlife vermin like her. What a demented and warped perspective when you cut an animal’s heart out for valentine’s day. Sick b**ch.

  2. Loraine Pretorius says:

    Only a sick deranged monster would do this. How does she sleep at night. I despair. Wake up South Africa and ban trophy hunting. I am ashamed to be a resident in this country whose only goal is to make as much money as possible at the cost of animals lives. SHAME ON YOU ALL

  3. This species is not fit to be called woman as women are mothers ,wives and sisters. Women means kindness and compassion. She is ugly with a ugly mind set.

  4. What kind of depraved barbarian does this for so-called sport?

  5. Lisa m Fera says:

    May the Evil get what they give.
    She is a MONSTER and as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Maybe she’s already a serial killer? POS

  6. This vile, ugly, evil,mentally deranged bitch animal killer must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less. A slow and agonising death for this evil cretin is essential!

  7. Karen Cianfarani says:

    Sick and barbaric bitch. She should be arrested! !!! I can not believe how many demented scumbags are in this world 🌎 we live in. They need to be taken out !!! Karma to this P.O.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kelly Rankin says:

    Utterly disgusting, sad and shameful. Trophy hunting is futile and should be banned…. this is not a “sport”. How difficult is it to shoot a giraffe? Poor thing was likely fenced in to begin with.

  9. There is an organization called, Safari Club, which is at the base of all these trophy hunters. The club meets once a year to give out awards to hunters who have killed 100 animals. If a hunter kills 125 animals from around the world they are awarded a diamond ring. Astonishing. This appears to be legal but America is guilty due to allowing UPS, Fed Ex and others to deliver animal parts to your front porch. A totally convenient way to hang a head on the wall. Again, astonishing. America needs powerful laws which speak to this type of murder. We need animals in this time of climate crises. Between poachers and trophy hunters we won’t have any animals left. Who are these killers? Why is their action not against the law in ALL states? It should be against the law and they need to be prosecuted.

  10. This vile human being has no heart.

  11. I want to meet this psycho.
    Keep your kids safe..she is dangerous
    Mind the roads you skank.

  12. This evil bitch must be put to death.

  13. Imagine being that sick and twisted that you have a “five year dream of shooting a giraffe”. What a vile woman! I have a dream of being able to eradicate people like this….and I bet an awful lot of others signing this will agree with me!!!

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