Shame on Trophy Hunter Who Cut Out Heart of Giraffe for Valentine’s Day

Target: Barbara Dallas Creecy, South African Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries
Goal: Stop the barbaric practice of trophy hunting in your country.

A woman shot and killed a majestic giraffe, cut the animal’s heart out, and bragged about how a picture of her holding the still bleeding heart was the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift.

The woman claimed the trophy hunt was a gift from her husband and it allowed her five-year dream of slaughtering a giraffe come true.

The woman posted the same tired justifications for the killing that are made by nearly all hunters, such as the killing was actually good for the herd, the species is protected by her hunt, and the local community is better off due to it.

The hunter further defended her actions, stating “If you ban hunting, animals will become worthless and they will disappear.”


Dear Barbara Dallas Creecy,

A woman recently shot a giraffe in your country, cut its heart out, and bragged about it being the “perfect” Valentine’s Day present. This is disgusting.

Trophy hunting in South Africa is said to generate nearly $2 billion dollars in annual revenue. While this sounds like a large amount, in reality, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the negative publicity it generates for countries that allow this barbaric practice.

Conservation, rather than destruction, is a much more sustainable and, likely, profitable pursuit.

We ask that you pursue all available channels to stop the immoral practice of trophy hunting.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Merelize Van Der Merwe


  1. Anyone who “dreams” of slaughtering a giraffe (or anything else) for five years (or 5 minutes) is nothing but a psychopath.

    Even the most callous person in the world would agree that this woman is one sick bitch.

  2. Torah Wolf says:

    What an evil, wicked monster 👹 she is for this cruel act she committed.
    She knows not her holy Father and how He despises people who exploit and murder His creations for mere fun/sport.

    I pray God takes away all her blessings and gives her nothing but cursings.

  3. A total sicko who should be slaughtered herself!

  4. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs, as their death

  5. Kory Chatelain says:

    This woman is a sociopath and shouldn’t be allowed to own any guns at all. Actually, she should be euthanized due to all of the murders she has committed due to her ego.

    • yes yes yes….I can not believe I have just read this. what a sick pos bitch…..I hope she rots in jail and never has a day of peace for the rest of her sick life….

  6. You and the others like you have no hearts, much less souls. Your idea of sport show your depravity and lack of imagination ( to to mention brain cells). When all of these majestic creatures are gone, I suppose someone will be paying to hunt you!

  7. Linda Cummings says:

    How do people become this disgusting vile and heartless? To kill an animal for absolutely no reason is the height of disgusting human behavior.

  8. Linda Cummings says:

    Too much money, and no heart.

  9. WTH. She is the one that should have her heart torn out since it’s hard and empty. Who could do such a thing and stand there and be smiling. SHAME,SHAME,SHAME

  10. Barbara – I will never understand why our elected officials would allow any animal to be hunted for sport. The Animal Kingdom has just as much a right as we do to live their lives in peace on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. This giraffe wanted to live just as much as you or I. My heart aches for this majestic animal who was murdered for absolutely no reason at all…

  11. This ugly vile animal killing bitch must be put to death! A slow and agonising death for this evil slut is essential!! The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters!!

  12. Please KILL HER

  13. Psychopaths have no hearts themselves. Shes a monster!Hopefully, she ll have bad karma for the rest of her life! Hopefully, she ll have nightmares every single night for the rest of her life.

  14. Muriel Servaege says:

    What an evil monster to kill an endangered gentle giant and cut its heart out just for the fun of it … Too bad the same can’t be done to her.

  15. OMG seriously why is this bitch still alive. She should have already been slaughtered the same as what we had done to the animals of this planet. Hey bitch – you will burn in hell not a doubt in my mind!! You don’t deserve another day on Earth – we need to be rid of you – wipe the god damn smile off of your pathetic face when the bullet is aimed at you.

  16. Margie Smith says:

    Bitch, you’re a real piece of SHIT!People like you should NOTwalk this earth…then to make a statement like the “bleeding heart for Valentines is further proof you ‘re a grade A bitch….karma will get you….I’ll pray for that!!

  17. I think what concerns me most is what kind of person has a life long dream to kill something??? Seriously that is so morbid and evil… not to mention it’s gross to hold any bleeding heart in your hands unless you are a surgeon saving a life. Poor innocent animals.

  18. someone should cut this bitches heart out and feed it to her husband. a pair of total douche bags!

  19. The only thing “worthless” is this psycho cunt!
    I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of person would dream of killing an innocent animal for fun.
    I truly hope someone starts cutting her heart (or whatever she has) out while she is still alive and conscious…it would still be less than she deserves!
    Make this sociopath’s name public, decent people need to be warned!

  20. james waldo says:

    This piece of shit slutty ugly stinky butt ugly bitch needs to be shot In the head and asshole at the same time, then butchered up to feed alligators to stop climate change. Amen,gracias

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