Stop Trump From Allowing Bear Cubs to be Slaughtered and Reindeer to be Shot from Motorboats

Target: David Bernhardt, United States Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Cancel new rule that allows hunters to lure and kill bear cubs and other wildlife.

The Trump administration has formally announced new regulations which allow hunters to attack and slaughter black bear, coyote, and wolf cubs in their dens, as well as caribou while swimming in rivers and lakes. Overturning an Obama-era regulation intended to protect predators and maintain balanced ecosystems, this is the latest in a series of moves by the current administration to open up natural heritage to destruction and exploitation for profit. Hunters will now be able to approach bear, coyote, and wolf dens, using flashing lights and food to lure cubs out and kill them. They will also be able to shoot swimming caribou from motorboats, a grotesque practice previously forbidden due to its heinous cruelty.

This change in rules benefits no one in the long term, with declining predator populations and overburdened parklands certain to be the result as other animal populations spin out of control without predation. Sign the petition below to demand the Secretary of the Interior undo this vicious new rule and protect the wildlife that are his responsibility by law.


Dear Secretary Bernhardt,

The cancellation of Obama-era protections for Alaska’s predatory animals will result in wrecked ecosystems and drastic pressure on threatened and endangered animals. Our national parks were established to protect wildlife for generations to come, and this new rule is a betrayal of that trust.

This action is a dereliction of the duty entrusted to you by the people of the United States and an attack on our already-struggling natural world. I demand that you undo this rule that allows hunters to murder defenseless animals for no reason other than pleasure or profit.


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Photo credit: United States Department of Agriculture

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  1. Judy Kahl says:

    Wildlife needs protection..! Absolutely never be harmed in anyway…. please Mr President do not allow harm to our wildlife… thank you protect all animals…

  2. cancel this new rule

  3. Kathy Kimble says:

    Stop destroying what’s left of our world!

  4. David & Kelli Kiefer says:

    Stop taking away what God made! You have no right! This isn’t about you! These animals that God made were meant to be Free!! And the same as oil barges in the ocean (marine life) and tree’s. Please stop destroying…and start rebuilding what we have lost. Thank You.

  5. I have no idea who made this new rule or law. It ludicrous. Why would anyone running for re-election do something this stunningly stupid.
    I understand there are Republican voters who are turning away from Trump. They are finally seeing the light. I hope.
    I do hope with my whole heart that the animals are made safe from killers very soon.

  6. Wait a minute thought he announce any one being cruel to animals of any kind was supposed to be prosecuted to the max.


    Please stop the killing of all wildlife in every continent. These animals our our future and our descends future….
    Ples don’t let them be slaughtered for fun or SPORT.

  8. SO much for Trumps new LAW…MAKING CRUELTY TO ANIMALS A FELONY!!!!!

  9. Judy sims says:

    These people that hurt or killrd animals. And gods creatures should go t o jail big time

  10. Anna Morgan says:

    Save the Wildlife

  11. Save the animals;

  12. Renee Voydatch says:

    Mr. Trump, No No!! We need to take care of are wildlife keeps balance in the world!!!!

  13. Lydia Gentile says:

    Show me a an actual copy of this law and I will sign it. As most Facebook is inaccurate I am skeptical about this. I doubt any hunters wanted this so why did it come up.

    • Trump rule changes permit Alaskan hunters to kill bear cubs in … › story › news › nation › 2020/05/28
      May 28, 2020 – Trump rule changes will allow Alaskan hunters to kill bear cubs, wolf … cubs and pups, in their dens, caribou from motorboats and bears with bait … George Floyd’s death: What we know Soldier stopped active shooter, … “It takes no skill or cunning to lure bears with donuts and shoot caribou from motorboats …

  14. Stop trump hes a murderer!!

  15. I think he’s lost his damn mind and anyone else who thinks that this is ok!!

  16. Elizabeth Rogers says:

    Trump is an idiot. Our environment is suffering because of him. He allows our wildlife to die and suffer also.

  17. Please stop this!!!

  18. Can we shoot trump ? Sounds like really good idea

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