Stop Riding Horses for Pleasure and Entertainment

Target: Meg Krueger, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary General of Equestrian Canada

Goal: Give horses the right to pursue their lives freely.

Working with horses and other equines can be a wonderful thing for both humans and animals. And while engaging with horses has advantages for all involved, horseback riding is an exception. The decision to take part in horseback riding is made by humans, and whether or not a pony wants to participate is up to debate. And without clear consent, riding a horse is unethical.

Ethical treatment of horses entails us treating them more like equals, meaning that we should not exploit them for our personal gain. Humans have to stop taking advantage of these skittish prey animals who have no control over whether or not they want to live with humans.

Horses are extremely social animals that associate with other members of their large herds, graze in meadows, travel vast distances, and even play. Horses, ponies, and donkeys have needs, wants, and interests that do not evolve from what humans demand and expect from them.

People have been using horses for entertainment and profit for thousands of years and subjected them to countless abuse. Horses have to endure uncomfortable head and mouth gear, loneliness, boredom, are forced to carry heavy burdens, including people, and jump obstacles at a full gallop. Hundreds of equines die every year because people force themselves onto them.

Riding is a completely unnecessary sport for a horse and a selfish, abusive activity for humans. We can have a meaningful relationship with equines in our care that is mutually beneficial without climbing on top of them. Riding any equine is indisputably unethical and if anything, harmful for the animals.

We must free equines from the grip of human’s repulsive desire to ride them. Sign this petition to stop Equestrian Canada from exploiting equines.


Dear Miss Krueger,

It is shameful that you pride yourself on an occupation that objectifies sentient beings for your own selfish gain. Humans decide to take part in horseback riding, and the opinion of a horse stays unknown. And without the equine’s clear consent, riding is unethical.

Showing compassion to a horse does not include jumping on their backs at any given time, it involves your devotion to them. Whether you ride them or not should never change how you feel about these sensitive creatures.

Justifying riding with the absurd claim that horses love carrying you on their backs only proves that you put your desires before their well-being. Without riding, equines will never again have to fear bits, spurs, and whips. Cruelty, however, does not begin with physical harm.

Horseback riding is not a sport, it is an exploit of animals. You must change the vision of your company and free all equines from their unjust duties to mankind.


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Photo Credit: Carmen Edenhofer



  1. Joe gibson says:

    This has to be the most idiotic thing I have ever read some people are just plain idiots and I’m referring to you
    How stupid

  2. This person is an idiot.

  3. Mary Rollis says:

    I actually am AMAZED a petition this insulting to the very real animal victims of torture and even death has been posted here. It makes me question the PRIORITIES of the idiots who signed this travesty of common sense!

  4. James Shipley says:

    If you choose not too ride a horse that is your business. But in my opinion you have just showed how ignorant you are. Or you are just wanting to stir up something to make it stink so that you can take in a big breath of air and smell the foul smell. And say look what I did.

  5. Then they’ll just go to slaughter.
    Sooo much better.
    THIS is the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.
    AR wants them gone.
    AW wants them cared for.

  6. human arrogance, stupid people, selfish people, human supremacists, speciesist ppl think they have the right to enslave animals and make them carry their fat asses around, work for human benefit become a beast of burden. Animals deserve to be free and happy with their friends and family of other horses, they don’t deserve the back breaking labor of serving endless human wants and needs. How big of an asshole can you be to assume because an animal can’t speak they therefore cannot suffer? You aren’t that important to claim to have the right to enslave other sentients….

    • Jordan Waldron says:

      You are an absolute idiot and your comment proves it.

    • Dem schließe ich mich John David Stevens an. Jedoch, es waren bereits in den ersten Klassen der Volksschule immer die dummen und die faulen Schüler/Menschen, welche auch im späteren Alter stets als “Herdentiere” unangenehm, oftmals ohne Bildung, als brutal und gewaltsam auffielen. Ihnen fehlt einfach eine gewisse Hirnmasse um zu begreifen, dass alle Tiere leidensfähige Mitgeschöpfe sind, unsere Hilfe und unseren Schutz benötigen und wir Menschen kein Recht haben, die hilflosen Mitgeschöpfe aus zu beuten, sie grausam und brutal zu behandeln und sie sogar zu töten. Weil das Hirn dieser Menschen einfach zu klein geraten ist, können und wollen sie nicht begreifen, dass Tiere STUMM leiden und meinen deshalb, dem Tier Leiden und Schmerzen zufügen zu dürfen. Es sind abgestumpfte Spezies, ohne die geringste Spur von Mitgefühl, auf die wir gerne auf diesem Planeten verzichten können.

    • Emma monteith says:

      Sorry u are being stupid thinking horse don’t communicate what they are thinking. If a horse doesn’t want to be rode it won’t catch. U really need to learn and educate urself how much time have u spent in company of horses.

      • Barbara Steever says:

        And, if you do catch the horse, they can refuse to move or buck off a rider. Horses are quite capable of expressing what they want.

    • Eleanor Phillips says:

      You’re right! Let’s just let them live in the wild where they’ll live to the ripe old age of about five. Idiot.

      Btw….forgot to shut one of my horse’s gates today and it was obvious she had escaped. (Dirt all in the aisle, hay torn up) But she was back in her pasture eating by the open gate when I came out to feed dinner because she knew she wasn’t gonna get fed running loose. She was more than happy to choose to “give up her freedom” for a steady meal.

  7. David Stevens says:

    No you’re just an arrogant, selfish, self centered pperson that you can’t imagine for 5 seconds what it feels like to be a horse or another animal. Science has proven that horses are sentient, science has proven that horses feel love, joy, pain and fear. They do suffer under humans. You can measure animal stress and stress hormones. The only reason animals have such a hard time in life is because the Bible tells humans to dominate them which is inherently evil. Once the Bible said this traditions were started that never take into consideration how the animals feel and what they need. What animals desperately want and need is to be left the F alone by humans so they can be wild and free. Once this realization slaps you across the face you’ll never be the same person. You won’t confine and torture and kill and eat animals ever again. Wake up. Its not all about you.

    • Stephanie Brydun says:

      You got it right David- it’s not about us-it’s about the animals

    • Pamela Robison says:

      Wild and free? Where are horses going to be wild and free? The small number of wild horses left have their feed supplemented by people. Those wild and free horses look like crap in the winter.. You think the survival of the fittest and that suffering is a better life than a horse kept in a comfortable life with people?

    • Cause fat foundered out of shape horses are a good thing! Let’s not halter break them either so they will never have to have their feet trimmed or have a vet look at them. Whoever wrote this piece of shit has never been around horses

    • Eleanor Phillips says:

      I train horses. I have devoted my life to horses and love them. To train them you must use patience, consideration, care, sympathy. Otherwise they won’t do shit for you and will quite often kill your ass. And part of the consideration for the horse is being fit and trained enough yourself to make it an easier ride for them.

  8. This is the best you can do with your life? Maybe get off your computer and go help children who are starving and the homeless instead of putting out this ridiculous theory that you can ask permission from a horse to ride a horse. How many have you been on? You obviously don’t know how well these horses are cared for…some, much better than children.

  9. Total liar!!! This person did some reading(at the very juvenile basic level foe horse knowledge.) Obviously NO EXPERIENCE with horses at all. Just another sanctimonious leftist assclown who believes the ponies will just roam around being our friends and letting us know if they wish to carry our horrible selves. Lololololol. My horse would be hating this pathetic excuse for a human being while his abcesses were being ignored so the idiot can feel better herself? Maybe starving a bit without his teeth being floated??? No predator animal has a chance at this place! Not so in the wild MORON! Once your head has been extracted from your ass and your able to breathe more clearly, do some real experience or be honest and call your work muckraking sensationalistic drivel!

  10. I love my horses and they love me. We trail ride everywhere. My horses are more than happy to get in a trailer and go on the next adventure.
    Most people that have never had a horse simply do not understand.
    And don’t waste time trying to explain it to them.

  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However I want to point out a few things.

    1. The best horse people will tell you working with horses is a partnership. The person works very hard to provide a place for the horse to live and put feed in front of them. They work hard to make sure their horses feet and condition over all is good. What they ask for in return is to be allowed to ride for a few hours. My horses look forward to our rides, like a dog looks forward to a walk. My horses are in a pasture and come running up to the fence and not in a box stall or pen just wanting out.

    2. Where do you plan on putting all of these free horses. Currently wild free horses have to be rounded up and sold and even killed, because of lack of space or lack of feed or poor health or bad feet. These unsold and unwanted horses live out their lives in big dirt pens.

    3. The horses you want to free are very dependent on their hooves being maintained and most need shoes. Where ever you set them free, I would like you to take your shoe off and walk around and see how your feet feel. A few horses won’t develope bruises and abscesses on their feet (very painful and can get infected and can cause death) and their feet will get tough. Those horses feet will continue to grow and they will start stumbling causing injuries or their feet will break, causing cracks (same results as abscesses). What you end up with is many horses that slowly and painfully break down.

    4. I’ve seen many horses retired and turned out to pasture become depressed and go down hill fast from lack of human interaction.

    5. It’s not like the movies where they turn the horse free and it lives happily ever after. If you really think it is possible. I suggest you to take 1 or 2 horses and try setting them free and see how it goes. I think you might be doing something far more cruel than asking a horse to be riden.

  12. Mariko Saum says:

    Someone needs to get a life! I dare you to spend as much as we do to keep our horse healthy, sound,well fed,, hoof care,, veterinarian care, happy, and well exercised.

  13. I keep telling people who support animal rights activists’ efforts to end horse racing that these so-called “animal rights” people won’t stop, until ALL animal husbandry is banned. These activists won’t stop at banning horse racing. They will come after horseback riding as we see here, pony rides, equestrian sports. They also will come after PET OWNERSHIP. The lady who runs PETA in the USA said as much. The head of Horse Racing’s Wrongs who has a mission to “make thoroughbreds and other sporting horses extinct” also said, “a petless society is a humane society.” I am not surprised to see this. We need to push back against these nutjobs.

  14. Ummm….really bad logic. Horses who are ridden have a purpose, and their owners feed and care for them because it’s a reciprocal relationship. Horses who have no purpose, and aren’t valued end up at the auction house. From there….dog food. Most people who own horses love them and take care of them. Having a person on their back a few hours a week does not harm them. Let’s get real.

  15. Horses love running, they run in the fields too. They run against each on their own will regardless of in a race or in the field. Also, horses love being around people, kind people, special people, even special needs people. Also they love to be ridden, which is why they do it. Horses came to the humans, now fuck off!🤣 and if Horses could speak, they’d say the same too. But you wouldn’t know cos your not a horseman. Your a dumbass with absolute no common sense nor experience with animals, especially horses

  16. Taime Ludwig says:

    You forgot to petition the freedom of cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles and rodents. What about those? Idiots..
    Arrogance meets ignorance.

  17. Suzie Motes says:

    Your time would be much better spent helping to stop the BLM roundups of the mustangs going on now. They I humanely trap and house wild horses in order to let cattle ranchers graze what should be wild horse lands. The horses are then contained in crowded pens for life at taxpayers expense and no longer allowed to be free with families being separated or combined causing fights. A large number of them end up shoved into over crowded trucks and sent to slaughter.
    Please focus your efforts on agendas that are really hurting the animals…

  18. Michelle Kerr says:

    Last I checked, Canada still has a thriving horse slaughter industry and active PMU farms. Maybe focus on something that actually sucks for horses.

  19. This is so dumb…whoever believes this crap obviously has never been around horses. You don’t like riding them, don’t. But don’t ruin other people’s lives just because you’re an idiot. Fuck you. I am so sick of you people!

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