Success: Man Who Callously Murdered Dog Gets Jail Time

Target: Marc Bennett, District Attorney for Sedgwick County, Kansas

Goal: Praise punishment of man found guilty of animal cruelty.

Benji the dog has received some justice, as the man found responsible for his death has been sentenced to 12 months in prison, and 12 months of probation. Benji died after Carter slammed him into the ground in a malicious act of cruelty. Now, thanks to pressure from activists and those who supported this ForceChange petition, Benji’s death did not go unpunished.

Animal lovers will justifiably wish that the punishment for animal cruelty was harsher, but the fact remains: Cole Carter will see the inside of a jail cell. No amount of cruelty to animals is acceptable, but some punishment is far better than getting away with nothing at all, like so often happens in cases like this.


Dear Mr. Bennett,

Animal cruelty is a serious crime that is routinely under punished, so it is very relieving to hear that in the case of Benji the dog and Cole Carter, justice was served. Benji died painfully after Carter slammed him into the ground. No person who commits this kind of cruelty against an animal should ever get away without seeing the inside of a jail cell.

We wish the punishment was more severe than a year in jail, but at least he is getting jail time. Thank you to you and your office for your efforts to ensure that this poor dog receives some justice.


[ Your Name Here ]

Photo Credit: Pezibear


  1. Mr Bennet please make sure this retard spends time with animal lovers

  2. Margaret Kinlaw says:

    He won’t get enough time. I hope he gets raped and thrown to the ground to his death like he did to the poor innocent animal!!!’

  3. i agree he should be given a 12 months sentence but afterwards he should be dragged outside and shot.

  4. james waldo says:

    Please run this piece of shit over with a steam roller, than run his remains through a wood chipper. Amen, gracias

  5. I hope this fucktard gets his ugly ass raped everyday he needs to be slammed around dumb bastard

    • The scumbag needs A RED HOT POKER where the sun doesn’t shine and I hope some brave Animal Vigilantes get the job done . This complete waste of space needs removing from earth, SOON

  6. This vile bastard must have the death penalty implemented.I am happy to help implement this!

  7. This man should be executed. Spending only a year in jail — what a damn joke. I hope he gets the shit knocked out of him in jail – that would be karmic justice!

  8. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    A year in jail is not long enough and the only justice for little Benji is if someone in prison beats the living shit out of him and makes him suffer the same senseless pain that Benji had to endure. Rot in hell you bastard loser.

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