Articles written by: Matt Lamour

Stop Reported Abuse of Pigeons By Trump Supporters

Groups of pigeons are reportedly being abused by Trump supporters, who glued miniature “Make America Great Again” hats to several of the birds and a Trump-style wig to another. Demand that Donald Trump speak out against this alleged animal abuse that puts the birds at risk.

Stop the Trophy Hunting of Endangered Elephants

Up to 70 elephants may lose their lives because the nation of Botswana is auctioning off the rights to kill them. This cannot be allowed to come to pass. Demand that the president of Botswana stop this before it is too late.

Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Locked in Storage Unit

Eight adult dogs and nine puppies were reportedly found locked in a storage unit with no ventilation, one of the dogs having been injured from severe abuse. Demand that the man allegedly responsible for this animal cruelty gets severely punished if found guilty.

Mother Jaguar and Cubs Apparently Slaughtered by Hunter in Truck Deserve Justice

Three endangered jaguars were reportedly killed in the back of a truck. A video appears to show the hunter bragging about killing the cats while an onlooker praises his “courage.” There is nothing brave about murdering endangered animals. Demand justice for these beautiful cats.

Demand Justice for Allegedly Mistreated Animals Seized from Zoo

Over 100 animals were seized from a zoo reportedly mistreated and underfed, without enough water and in cages that were not big enough for their species. Demand that the owner of the zoo goes to jail for allegedly mistreating these animals, so they get the justice they deserve.

Puppies Reportedly Starved and Forced to Eat Dead Dog Deserve Justice

Four puppies and one adult dog were reportedly starved to the point where they were forced to eat a sixth dog who had already died. This apparent act of sadistic cruelty deserves the harshest punishment available under the law. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Tigers Reportedly Starved and Mistreated by Traveling Circus Deserve Justice

Nine tigers were reportedly transported in horrible conditions while being shipped by a traveling circus. They were apparently found covered in excrement and in cages far too small for their size. Demand justice for these beautiful cats.

Success: Man Who Callously Murdered Dog Gets Jail Time

Benji the dog died brutally and painfully when he was slammed into the ground. Now, the man found guilty of this cruelty has been sentenced to a year in prison and a year of probation. Thank those who fought hard to ensure that justice was served for Benji.

Justice for Dogs Reportedly Abused, Starved, and Bred for Profit

Six dogs were reportedly starved and kept in terrible conditions by a breeder seeking only to profit from their puppies. One dog was apparently within a day of death due to the abuse and neglect. Demand the harshest penalties for those convicted of this apparent abuse.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Kicked a Dog

A dog was reportedly kicked by a man for leaving her property, despite running away from him and not causing or threatening any harm to anyone. This apparent cruelty cannot go unpunished. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Demand Justice for Chihuahuas Allegedly Abused and Allowed to Die

Three chihuahuas were reportedly found dead and 40 others severely abused, all the victims of animal cruelty. Help send a message that those who commit such abuse will not go unpunished.

Dog Reportedly Found Emaciated and Starving to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found emaciated and nearly dead from starvation while police were investigating a drug deal. Don’t let this serious animal cruelty offense be overshadowed by the drug charge; demand justice for this dog who suffered so much because of apparent negligence.

Demand Justice for Dogs Reportedly Kept in Filth With Untreated Medical Conditions

A man was charged with 84 counts of animal cruelty when dogs in his care were reportedly found severely neglected and abused. Sign the petition to demand that justice be served for these animals.

Praise New Focus on Preventing Animal Cruelty

Animal Care Services in Corpus Christi, Texas announced that they would now have two full-time investigators on their team solely dedicated to animal cruelty. This is a big step for the city and their conviction to make Corpus Christi a safe place for animals. Tell the organization that their efforts to combat animal cruelty are appreciated.

Punish Major League Baseball Player Who Allegedly Let Dog Starve to Death

A pet husky was allegedly abandoned and allowed to starve to death by his owner, a former major league baseball player. The suspect has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Tell the district attorney that we will accept nothing less than the maximum sentence for this atrocity, if he is convicted.

Save the Nashville Crayfish From Extinction

A unique crayfish is in danger of completely disappearing because of unrestricted urban development. If we don’t act now, the species will be lost forever. Tell the Governor of Tennessee to save the Nashville Crayfish.

Demand Harsher Penalties for Killing Endangered Species

There are more than 100 endangered species in North America, and many are at a very high risk of extinction. Current penalties for harming these creatures are not strong enough. Demand that anyone who hurts or kills an endangered species gets a far harsher penalty.

Praise New Harsher Punishments for Animal Cruelty

Thanks to a bipartisan effort in Arizona, punishments for animal cruelty in the state are becoming much stronger. Thank the representative who sponsored the bill to spread the message that hurting animals should never go unpunished.

Strictly Punish Animal Cruelty Offenders

Animal cruelty in the United Kingdom is only punishable by up to a year in prison. This needs to change in order to ensure the safety of innocent animals. Demand harsher and longer punishments for animal cruelty offenders.

Applaud Jail Sentence for Man Accused of Starving Dogs

A convicted animal cruelty offender is facing jailtime after starving his dogs to death. This is a landmark decision that will hopefully set a precedent for all future animal cruelty cases. Praise this decision to bring justice for these animals’ deaths.

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