Success: Butcher Shop Employees Allegedly Responsible for Calf’s Public Slaughter Charged with Animal Cruelty

Target Gail P. Hardy, State’s Attorney for Hartford County, Connecticut

Goal: Applaud the pursuit of justice for slain calf.

The macabre case of a young calf allegedly slaughtered in a public parking lot drew swift condemnation, including the calls for justice voiced in this ForceChange petition. These calls were answered in part with the cruelty to animals charge leveled against the accused slaughterer, butcher shop employee Badr Musaed. Now, continued public pressure has helped expose the full scope of the alleged atrocity and bettered the odds that an innocent animal will receive true justice.

This disgusting incident happened in July. A scared calf had apparently escaped a butcher shop, with a few of the shop’s employees in pursuit. One of the employees even seemingly endangered potential bystanders by firing an arrow at the calf. Once this attempt at slaughter proved unsuccessful, authorities on the scene described how “three of the employees grabbed onto the cow … one employee … pulled out a knife and proceeded to cut the cow’s throat.”

Initially, it appeared that this slaughter would go unpunished. Despite the eyewitness account and the employees’ demonstrated lack of remorse, the involved parties merely received a ticket for “creating a public disturbance.” Vigils at the scene of the crime and public outcry kept investigators on the case, however, and the man allegedly brandishing the deadly knife was charged with animal cruelty. The man who allegedly used the bow and arrow also faced charges.

Moreover, the consistent public pressure compelled investigations into the butcher shop itself. Following an inspection of the facility, authorities added new charges of animal cruelty against another employee, Bilal Musid, including an accusation of cruelty to poultry. Most importantly, this alleged shop of horrors will not soon be able to harm another living being. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture issued a cease-and-desist order, effectively closing down the shop for now. A guilty verdict could make this closure permanent.

Sign this petition to thank the professionals who stayed with this case and helped give vulnerable animals a fighting chance.


Dear Ms. Hardy,

The Home Depot calf slaughter case could have fallen by the wayside and fallen victim to indifference and inaction. Your office’s vigilance in ensuring this case stays alive is commendable. Gross abuse and deadly violence inflicted on another living being should never become routine or tolerable.

The animal cruelty charges brought against the accused for the reported slaughter of a calf sent a strong message against unchecked animal cruelty. More beneficial still, this case brought needed attention to a business engaged in questionable conduct that likely enabled even more egregious abuse. Prevention is just as vital as punishment in ending these injustices once and for all.

Please keep up the vigilant work and help ensure justice is fully served for all the fallen victims of animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jim Rosie


  1. No replies? Well, thank God this is being pursued by authorities. I wish there was more info, but regardless, I pray there is justice.

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    I’m so glad this place got caught! Shut this place down and throw these freaks in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.

  3. I am ready,willing and able to help administer the essential death penalty on these vile bastards.An eye for an eye!

    • I’m with you, Michelle. These are obviously Muslim slaughtermen. Their reputation for animal cruelty is recognised worldwide. They are barbaric and psychopathic. A pity they have been allowed into the country as they are destroying Australia with their heathen “culture”.

    • Me too. Kill every one of these animal torturers and animal murderers. Why should these animal murdering monsters be allowed to live and breath our air. An eye for an eye.
      The innocent and helpless little Calf tried to survive
      but these lowlife pos deliberately tortured the precious and little baby Calf to death.

      Rest in peace litle Calf. No more suffering just pure peace. Bless your precious little soul.

  4. Diane C Sprouse says:

    What a bunch of pieces of shit. I couldn’t even pronounce their name. Lock the miserable bastards up. We don’t live in a country that finds this ok.

  5. Wtf is a calf being slaughtered at a butcher shop, anyway!?!? Not that it wouldn’t have had a brutal, torturous death at a slaughterhouse. It is time we stopped thinking of meat as a thing and not a living, breathing, sentinel being!!! We are such a fucked up species. I curse all the 7 billion or more assholes on the planet to come back as a cow!!!

  6. This is what your ‘halal’ meat endures – stare them in the eyes, pray to Allah and slit their throats.

  7. Thank you!!!

  8. Karen Mckay says:

    Shut this hellhole down and lock the scum up. Ensure they never work again. May Allah ensure you get severely punished for your vile cruel acts. A curse on you and yours.

    • If people stopped eating meat, animals would not be treated in this way. This savage monster needs Street Justice, the sort subhumans don’t recover from

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