Success: Farm Owners Convicted for Allowing Cow Torture


Target: Robert Gunnell, Judge in the Provincial Court of British Columbia

Goal: Applaud decision to convict farm owners for allowing employees to abuse cows.

The owners of a dairy farm where employees allegedly abused cows have pled guilty and have been sentenced to pay $75,000 per count of abuse, the maximum monetary fine. One of Chilliwack Cattle Sales’ owners, Wesley Kooyman, was also convicted of another count of animal abuse, and he will be prohibited from having control over his factory farm or owning any animals for a year.

Judge Robert Gunnell, who handed down the ruling, said that the employees were not properly trained or supervised by the farm owners, resulting in the significant abuse the cows suffered. Wayne Kooyman would allegedly only check on his employees once a day, at 3:30 in the morning, and so the employees could easily hide their abusive behavior. As soon as the owners left, they would reportedly go back to beating the cows, kicking them, and hanging them from chains around their neck. The workers allegedly responsible for the abuse will go on trial in May.

This victory for farm animals is a result of tireless work from animal advocates, including members of the ForceChange community who signed petitions like this one. While the ruling cannot erase the abuse the cows faced, it will prevent more animals from needlessly suffering at the hands of cruel humans. Sign this petition to thank Judge Gunnell for standing up for these dairy cows.


Dear Judge Gunnell,

Thank you for your recent sentencing of the owners of Chilliwack Cattle Sales. Your decision to fine the owners the maximum monetary amount allowed for their crimes shows that this type of animal abuse will not be tolerated in Canada.

The cows at Chilliwack Cattle Sales allegedly faced heinous acts of abuse from six employees who beat them, kicked them, and pulled hair out of their tails. The employees also reportedly hung the cows by chains from their necks and dragged them with a forklift. The employees were apparently able to get away with this because they were so poorly trained and supervised by the owners of Chilliwack.

The decision to convict Chilliwack’s owners of animal abuse was the right choice, and it can help prevent future employees from abusing cows on their farm. Thank you for standing up for the dairy cows who faced unfathomable cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Keith Weller

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  1. Joanne Connarty says:

    Why was he only banned from owning animals for a year?? is he suddenly going to transformed from a sick,vile bastard into a decent human being in a year?? I think not.
    Sickos like that and his evil employees should be made an example of by the courts,its time they got the message.

  2. Marjorie Coey says:

    I am so proud of the agencies and committed animal rights workers who documented and stopped this disgusting abuse of poor defenseless animals.


  3. Linda Barnett says:

    I will sign this petition of thanks, but I do not understand why only a 1 year ban has been given to the owners of this farm. This is not justice for these vulnerable and helpless livestock. Regarding the employees who abused the cows with such heinous acts of cruelty, these evil cowards should be severely dealt with and never allowed to work with animals again. Animal abusers must be severely dealt with.

  4. The only time this type of abusive horror HAPPENS is when negligent owners, profit-oriented, greedy and absent most of the time, hire employees with issues (aka issues re: “uncontrolled anger” and “need for superiority through abuse”, characteristics most likely expressed in everyday life as well) and leave these employees to do WHAT THEY MAY, not bothering in the least to keep an eye on things… In other words, NEGLIGENT MANAGEMENT. This is NO WAY to run a company, I mean what responsible company runs things this way…the upshot is that the owner is just as ACCOUNTABLE and guilty as the employees (“I’m aghast, had no idea this was happening”, a line widely used) and maybe even more so. NEGLIGENCE, sheer negligence…criminal. JUDGE GUNNELL, I applaud your decision to convict farm owners for so heinously allowing employees to abuse defenseless livestock, and am very grateful, but I implore you to consider strengthening sentences for the sake of a long overdue “message”, desperately needed, with respect to the entire industry… I implore you to consider a ruling with respect to these types of premises being monitored by video or CCTV, available to be publicly uploaded, when needed, and a set of protections built in for workers that might wish to complain or come forward with respect to abuse or maltreatment. Let’s restore the decency that was always meant to be…

  5. obviously KICKING, BEATING, PULLING HAIR/FINGERNAILS OUT, HANGING & DRAGGING >>> THE WORKERS SHOULD BE A-OK since it seems they are only ill-trained.


  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    The decision to convict Chilliwack’s owners of animal abuse was the right choice, and it can help prevent future employees from abusing cows on their farm. Thank you for standing up for the dairy cows who faced unfathomable cruelty.
    Thank you! thank you! for standing up for the innocent and helpless dairy cows who were tortured by these pyscho degenerates.
    I would have the animal torturing psychos put to death.
    Animal torture and suffering committed against the innocent by the lowlife human animal torturing species is the vilest of cruelties Worldwide.
    Eradication of all animal torturers and abusers is the answer.
    If this was the case these animal torturing psychopathic degenerate monsters would think twice before there heinous sadism and evilness was committed against the innocent.

  7. Farm owner fined and prohibited from having control over his factory farm or owning any animals for a year.

    The `punishment` is PATHETIC!!

    The cows suffered SIGNIFICANT ABUSE by being BEATEN, KICKED and by HANGING THEM FROM CHAINS AROUND THEIR NECKS….Do the same to the abusers then maybe they won`t want do it again

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

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