Articles written by: Rachel Shapiro

Retire Mistreated Zoo Elephants to a Sanctuary

Two Indian elephants were allegedly kidnapped from their home and taken to the Honolulu Zoo, where they live in a too-small enclosure that does not have enough shade from the scorching Hawaiian sun. Sign this petition to demand that these elephants are moved to a certified sanctuary.

Save Southern African Leopards From Extinction

Southern African leopards are being trophy hunted into extinction. To protect these leopards, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering adding them to the Endangered Species List. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to give these leopards the protection they need.

Applaud Airline’s Shark Fin Ban

Shark fins are now banned on all Air China flights. Air China is China’s largest airline, and it is the first major airline in the country to ban shark fins. Sign this petition to thank Air China for helping to put an end to the brutal shark fin industry.

Stop the Killing of Thousands of Cormorants

Thousands of cormorants that nest on the Columbia River will soon be killed if a new federal plan goes through. These cormorants are being culled to save endangered salmon, but the true cause of the salmon decline is four outdated dams. Sign this petition to urge the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to abandon their plan to kill thousands of innocent birds.

Stop Torturing Bulls at Annual Festival

Bulls are allegedly forced to drink liquor and are then reportedly beaten with bats and stabbed with weapons at an annual festival. Sign this petition to demand an end to this horrifically cruel event.

Don’t Harm Endangered Foxes With Housing Development

Endangered San Joaquin kit foxes are about to lose one of their last remaining natural habitats to a new housing development. Sign this petition to demand that building stops on this harmful development.

Success: Farm Owners Convicted for Allowing Cow Torture

cow-by-keith-wellerThe owners of a farm where employees allegedly beat, kicked, and hung cows from their necks have been found guilty of animal abuse. Sign this petition to applaud the judge for his decision to convict these men.

End Cruel Greyhound Racing

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHundreds of greyhounds have been injured or killed while racing. Many states have banned greyhound racing, but it is still legal in Florida. Sign this petition to urge Florida lawmakers to end the cruel greyhound races in their state.

Stop Killing Wild Animals for Their Meat

zebra-by-joachim-huberElephants, antelope, lions, and zebra have lost their lives and limbs to cruel wire snares placed by bush meat poachers in Malawi. Sign this petition to demand that more protection is given for these animals.

Stop Developers From Killing Florida Panthers

florida-panther-by-u-s-fish-and-wildlife-serviceFlorida panthers’ lives will be endangered if the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service grants developers a permit to build in their territory. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to not give the developers this harmful permit.

Demand That Walmart Use Cage-Free Eggs

battery-cage-farm-by-compassion-over-killingWalmart has announced a cage-free egg policy for North America, but it is still planning on using eggs from battery-cage farms in Latin American stores. Sign this petition to urge Walmart to use cage-free eggs in all of its stores.

Don’t Put Endangered Bats at Risk of Extinction

fruit-bat-by-kdsphotosEndangered bat populations will be decimated if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service accepts a proposal from oil and gas companies that asks for a 50-year exemption from the Endangered Species Act. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to reject this proposal.

Success: China Bans Ivory Trade

elephants-by-benh-lieu-songHelp is on the way for endangered elephants, thanks to the Chinese government announcing that all ivory trading will be banned in the country by the end of 2017. Sign this petition to thank China for putting an end to the cruel ivory industry in their country.

Stop Oil and Gas Operations that Harm Endangered Whales

gray-whale-by-merrill-gosho-noaaWestern gray whales in the Piltun Lagoon will be severely harmed by expanded oil and gas shipping in the area. There is an effective alternate shipping route that could be used to save the whales, but the oil company refuses to use it. Sign this petition to demand that the oil company ceases operation in the lagoon.

End Deadly Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

horse-drawn-carriage-by-amy-mingoA carriage horse drowned after it ran away from its handler and fell into the frigid Missouri River. This is the most recent in a long line of preventable injuries and deaths in the horse-drawn carriage industry. Sign this petition to demand an end to harmful horse-drawn carriage rides.

Save Zoo Animals from Starving to Death

lion-in-zoo-by-bernhard-mulhensLeopards, lions, hyena, birds, and monkeys are starving and sick after being abandoned at a zoo in Yemen. Even though these animals are close to death, the Yemeni government is reportedly refusing to issue permits to let rescue organizations take them out of the country. Sign this petition to demand that these animals are saved from starvation.

Save Turtles from Dying in Shrimp Nets

sea-turtle-by-u-s-fish-and-wildlife-service-southeast-regionThousands of sea turtles would be saved from drowning under a proposed rule that requires all shrimp nets to have escape hatches. Sign this petition to urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to put this rule into effect.

Applaud Panera Bread for Improving Chicken Welfare Policy

broiler-chicken-by-us-department-of-agricultureBroiler chickens will be raised in more humane conditions, including having outdoor access and no physical alterations, thanks to a new policy at Panera Bread. Sign this petition to thank Panera Bread for providing a better life for broiler chickens. Sign this petition to thank Panera Bread for providing a better life for broiler chickens.

Stop Killing Thousands of Badgers in Massive Culls

badger-by-peter-trimmingOver 10,000 badgers were killed in the United Kingdom’s 2016 badger cull. This cull is supposed to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis, but there is no evidence that it is working. Sign this petition to say that you do not want any more badgers killed.

Save Yellowstone Bison from Being Slaughtered

yellowstone-bison-by-don-grahamForty Yellowstone bison are sitting in a capture facility, waiting to see whether they’ll be slaughtered or relocated to a new home. In order to be relocated, Yellowstone National Park officials must put through a proposal that will send them to a reservation in Montana. Sign this petition to urge the park officials to put through this proposal as soon as possible.

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