Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Brutalized by Groomer

Target: Michael J. Newman, Commonwealth’s Attorney of Danville, Virginia

Goal: Ensure legal action against the alleged abuse of dogs in a Virginia pet store.

A shocking video from a Virginia pet store has surfaced, reportedly showing Cassidy Guild of Roxboro smacking a dog while trying to trim its nails. This distressing scene allegedly captures moments of abuse defying the trust pet owners place in grooming professionals. The footage, shared online, aims to raise awareness and protect other pets from similar alleged mistreatment.

Further details from the video seem to indicate Cassidy Guild hitting another dog on its backside, accompanied by the threat, “I’m going to beat you.” These alleged acts, captured by the pet store’s cameras, led to animal cruelty charges against Guild. The store owner has responded by terminating Guild’s employment and announcing the installation of video cameras to monitor all grooming activities to prevent future incidents.

This case underscores the necessity for vigilant oversight in pet grooming establishments. By bringing legal action against the alleged wrongdoer, we can emphasize the importance of compassionate care in the pet service industry and deter similar alleged misconduct. Call for stringent legal measures to ensure such alleged abuse does not occur again.


Dear Attorney Michael J. Newman,

We write to you deeply troubled by the allegations of animal abuse at a pet grooming facility in Virginia, detailed in recent disturbing footage. This video reportedly shows a groomer, identified as Cassidy Guild, engaging in actions that appear to abuse dogs entrusted to her care by pet owners. Such alleged behavior cannot be tolerated, and we seek your immediate attention to this matter.

As you are aware, the trust placed in pet service providers is fundamental, and any breach of this trust, especially one involving alleged harm to animals, must be addressed with severe legal consequences. We urge you to take swift action against the accused to not only serve justice but also to set a preventive example for others in the industry.

We, the undersigned, demand that you prosecute the alleged animal abuse depicted in the aforementioned video to the fullest extent of the law. Ensuring accountability in this case is crucial for advocating for the rights and safety of all pets in grooming facilities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: saturnism

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  1. Ejohnson says:

    If that was my pet she hit and mistreated, being fired and prosecuted for animal abuse would be the very least of her problems….once I got my hands on her

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