Misty and Teddy Deserve Justice: Alleged Victims of Emotional and Physical Abuse

Target: Brian S. Mason, District Attorney for Adams County, Colorado

Goal: Prosecute and prevent further cases of animal cruelty in Adams County

Recent events in Adams County have unveiled a harrowing scenario involving two dogs, Misty and Teddy, reportedly found severely malnourished in a local residence. Allegedly, the animals were under the care of a 27-year-old woman who now faces multiple charges of animal cruelty. The emotional and physical damage reportedly inflicted upon these animals showcases a grave disregard for their well-being.

Further investigation into this case reveals that three dead cats were also found within the same premises, highlighting a pattern of alleged neglect and cruelty. The surviving dogs, since their rescue, have shown some physical improvement, which speaks volumes about the harsh conditions they endured. Details shared by the Adams County SPCA indicate the dogs were not just malnourished but suffered deeply, both physically and emotionally.

The necessity for stern legal action is highlighted by the ongoing recovery of Misty and Teddy, who remain vulnerable and are not yet fit for adoption. This petition calls for stringent enforcement of animal welfare laws and seeks to ensure such neglect does not recur. Protect some of society’s weakest members by holding those responsible for this alleged animal cruelty accountable.


Dear DA Brian S. Mason,

We urge you to take immediate and decisive action concerning a troubling case of suspected animal cruelty in Adams County. Reportedly, two dogs were found in an alarming state of neglect, with their recovery ongoing under the care of the Adams County SPCA. This situation not only involves the two dogs but also the tragic deaths of three cats, allegedly under the same ownership.

The details of this case are disturbing. Misty and Teddy, the dogs, reportedly suffered from severe malnutrition and psychological trauma, indicative of prolonged neglect. Such treatment of animals cannot be ignored nor go unpunished. The community trusts in your authority to uphold justice and protect all residents, human and animal alike.

Therefore, we strongly advocate for a thorough investigation and prosecution of the alleged wrongdoer under the fullest extent of the law. We also call for an evaluation of local animal welfare policies to prevent such cases in the future. Our collective voice stands for Misty, Teddy, and every animal who cannot plead for justice themselves.


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Photo credit: Kreuzschnabel

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  1. An investigation is necessary! These dogs did not have to suffer and the young woman caring for them needs to step up as the cause of the harm done to these dogs and the other dead animals found at the residence. This woman knows tight from wrong. She knows how to treat and love animals but chose not to do so in this situation. She can not be the cause for more animals to suffer as Teddy and Misty did. The law should speak for animals who can not speak for themselves. Would you allow her to do this to children? I think not. Children and animals can not speak, can not fight for their rights which is why we have laws in our societies to stop this harm for happening. Protect these dogs!

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