Seek Justice for Dogs Reportedly Found Surrounded by Own Waste

Target: Dave Clark, District Attorney of Anderson County, South Carolina

Goal: Ensure legal accountability for the alleged ill-treatment and torture of dogs.

Shocking revelations emerged from Belton, S.C., where dogs were reportedly found in egregious conditions, prompting an urgent call for justice. Allegations against a former animal rescue operator have come to light, suggesting a grave breach of trust and care. Dogs were reportedly found living in cramped, transport-style kennels, surrounded by their own waste, with numerous facing severe medical issues.

The location, previously known as Soft Landings Rescue, was supposed to be a safe haven between South Carolina and Connecticut. Instead, it became a place of alleged neglect and suffering. Officers, acting on a warrant, reportedly discovered the distressing scene on March 18, casting a shadow over the rescue’s mission. The immediate transfer of the dogs to Anderson County P.A.W.S. for medical treatment signals the depth of the alleged neglect.

The necessity for accountability and reform in animal welfare practices stands at the forefront of this petition. Legal actions against those allegedly responsible for such appalling conditions could deter future mistreatment. Advocate for the voiceless and demand stringent penalties for any form of animal ill-treatment or torture.


Dear DA Dave Clark,

We reach out to you with a pressing concern that has shocked and saddened the community. Recent discoveries in Belton have uncovered dogs in abominable conditions, allegedly under the care of an individual once trusted to protect and nurture them. These animals, reportedly found in small, waste-filled kennels, suffering from various medical issues, represent a clear failure to uphold basic standards of animal welfare.

This case, stemming from the operations of what was known as Soft Landings Rescue, highlights a seemingly disturbing breach of the duty owed to these vulnerable creatures. Allegations against the operator for ill-treatment and torture of animals demand your immediate attention. The details are heart-wrenching, painting a picture of alleged neglect that no living being should endure.

We urge you to pursue the strongest legal action possible against those allegedly responsible for this distressing situation. Accountability is paramount in preventing future occurrences of such inhumane treatment. Let this case serve as a deterrent, reinforcing the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated. We implore you to ensure justice is served, protecting others from similar fates.


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Photo credit: Sukumaran sundar

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  1. I almost adopted a dog from here several years ago but he was spoken for. They seemed kind and professional. Shame you can’t trust anyone anymore. People are so corrupted.

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