Demand Justice for 18 Frozen Puppies Allegedly Fed to Pet Snakes

Target: Joshua Pond, District Attorney of Columbia County, Portland, Oregon

Goal: Prosecute the alleged perpetrator for the distressing treatment of 18 puppies.

A heinous discovery in Goble, Oregon, has sparked widespread dismay and calls for justice. Eighteen dead frozen puppies were reportedly retrieved from a local residence, leading to an ongoing investigation by authorities. The unsettling situation came to light following allegations that the homeowner was feeding these frozen dead puppies to their pet snakes, a claim that, if true, illustrates a grotesque disregard for animal welfare.

Upon recovery, the puppies were transported to the Oregon Humane Society’s Animal Crimes Forensic Center in Portland. Here, specialists in forensic veterinary medicine are meticulously examining the evidence to ascertain the circumstances leading to this grim scenario. This examination aims to provide unequivocal proof to facilitate legal proceedings against those responsible for this reportedly callous act. The involvement of specialized veterinarians underscores the gravity of the situation and the necessity for a thorough and informed legal response.

The existence of such a crime not only reveals an apparnet act of cruelty towards innocent animals but also signals potential broader issues of violence within the home. As investigations proceed, it is paramount that justice is served not only to deter similar acts in the future but also to uphold societal norms that protect the vulnerable. Ensure that the individuals allegedly responsible for this appalling act are held accountable and face the full extent of the law.


Dear DA Joshua Pond,

The recent discovery of 18 dead frozen puppies in Goble, Oregon, represents a deeply disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty that demands your immediate attention. These innocent animals, reportedly used as food for pet snakes, deserve justice, and the person or persons responsible for such alleged actions must be held accountable. The Oregon Humane Society has undertaken the critical task of examining the puppies to provide clear, convincing evidence needed to support legal action.

This case not only speaks to an apparent act of cruelty but also raises concerns about the presence of further violence within the home. History and evidence suggest that violence against animals often correlates with violence against humans, making it imperative that we act swiftly and decisively. The examination by forensic veterinarians is a pivotal step in understanding the full scope of this tragedy and ensuring that it serves as a basis for prosecution.

We urge you to prioritize this case and employ the evidence gathered by the Oregon Humane Society to prosecute the alleged perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law. Doing so will not only bring justice to the victims but will also send a clear message that such acts of cruelty will not be tolerated in our community. The protection of the most vulnerable, be they animal or human, must be a paramount concern, and through your actions, we can take a significant step towards a more just and compassionate society.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Good old oregon. Another woke shithole.

    • Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

      Lou who uses the term woke which was taken from the Black Lives Matter movement..a term still spewed out without knowing the real meaning of the word by right wing deplorable politicians and their ignorant cult followers.

    • Worry about the puppies, not the word woke. The most fair sentence for that cretin is found at the end of a sturdy rope. This is far too lenient for him.

  2. Torah Wolf says:

    This is honestly so creepy to me that somebody would take puppies kill them and feed them to snakes that is just unreal this person needs to be punished to the fullest.

    But most likely, they’re just going to give this person a slap on the wrist so they can go out and commit more crime and then they’ll move on to human beings.

  3. Feed HIM to the snake….

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