Seek Justice for Mini Pitbull Allegedly Thrashed Repeatedly

Target: Steve Wolfson, District Attorney of Clark County, Nevada

Goal: Ensure legal action against the alleged abuser of a mini pitbull in Las Vegas.

Near Downtown Las Vegas, a one-year-old mini pitbull named Selena was reportedly found in a dire state, sparking outrage and concern. Allegedly, her condition upon discovery was heart-wrenching, suggesting horrifying abuse. With fractures old and new, her injuries seem to suggest she suffered from repeated beatings, an apparent act of cruelty that has galvanized the community.

Selena’s plight, after being found near East Bonanza and Bruce streets, highlighted not only her apparent suffering but also a broader issue of animal mistreatment. According to reports, despite her severe emaciation and the inability to walk properly, hope emerged as she was prepared for necessary surgery at the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care. The community’s response, including a significant cash reward for information leading to an arrest, underscores the urgency for accountability and justice.

The necessity for action against such alleged abuses is clear. Advocates and concerned citizens alike call for a strong legal response to ensure incidents like Selena’s are not overlooked. Take a stand against animal cruelty and protect our most vulnerable companions.


Dear DA Steve Wolfson,

Recent reports have emerged from Las Vegas about a one-year-old mini pitbull named Selena found with severe injuries indicative of repeated abuse. Allegedly beaten multiple times in her short life, Selena’s case is not just tragic; it’s a clarion call for justice. With both old and new fractures, her reported condition upon discovery near East Bonanza and Bruce streets was dire, embodying the urgent need for action against such alleged cruelty.

This incident has not only captured the attention of animal advocates but has also deeply affected the community. The successful surgery and ongoing recovery of Selena have been possible due to the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Yet, beyond medical care, there’s a strong demand for legal accountability. A significant cash reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those allegedly responsible for Selena’s condition, reflecting the community’s commitment to combating animal abuse.

We, the undersigned, urge you to take immediate and decisive action to investigate this case. By doing so, you have the opportunity to send a powerful message that animal abuse will not be tolerated and that the legal system stands ready to protect the innocent and vulnerable. Let Selena’s case be a turning point in the fight against cruelty, ensuring those allegedly responsible face the full extent of the law.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: American Bully Europa


  1. josie olive says:

    Hey you failed abortion come here and we will show a hospitable beat down

  2. The necessity for legal action stems not just from the cruelty allegedly inflicted upon a defenseless animal but also from the imperative to uphold justice and deter similar actions in the future. It’s paramount that such allegations are met with the full force of the law, sending a clear message that animal cruelty is a serious crime, deserving of serious consequences. Call for rigorous prosecution and suitable punishment for the accused, ensuring that justice is served.

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    Please find the monster who hurt this poor baby and give him a beating he’ll never forget! I’m glad Selena was rescued and is being treated. May she heal and be well soon.

  4. Animal abuse must become a felon in every state now!

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