Justice for Dog Allegedly Slammed Forcefully Against Door and Kicked

Target: Flynn D. Broady, District Attorney, Cobb County, Georgia, USA

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for the alleged abuser to prevent future animal cruelty.

An alarming incident of alleged animal cruelty has recently come to light, invoking shock and demanding immediate action. On January 17th, Josef N. Luague, 28, was reportedly involved in a distressing event at the Cobb County Animal Services Shelter. Witnesses claim Luague forcefully slammed a dog between a door and the metal frame of a cage. Moments later, he allegedly kicked the dog in the hindquarters as it entered another cage. These acts, as described in arrest warrants, have stirred widespread outrage and a call for justice.

Further detailing the alleged wrongdoing, the incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, a time when such an act could easily go unnoticed. This calculated cruelty showcases a blatant disregard for the well-being and dignity of vulnerable animals under shelter care. The charges laid against Luague—two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty—underscore the severity of the allegations. Following his arrest on February 9th and subsequent release on a $1,000 bond, there’s a growing consensus that mere misdemeanor charges may not suffice in highlighting the gravity of the offense and in deterring future acts of animal cruelty.

The necessity for a stronger legal response becomes glaringly apparent when considering the emotional and physical harm reportedly inflicted on the animals involved. This petition advocates for a reassessment of the charges against Luague, urging for more substantial legal repercussions that reflect the severity of the alleged acts.


Dear DA Flynn D. Broady,

The recent allegations of animal cruelty at the Cobb County Animal Services Shelter have prompted this urgent call for action. Josef N. Luague’s reported behavior on January 17th, involving the alleged aggressive mistreatment of a shelter dog, has not only shocked the community but has also raised serious concerns about the adequacy of current legal measures in addressing such acts. The description of Luague allegedly slamming and kicking a defenseless animal is disturbing and warrants a thorough legal examination to ensure justice is served.

The details of the incident, particularly the systematic nature of the alleged abuse, highlight a deliberate intent to harm, which the current misdemeanor classification should not mitigate. These actions, as documented, betray a trust placed in individuals to care for and protect animals within our shelters. Our legal system must respond with a conviction that matches the cruelty of the offense, setting a precedent for the serious treatment of all forms of animal abuse.

We, the undersigned, urge you to reevaluate the charges against Josef N. Luague, advocating for penalties that more accurately reflect the seriousness of his alleged actions. It is essential for the integrity of our community and the safety of all animals that stringent measures are taken against those found guilty of such reprehensible acts. We look forward to your support in ensuring that justice is sought and achieved, reinforcing the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Enforce stricter and harsher punishments on animal abusers to prevent future recurrences and also to protect more innocent animals from being hurt. Josef N. Luague clearly has rage issues and is also a vile animal abuser. Allowing him to associate with animals will only put more defenseless animals in harm’s way. Giving him a slap on the wrist encourages him to be more braven going forward. He should be banned from working with animals or owning a pet PERMANENTLY!

  2. He should be charged with a felony and NEVER for as long as he lives, be around animals again. PERIOD !!!

  3. I agree with C Davis. He should never be around, much less own, animals again … for life!

  4. This creep needs to be taken out of society. He’s obviously got some serious rage issues. The bond was way too inadequate. It should have been a price he couldn’t afford. He should never be allowed near animals again!!

  5. This is horrible, throw the book at em!!@

  6. This POS is the animal abuse equivalent of the pedophile teacher or scout leader; a nasty vile infiltrator feeding his perversion by planting himself where he can access victims for his fetish. This isnt the first time he did this, merely the first time he got caught. His past must be probed for evidence of other abuse and harm done to animals around him also looked into. A pervert like this doesnt change, hes been at this for years

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