Puppy Who Apparently Had Leg Amputated After Suffering for Weeks Deserves Justice

Target: Nathan Henkes, District Attorney, Ledoux Avenue, Gillette, Wyoming, USA

Goal: Ensure legal action against allegedly neglectful pet owners to protect animals from suffering.

In a heart-wrenching incident, an 8-month-old dog was reportedly subjected to severe neglect, resulting in the amputation of its leg. Allegedly, the dog suffered a broken leg during an interaction with a larger canine. For two agonizing weeks, its owners reportedly did not seek the necessary medical care, leading to a situation where amputation became the only recourse. This alleged act of neglect paints a distressing picture of suffering that could have been prevented with timely and appropriate care.

Further details reveal that a veterinarian felt compelled to contact the authorities after assessing the dog’s condition. It was then that the extent of the alleged neglect became apparent. The dog’s owners, an 18-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, were merely warned, with no further action taken against them. This leniency sparks outrage and a desperate call for justice, highlighting a grave oversight in holding individuals accountable for such reprehensible alleged acts of cruelty.

The necessity for stringent legal repercussions in cases of animal neglect has never been more evident. The alleged negligence displayed by the owners of this dog must not go unpunished. Demand immediate and decisive legal action to ensure that such alleged acts of cruelty are met with the full force of the law.


Dear DA Nathan Henkes,

The case of an 8-month-old dog suffering to the point of needing its leg amputated due to its owners’ alleged failure to seek medical care is not only tragic but also an apparent indication of neglect. This situation, as reported, showcases a disturbing disregard for the well-being of a vulnerable animal, raising significant concerns about the effectiveness of our current animal welfare protections. The fact that the dog’s owners were warned with no subsequent legal action is deeply troubling and suggests a need for a more robust response to such alleged cruelty.

It is imperative that we address this issue head-on, ensuring that those responsible for such neglect are held accountable. The alleged lack of immediate medical attention for two weeks in the face of obvious distress and pain constitutes an egregious failure of care. The veterinarian’s intervention by contacting law enforcement is a testament to the severity of the alleged neglect, yet the absence of legal consequences for the dog’s owners is a failure of justice.

I urge you to take immediate action to rectify this oversight. By prosecuting those responsible for this alleged act of neglect, you have the power to send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. It is our moral duty to protect those who cannot speak for themselves, ensuring that incidents like this are met with the seriousness they deserve. Let this case be a turning point in our commitment to animal welfare and justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ben Sibley


  1. vmbq9@outlook.com says:

    How horrible it is that the man and woman responsible for this poor dogs injury just didn’t care enough to follow through with proper vet care, was it the constant cries of pain that confused them, or the lack of mobility to the food dish or to move at all, or they were too stoned to notice? Whatever the cause, they should be in jail, never have a pet again in their life, it should be shown on their drivers license that they cannot live with animals, nor transport them, have lots of community service, pay enormous fines that go towards rescuing animals, attending classes about abuse, continue to pay fines, speak to others about what they did,because a sweet animal lost a leg and suffered GREAT pain under their care, and it will NOT be tolerated!!!They had no right, and GREAT responsibility!! Hold them responsible, and don’t pat them on the wrist and plead with them to not do it again! How pitiful is the PD!!!

  2. Aprille Gilmore says:

    Please pursue real penalties for this crime, including jail time, if applicable. Without real consequences, the few cruelty laws that exist have no meaning.

  3. Maria Lavorato says:

    This could totally have been avoided!

    My heart breaks for what this little pup went through and the fact that he lost one of his little legs for no reason at all.

    If they had no money they could have searched for a pro bono vet….

    They need to be held accountable more than just a reprimand… judge! Don’t let the vet’s distress call be FOR NOTHING. The little pup has gone through hell! You need to set a precedent to ALL. Whatever the situation someone needs to bring the injured FAMILY MEMBER to the vet!!! …or you pay the consequences which should be substantial enough so they serve as a deterrent from this kind of neglect from happening again!

    ….Also ban them for life from every having another pet!

  4. throw them in jail scumbums

  5. If u can’t afford to take Care of ur pet don’t get one. They get hurt, need shots, grooming etc & if u can’t afford to take care of them don’t get one! They deserve to be taken care of the right way & their needs. Put this stupid asshole in jail & make him or her pay vet bill!

  6. So frustrating that all this couple received was a talking-to. They should be charged to the fullest extent of the law and perhaps shown what it feels like to live with a broken leg for two weeks. Disgusting punks.

  7. These two inbreed broke back mountain POS both must be taught a valuable life changing lesson here!

  8. Hard to believe that they didn’t slap these idiots hands. Please do your job and fine, jail and show these idiots that animal abuse is not tolerated in your state.

  9. Yvonne Newman says:

    What would happen if they had and did the same to a Human baby…..

    Dread to think.

  10. Sick of seeing so much animal abuse! Until someone is willing to make better laws with harsher punishment, people will continue to abuse animals! Start making people think twice before abusing animals. These innocent animals need a voice! Make people pay !!!!

  11. Although young, these people brought a puppy into their lives and then neglected the puppy using him to lose his leg. Who pays for the medical? Tax payers!?! Why? These people need to pay. They must pay for ALL medical expenses and all rehoming costs. Put a lean on their home, take away their driver’s licenses. They had the sodality to allow this puppy to suffer and now his whole life is ruined due to their stupidity and selfishness. People causing such harm, agony and suffering need to pay a very high price. This puppy deserves to be treated well by kind and loving people. These ignorant slimes should not be allowed to own or even be near other for the rest of their lives! Doing nothing which are law allows just festers more of this element of person. Our laws stink as well as the whole judicial system, which needs a serious overhaul!

    • Yeh, the bastards need to pay a high price alright.
      And that would be for both of these turds to have the same treatment to see if it hurts!!
      Compared to some incidents on this site, this would no doubt be classed as ‘ NOT REALLY IMPORTANT!!
      But these two stupid people need to severely pay for their unconcern, uncaring attitude and neglect of this little dog.
      I am very sure that both of these idiots would not have been happy living with a broken leg for two weeks!
      The judicial system here is a joke as all these tossers got was a GENERAL TALKING TO and not to let it happen again. Stupid twats— and they ACTUALLY GET PAID!!
      I really do hope that the little dog has been taken away from these non- caring sods but knowing how the useless pathetic laws work I won’t hold my breath.
      Street justice is what is needed here. As said before, it is the only thing idiots like these would understand!!!

  12. Again I wonder about friends or neighbours. Did no one else know they had this puppy? Did they not show it off to someone? This is criminal and needs to be treated as such. Will they be allowed to go get another puppy? I hope not as it’s obvious they cannot control the dog they have.

  13. Need to post their names and address. I’ll keep saying it. I’m all for street justice. I have no issue seeing them get the same treatment. Break their legs and let them suffer till they have to have them amputated

    • Exactly my thoughts and feelings. These tossers especially need some severe street justice and NO MESSING!
      What are the useless waste-of-space Judges or recorders going to do?
      Well I will tell you.
      Sweet bugger all, that’s what. ‘WHY’ ??
      Because they are more concerned about how much money they are making as it is only another animal case so matters not one ‘jot’.
      It really is these arrogant, supposed untouchable pricks who need to be seriously frightened as really, they are just as bad as the bloody ‘perps’.
      They need to actually know what a broken leg feels like when having your ‘patella’ smashed with a baseball bat or similar, then the pricks would know how much it bloody well hurts!
      Until these prats start to give out sentences that match the crime this shit WILL continue.
      These pair of buggers should not be too hard to find and hopefully could be taught some BREAK DANCING with the aid of some suitable equipment!
      As many people say, this IS the only way these arrogant ‘non-caring pieces of shit will learn.
      Although If anyone feels that they would like a ‘pop’ at these bastards, any nasty little injury, (eg) smashed fingers, broken nose, snapped kneecap ( really painful ) would surface. And, all can be accomplished with a nice friendly short handled mallet!
      But just make very sure that if you do have a go at any of these animal torturing bastards, that it is in a secluded place and disappear pretty smartish afterward. Planning IS needed but it is quite possible.👍. All power to anyone or group who has the guts to take these bastards to task.

    • I agree totally Gus. Name all these animal torturing bastards and publish their addresses as well so street justice can be carried out…great idea.

  14. unfortunately, in WY animals are considered property. Until that changes, nothing will be done seriously to throw this slime in prison. Animal abuse/cruelty is a FELONY with jail time up to 7 years and fines. They should be forced to pay for the medical care and serve the maximum.
    Unfortunately for many–not an excuse–vets have become so expensive that it is hard to pay for care of pets.

    • What i want to know is what idiot gave these scum when they could not afford a pet. Know what rescue groups tell people who cannot afford a cat or dog? Foster one and we will give food, etc.

  15. No animal deserves to be the victim of DEHUMANIZED and DESENSITIZED SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS!!! Crimes committed against defenseless animals are increasingly GROTESQUE because the punishment for animal abuse is not severe enough, and in many cases does not exist. A slap on the wrist is a MOCKERY of animal victims.
    These satanic pathological monsters must be severely punished, MAX JAIL or DEATH PENALTY! They must also be forbidden from coming near animals ever again and cover all veterinary costs resulting from this horrific neglect.
    SET a PRECEDENT, and punish to the full extent of the law!

  16. Horrible that someone could allow this to happen.

  17. Uncommon Sensesc says:

    More slack-ass cops not doing their job – they’re as slimy as the owners of that sweet, little puppy! I take it that the negligent b*st*rds got to keep the puppy! Anyone have names and addresses for these dumbasses? Why is it that the cops and veterinarians keep protecting these evil beings by not publishing their names? I just don’t get it – the world should know who and what they’re dealing with!

  18. Give these 2 pieces of crap over to people who will ensure that justice is served

  19. Karen Pierce says:

    This is so heartbreaking!! These two young adults lack mentality to care, have compassion, and be responsibility for this poor helpless puppy. Their non actions for vet care proves they aren’t capable nor care to provide love for this puppy or any other animal, the puppy needs to be taken away it deserves a home with people who will love it with all the heart. If they can’t afford vet bills that come with having an animal then DONT GET AN ANIMAL!!!!
    These two need to serve jail time be fined to full extent not just a warning of a life.

  20. Margaret Strane says:

    Break these two’s legs and leave them without medical care for weeks. Only then, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

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