Puppy Who Apparently Had Leg Amputated After Suffering for Weeks Deserves Justice

Target: Nathan Henkes, District Attorney, Ledoux Avenue, Gillette, Wyoming, USA

Goal: Ensure legal action against allegedly neglectful pet owners to protect animals from suffering.

In a heart-wrenching incident, an 8-month-old dog was reportedly subjected to severe neglect, resulting in the amputation of its leg. Allegedly, the dog suffered a broken leg during an interaction with a larger canine. For two agonizing weeks, its owners reportedly did not seek the necessary medical care, leading to a situation where amputation became the only recourse. This alleged act of neglect paints a distressing picture of suffering that could have been prevented with timely and appropriate care.

Further details reveal that a veterinarian felt compelled to contact the authorities after assessing the dog’s condition. It was then that the extent of the alleged neglect became apparent. The dog’s owners, an 18-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, were merely warned, with no further action taken against them. This leniency sparks outrage and a desperate call for justice, highlighting a grave oversight in holding individuals accountable for such reprehensible alleged acts of cruelty.

The necessity for stringent legal repercussions in cases of animal neglect has never been more evident. The alleged negligence displayed by the owners of this dog must not go unpunished. Demand immediate and decisive legal action to ensure that such alleged acts of cruelty are met with the full force of the law.


Dear DA Nathan Henkes,

The case of an 8-month-old dog suffering to the point of needing its leg amputated due to its owners’ alleged failure to seek medical care is not only tragic but also an apparent indication of neglect. This situation, as reported, showcases a disturbing disregard for the well-being of a vulnerable animal, raising significant concerns about the effectiveness of our current animal welfare protections. The fact that the dog’s owners were warned with no subsequent legal action is deeply troubling and suggests a need for a more robust response to such alleged cruelty.

It is imperative that we address this issue head-on, ensuring that those responsible for such neglect are held accountable. The alleged lack of immediate medical attention for two weeks in the face of obvious distress and pain constitutes an egregious failure of care. The veterinarian’s intervention by contacting law enforcement is a testament to the severity of the alleged neglect, yet the absence of legal consequences for the dog’s owners is a failure of justice.

I urge you to take immediate action to rectify this oversight. By prosecuting those responsible for this alleged act of neglect, you have the power to send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. It is our moral duty to protect those who cannot speak for themselves, ensuring that incidents like this are met with the seriousness they deserve. Let this case be a turning point in our commitment to animal welfare and justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ben Sibley


  1. Albert C Brechbiel says:

    Amputate both of them (pieces of shit)

  2. AGAIN!! Just a little verbal warning, a slap on the wrist to say “Oh, don’t do that”! These DO NOT deter these crimes against these innocent animals.

  3. So heartbreaking
    How humans can continually hurt innocent animals….

  4. this is so inhumane. very wronge. cruelty is such abundance in this world.🗺️

  5. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Let’s hope that the 22-year-old man and 18-year-old woman NEVER breed themselves – as God knows how they will treat their children if they get hurt or sick. The kids will probably NEVER see a doctor if they break their arms or legs. It would actually be better if the man and woman were both castrated/sterilized to ensure they DON’T breed more of their kind.

  6. They both need to be tortured in the same manner – without any medical attention- and also agree that they should be castrated/sterilized so they never have children since they don’t know how to care for a living being. Prayers for that innocent pup- prayers that those immature a-holes never own another animal! They had better not only get a slap on the wrist- animal abuse and neglect has to stop NOW!!! People like this make me sick!!!

  7. fucking worthless humans they should have their legs amputated

  8. Nothing but POS in this country/world, dumbness shouldn’t be allowed to own any animals

  9. Let’s break their legs!!!!

  10. Nadine brundage says:

    Brainless, heartless assholes should not be owning any animals. That vet should have reported these two useless subhumans to the authorities as this is a case of animal cruelty.

  11. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    I would really like to read in a headline: “ANIMAL TORTURER and/OR ANIMAL MURDERER STARVED in his own feces and vomit and after a LONG SUFFERING period in his excrement

  12. It’s Wyoming, not unlike Texas the only animals that count are the ones that produce money, like cattle. I doubt anything will be done to these freaks and unless they are in jail they’ll go on to acquire and abuse more animals. I think the state missed an opportunity to send a message to per owners that abuse will not be tolerated even if the poor abused beast is your own. I just avoid this state, they have no respect for animal life.

  13. Joseph Kenosky says:

    Those that allowed this to happen must be punished swiftly and severely.

  14. A slap on the wrist!
    Are you serious???
    What a week and useless government!
    Harsher penalties are required and a lifetime ban from owning any animals for any one subjecting animals to such cruelty!
    This couple are young and if not punished will continue to cause animals suffering due to their neglect.

  15. These 2 idiotic morons should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for this heinous act of animal abuse and cruelty. They should NEVER be permitted to own a pet ever again.

  16. My love for animals reaches no boundary. I wish there were some laws that put a cap on medical expense for animals. Animals need people to love them, but not all loving people can afford good care (street people) or maybe a young couple just starting out. Soon no-one will be willing to adopt dogs and so many more will be euthanized. Please make sure of intentions before you make a judgement

  17. Can you imagine losing one of your limbs at a young age because of someone elses neglect and then to make matters worse there is no legal action taken against the people responsible? That is what happened it seems in this case. Lack of enforcement says it all.

  18. Another scum sicko coward

  19. I believe that this dog’s owners, while young, were old enough to decide to own a dog, have a basic understanding of neglect and need to be held accountable to a consequence greater than a mere warning. They are being allowed to keep this dog?…

  20. Jacqueline “Torture the S*** says:

    Amputate their legs!!
    How could they watch their puppy suffer and in pain for two weeks??!!

    • Because they are both arrogant, non-caring bastards who both need a fucking good beating until they are both unconscious.
      This is the only method these turds will understand. Sod the woman, no holding back here. This twat has to have the same treatment as the bastard man. But not really a man— just a bastard that needs removing from the world.

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