Young Cat Reportedly Found Lifeless and Decomposing Deserves Justice

Target: Phil Dolby, Commander of the Walsall Local Policing Area (LPA) at West Midlands Police, England

Goal: Conduct a thorough investigation and ensure justice for the young cat subjected to a potentially cruel fate.

The community of Walsall was shaken by a macabre scene. A young moggy, lifeless, was reportedly found suspended from a fence and allegedly left to decay for an extended period. The harrowing image of the animal, adorned with a pink collar, highlights a potential act of malice. These alleged circumstances beckon for a comprehensive probe and justice.

Further disturbing details add to the complexity of the situation. The absence of a microchip obscures the cat’s origins. The timeline of its demise remains a mystery. It’s unknown if the creature faced a cruel fate while alive or if this act was a posthumous display. This ambiguity necessitates a thorough investigation. It’s imperative to unravel the facts, bring clarity to this situation, and ensure such alleged acts of cruelty face proper scrutiny.

The necessity for this petition stems from a collective responsibility to protect the voiceless. Alleged acts of cruelty, especially involving defenseless animals, demand attention and action. The community looks to its leaders to set a precedent. Acts of alleged cruelty should not find refuge in ambiguity. They must face the full weight of justice. Demanding a comprehensive investigation is not just a plea for justice for one young cat but a stand against alleged cruelty in all its forms.


Dear Commander Phil Dolby,

A deeply disturbing incident recently came to light in your jurisdiction. A passer-by reportedly stumbled upon a young cat, lifeless and decomposing, suspended from a fence. The animal, unidentified due to the absence of a microchip, allegedly faced a cruel and undignified end. This act, potentially one of malice, has not only caused distress within the community but also raises grave concerns about animal welfare and safety.

This case demands a comprehensive and detailed investigation. The ambiguity surrounding the cat’s fate – whether it was a victim of a heinous act while alive or subjected to indignity after death – calls for clarity and resolution. The community trusts in your capacity to unearth the truth and ensure that justice prevails. This incident, while isolated, speaks volumes about the treatment of animals and the presence of alleged cruelty in our midst.

We urge you to allocate the necessary resources to this case. Conduct a thorough investigation and take all necessary measures to bring those responsible to justice. This is not only about finding closure for one lost life but also about reinforcing the message that alleged acts of cruelty, in any form, will not be tolerated. Your actions will reflect our collective stand against such acts and reinforce the sanctity of life, human or otherwise.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jay Woodworth


  1. This is England, don’t forget. The Police will do absolutely NOTHING about this. They are far too busy dealing with much more “important” things and we all know what they are, don’t we??

    • Yes they go after those who jaywalk.

    • That is NO EXCUSE they dealing with more important things. Abusing, hurting, and killing animals is a crime. “HELLO” WAKE UP!!
      They are just like humans. And that is why there are SICK A~HOLES running around the world doing these kinds of CRIME.

      • ALENE COPHER says:

        EXACTLY ! UNTIL THEIR STOPPED THEY’LL CONTINUE DOING IT ITS SICK TIME TO START TAKING THE LAW INTO OUR OWN HANDS I BE MORE THAN HAPPY TOO !! .. its the innocent now who go to jail and get punished for standing up for whats right ! PLEASE read and sign my PETITION about my VA Service cat named LUCKY hed be alive today if they did their f**kin jobs.. they didnt give a sh** ! cats get a bad rap if I ever witness animal abuse especially to cats God forbid !! ..I hate pit bulls to begin with the breed should be gotten rid off period its in their breeding …people are stupid for having them their very unpredictable especially if you have a pos sick owner who hates cats… like I said I have no problem taking care of pos like that !! …he lives here illegally and hes getting away with killing my cat … I am a Disabled Veteran he was my property and my BOY MY CHERISHED BELOVED AND HEART WRENCHINGLY MISSED not a day goes by I dont think about this bs nothing has been done AZ Atty General etc… JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THE US dangerously compromised !.. not even my safety I has treatended with bodily harm and harassed by what I am sure are gang bangers they showed up a week later walking their pos pits down the road all wearing wht tshirts and jeans the marshals just blew it off my friend my only witnees (the others witnessed they arenet about to stand up me because they instigated it) yeah this is all funny to these wht trash pieces of sh** !! God bless please PRAY for me and JUSTICE for my beautiful smart sweet boy LUCKY .. this crappy world didnt deserve him !!!

        • ALENE COPHER says:

          if someone can please explain to me how this works do we print it and take it to the agency/organization when we enough signatures and how do we look up our PETITIONS without going through everyone of them cant type in PETITION NBR .. its too time consuming comments advise appreciated thank you

    • ALENE COPHER says:

      Yes like the marshals service where I live in AZ .. its disputable !! you should hear what and how they treated my cat who was in a dangerous situation the sick lying psychopaths killed my on purpose to get back at me for something I didnt do and becasue Iam an American and hate illegal aliens invading our County one of them is an illegal and sicked his piece of sh** vicious pit bull on him its a long story look for the Petition about a Disabled Veteran demanding a Investigation for Hate Crime and Discrimination the marshals let my cat get killed wouldnt lift a finger to help me I begged every humane society Sheriffs and animals rescue even JACKSON GALAXY to help me no one did a f**king thing I should of tore down the f’in fence and got him out of there … before I leave this place Im taking bolt cutters to that f**king fence the scumbag psycho pos wouldnt let me get my cat off his property and he owns a cat who f**kin sick is that ?? … I have body cam footage of the Animal Control Officer going in his backyard he said he/they two other deputies were there they wouldnt let me go over there to see for myself it was all SHEET METAL there was NO vent in place allowing an animal to get out but not back in if there is such a thing .. he did the day he found I found about it he ignored me when I asked where the f**k my cat went pos just walked away.. I saw those two pos pits running loose that same day ..its a Hate Crime and Discrimination … all those mfrs need to go to jail!! If I have my way they will the frikin Justice system is so messed up here in AZ I dont know what will happen chances are I’ll end up taking the law into my own hands I believe in an Eye for Eye ..Revenge is a dish best served cold ..I wont let this go its absolutely sickening last time I checked it was against the law to kill someone elses pet… so wtf happened ??? sorry Im venting my PTSD is off the hook because I havent gotten any legal help either …. thank you

  2. Sod all will get done, its uk after all and though we have pretty good animal abuse law our perverted judges ALWAYS give the absolute minimum possible, often bending the law to give below base tariff, the only explanation that makes any sense being that they are totally corrupted and depraved themselves. Dont take my word for it, just delve a little into how softly our pedos are dealt with, you wouldnt credit how light their penalties are. All completely at odds with the actual legislation, but thats how far over the cliff our legal system is now. Police dont bother to investigate but i cant entirely blame them; these judges would have jack the ripper out on bail after a couple of years

    • ALENE COPHER says:

      I dont like where this is going when it comes to these sickos …. I cant even speak about some of the crap thats going on with our children and Tranny story time if you get what I am saying .. if their going to do unconscionable things to children wtf are they going to do to animals ?? .. dear God help U.S AND THE REST OF THE WORLD ..COME ON JESUS I CANT TAKE THIS PLACE ANY LONGER !!

  3. ALENE COPHER says:


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