Kitten Reportedly Thrown Onto Highway From Moving Car Deserves Justice

Target: Kim Ogg, District Attorney for Harris County, TX

Goal: Identify and prosecute suspect accused of throwing defenseless kitten out of moving car to fullest extent.

“I saw the car, and he was driving crazy. He was going from one side to another, and I just saw the window roll down, and I just saw when he threw the cat out the window.” A Houston Uber driver reported witnessing this disturbing incident on a city highway. Dashcam footage apparently backed up the shocking claims. This footage soon went viral, sparking community outrage and a police investigation.

According to the reports, a driver in a speeding white Escalade was responsible for the shocking act. The small kitten apparently bounced violently onto the road and was nearly run over by passing cars before reaching the shoulder. A similar event seemingly took place on the same patch of road a few weeks beforehand.

The person responsible, when apprehended, should face full legal repercussions for the act of cruelty. Sign the petition below to ensure justice is served in this horrific case.


Dear DA Ogg,

At least two incidents of animal cruelty on Houston highways have taken place recently. The latest case, which grabbed immediate public attention, involved a kitten who was reportedly hurled from a speeding car onto a very busy street. Only sheer luck prevented a greater tragedy.

Incidents of cruelty in Houston often end merely with the surrender of animals, but this “punishment” does nothing to deter future acts of harm. If a suspect is identified in this case, please send a strong and decisive message by seeking full charges and the maximum possible penalty.


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Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. someone should drag him behind the vehicle then stop short and back up.

  2. Our whole society is getting sicker and sicker. Are we really the trash that we read about here? Is there no hope? Without peace in our hearts there will never be peace in the world. How do we punish the slime of the earth? The only way to hurt them is the make them pay in time and cash! If this stupid person is caught their driving skills needs to be questioned and their driving license taken away for 3 years. They need to pay all medical coasts and rehoming coast … All expenses!!! Place a lean on their home, inform their place of employment and have them stand trial. Prison is a better place for this type of person and then the big boys will take care of this piece of garbage. He will know how it feels to be tortured.

    • Uncommon Sensesc says:

      Time and cash? With our slack prosecutors and judges, that will never happen in order to bring true justice. The only true deterrent in this society is death. Within 2 weeks of the incident, they should be taken to the woods, shot in the head and left for buzzard food. Now that is a deterrent.

      • Totally agree. We don’t need scum like this and the world is overpopulated as it is so all animal abusers should just be got rid of….buzzard food, as you rightly say. This would also prevent these dregs reproducing ….win,win.

  3. What about the kitten???Is it alive? Did someon save it?
    I hate when these reports don’t tell us what happens to the animal!

  4. Catch the perpetrator(s) and administer the same treatment

  5. Christine Grabar says:

    Thank goodness this poor baby made it to the shoulder. I hope someone then was able to rescue that poor baby from there.

    That heartless monster should be in prison! I strongly agree that throwing that monster onto a busy highway would be the best punishment!

    Please go under and sign my petition about needing to end all animal cruelty worldwide.


  6. I’m not sure if I would of saved the cat or just Hunted down and finished off the B****!

  7. This person would not hesitate to do this barbaric act to a young helpless child and that goes without saying as animal abusers will graduate to our young helpless children next . Find and jail this scum of the earth for many years and may he have the same treatment dealt out to him with smashed hands and feet so he’ll never do any harm to animals or children ever again .

  8. There’s no need to do something so horrendous! They could have at least put in a carrier and left at a shelter!This was a cruel act out of anger! Poor guy prolly scratched their bratty ass kid or went outside of litterbox, etc…all normal kitten actions! Bastards! Hope they got their license plate no!

  9. I demand immediate action on this demonic heinous act of cruelty its pure evil put this person in jail and charge them with a felony to prosecute them to the fullest,thus kitten deserves JUSTICE ♎⚖️


  11. Lori Stearns says:

    I would have tried to get the cat then take off like a bolt of pissed off lightening, burning all 6 cylinders after the asshole getting a license, pics and hopefully a confrontation with said asshole to make sure he felt the justice for the kitten! Reap what you sow PÓS!!!

  12. Good thing I did not see this happen The driver would of not made it very far down the road before I caught up with them and then….the fun would begin. I would of had no problem opening the giant can of Whoop Ass.

  13. Joseph Kenosky says:

    The pieces of garbage that did this to a poor defenseless kitten need to be euthanized. They intended for this kitten to die, which is despicable and essentially murder. Get rid of these pieces of garbage.

  14. So if this was on a dashcam, can they get the license plate number. When found, just throw this asshole off the tallest overpass. The law says 7 years in prison, make sure they get it.

  15. Vanessa Strougo says:

    The Piece of living shit Needs to be run over repeatedly until he’s a pile of blood and shattered bones

  16. This shit happens every single day. Vile garbage that should be thrown out of the fucking car!!

  17. Justice for this furbaby! KILL THE MOFO that did this and send him/ her to HELL!

    Accidents or unintentional harm is one thing, but it should be an automatic death sentence for any soulless human-scum that commits murder, cruelty, torture, abuse, etc., to innocent, voiceless creatures.

  18. Brandon Parker says:

    The dash cam video clearly displays a license plate, the burden of proof is stratified by probable cause leading to an immediate arrest and the DA office should pursue prosecution of this scumbag to the fullest extent . I’m starting to question our judicial system as well. What is going on here? Wake up!! Please vote for law and order. This is ridiculous already.

    • People have been ‘questioning the useless law system for years.
      They could not give a ‘flying fuck’ about animals as long as their own lifestyle is not interrupted.
      Waste of space. Street justice is the only thing that will stop these demented bastards!l

  19. These people have no place in our world. If we want a better world, we need to eliminate anyone who commits sick acts of cruelty.
    Now we all have to wonder what else these freaks will do. I don’t want them around and I don’t think anyone else does either.

  20. Get the sicko and throw him out of a moving car

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