Dog Found Trapped in Porta-Potty Deserves Justice

Target: Darius Pattillo, District Attorney of Henry County, Georgia, US

Goal: Secure immediate prosecution and stringent penalties for the individual who locked a dog in a public toilet.

The discovery of a malnourished dog in a porta-potty at Jaycee Park in Henry County has ignited widespread outrage. Described by the Henry County Animal Control Supervisor, Allen Hall, as an “egregious act of animal neglect and cruelty,” this incident is not just distressing but also a grim reflection of the broader issue of animal abuse in the area. The dog, found in dire conditions, had to be euthanized due to its poor health, underscoring the urgency for action against such brutal treatment.

Despite the porta-potty being unlocked, the presence of a traffic cone strategically placed to block the entrance suggests a deliberate attempt to conceal the dog. This disturbing scene highlights the cruel intentions behind the act, making it imperative to address and deter such behavior decisively. As the investigation unfolds, with deputies diligently following leads, the community’s moral and legal conscience is tested.

This case, regrettably, is not an isolated incident but part of a larger, troubling pattern of animal cruelty within the Commonwealth. The necessity for legal intervention is clear: to not only seek justice for the innocent animal subjected to such horrific conditions but also to send an unequivocal message that such acts of cruelty carry severe consequences. This petition urges immediate and stringent legal action against the individual or individuals responsible, ensuring they face the full weight of the law.


Dear Attorney Pattillo,

The recent discovery of a malnourished dog, abandoned in a porta-potty in Jaycee Park, has caused considerable distress and anger among the public. This case, as described by Animal Control Supervisor Allen Hall, represents a severe violation of animal welfare laws and societal norms of decency and compassion. The deliberate manner in which the animal was left, indicated by the porta-potty’s blocked entrance, points to a calculated act of cruelty that demands your urgent attention and action.

The circumstances leading to the unfortunate euthanization of the dog underscore the gravity of the abuse and the pressing need for a robust legal response. This incident not only reflects the perpetrator’s blatant disregard for life and well-being but also highlights a larger issue of animal cruelty that plagues our community. It is imperative that this case be pursued with the utmost seriousness, ensuring that the individual(s) responsible are held accountable for their actions.

As the chief legal officer of Henry County, your role in advocating for the voiceless and enforcing the law is crucial. I urge you to take swift and decisive action in this case, ensuring that the fullest extent of the law is applied. By doing so, you will not only deliver justice for the victim of this heinous act but also affirm our community’s commitment to compassion and legal integrity.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vika Glitter


  1. Bastards!Where is law enforcement where these abominations occur?

  2. Put this P.O.S. in the Porta Potty and see how he feels. SCUM

  3. I have no qualms about doing exactly the same to the bastard that locked up the dog!!!!!

  4. Mary Stevenson says:

    The poor innocent dog was malnourished and dehydrated could they not have saved this poor baby. He was through he’ll and probably thought he was saved just to be killed. So SAD R.I.P.sweet little angel 💔 🐾🌈🌈🐾. No more let downs for you.💔💔💔

  5. Felicia Scheuttig says:

    All of this abuse have to stop and hold these people accountable. You’re telling me proposes up what the dog looks like. Somebody will come forward and say oh he’s my neighbor she’s my neighbor.. we need to get all the pieces of shit out of the world. It’s about time we start cleaning up.

    • Too right Sister.
      These bastards have got to be eradicated from the world. They are NOT humans but just pieces of shite that will never be cured. Except when the pricks are DEAD!!
      It is the only way that animal torture and abuse will ever stop.
      And the sooner this begins to happen the better!!!!

  6. Christine Grabar says:

    I feel the same as everyone else. We need to try and prevent all of this horrible cruelty in the first place.that monster should be locked in that same confined space instead of the electric chair. That’s even a better punishment — no food or water — just filthy!

    Please go to and sign my petition about needing to end all animal cruelty worldwide.

  7. We need to return to “eye for an eye” justice. I know what I would do to anyone harming an animal.

  8. We need to euthanize the scum that commits these crimes. This has really gotten to the point that this is a serious problem among humans and needs to be addressed, immediately through the court system. If the court system is not able to, then it needs to be left to the general public and those of us who CARE about animals.

  9. We should have harsher laws to protect innocent animals who can’t protect themselves! Until we do, it will continue. Why can’t someone protect our animals ?

  10. Starla Wallace says:

    Those responsible need a dose of their own medicine!!

  11. this is a FELONY with a sentence up to 7 years in PRISON, make sure the asshole gets this when found. Make sure he also gets the same feeding program he gave the dog

  12. Find this asshole and put him head first in the Porta potty

  13. Susan Scharf says:

    Seriously, what is wrong with people???? Stave this monster then shov face first into a pile of shit. Let him eat his way out!!!

  14. Brenda S Ford says:

    Has this precious baby been rescued????????? This is an atrocity! Lock up this demented human!

  15. Shocking cruelty & suffering caused to this helpless dog by some twisted & evil piece of scum.
    Hope whoever was responsible rots in hell.

  16. This POS needs to be tossed into the toilet! We don’t call this 💩 Turd boy for nothing!

  17. Katherine Simon says:

    These type of people make me sick!

  18. Find the bastard and fuck him publicly!!!

  19. Law enforcement needs to step up and do their job and not look the other way!! Animals deserve protection and loving care. If the assholes who own them can’t do that, surrender them to a rescue and give them a chance. I’m so sick of people who are getting away with this – I wish they would be tortured to death. A life for a life!!!! Damn all animal abusers and bless and protect all animals from ignorant and evil people.

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