Dog Found Trapped in Porta-Potty Deserves Justice

Target: Darius Pattillo, District Attorney of Henry County, Georgia, US

Goal: Secure immediate prosecution and stringent penalties for the individual who locked a dog in a public toilet.

The discovery of a malnourished dog in a porta-potty at Jaycee Park in Henry County has ignited widespread outrage. Described by the Henry County Animal Control Supervisor, Allen Hall, as an “egregious act of animal neglect and cruelty,” this incident is not just distressing but also a grim reflection of the broader issue of animal abuse in the area. The dog, found in dire conditions, had to be euthanized due to its poor health, underscoring the urgency for action against such brutal treatment.

Despite the porta-potty being unlocked, the presence of a traffic cone strategically placed to block the entrance suggests a deliberate attempt to conceal the dog. This disturbing scene highlights the cruel intentions behind the act, making it imperative to address and deter such behavior decisively. As the investigation unfolds, with deputies diligently following leads, the community’s moral and legal conscience is tested.

This case, regrettably, is not an isolated incident but part of a larger, troubling pattern of animal cruelty within the Commonwealth. The necessity for legal intervention is clear: to not only seek justice for the innocent animal subjected to such horrific conditions but also to send an unequivocal message that such acts of cruelty carry severe consequences. This petition urges immediate and stringent legal action against the individual or individuals responsible, ensuring they face the full weight of the law.


Dear Attorney Pattillo,

The recent discovery of a malnourished dog, abandoned in a porta-potty in Jaycee Park, has caused considerable distress and anger among the public. This case, as described by Animal Control Supervisor Allen Hall, represents a severe violation of animal welfare laws and societal norms of decency and compassion. The deliberate manner in which the animal was left, indicated by the porta-potty’s blocked entrance, points to a calculated act of cruelty that demands your urgent attention and action.

The circumstances leading to the unfortunate euthanization of the dog underscore the gravity of the abuse and the pressing need for a robust legal response. This incident not only reflects the perpetrator’s blatant disregard for life and well-being but also highlights a larger issue of animal cruelty that plagues our community. It is imperative that this case be pursued with the utmost seriousness, ensuring that the individual(s) responsible are held accountable for their actions.

As the chief legal officer of Henry County, your role in advocating for the voiceless and enforcing the law is crucial. I urge you to take swift and decisive action in this case, ensuring that the fullest extent of the law is applied. By doing so, you will not only deliver justice for the victim of this heinous act but also affirm our community’s commitment to compassion and legal integrity.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vika Glitter


  1. Sharon Rudyk says:


  2. Find the SCUMBAG POS that did this and put them in prison for a LONG time.

  3. Find the one resposible and drown him in the porta potty

  4. Find the MFers & lock them in a port a potty & let the suffer! How many more animals have to die before u people do something about all the torture & abuse going on???
    RIP baby we are trying to get better laws & punishments handed out!! 💔💔💔

  5. Put him in there full of crap and let him enjoy himself! What a POS!

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, start go fund mes and use the money to put a bounty on these scumbags. Time to exact street justice.

    Don’t care if my name is published or not.

  7. Someone somewhere MUST know who did this! That person should have the guts to come forward and tell – or he/she is as bad as the perp!

  8. Find the cowardly POS who tortured this innocent dog and lock them in a porta potty until they are dead!!!!

  9. Joe Kenosky says:

    Prosecute the offender(s)

  10. Did they put this pup down in the toilet part? Anyway, without food or water, this dog suffered by a very evil person and I guarantee you more than one person knows about it.

  11. Owning a pet should be seen as a PRIVILEDGE, not a right. Maybe then they’d be more respected. Maybe then out of control breeding would STOP.

  12. No animal deserves to be the victim of DEHUMANIZED and DESENSITIZED SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS!!! Crimes committed against defenseless animals are increasingly GROTESQUE because the punishment for animal abuse is not severe enough, and in many cases does not exist. A slap on the wrist is a MOCKERY of animal victims. These satanic pathological monster must be severely punished, MAX JAIL or DEATH PENALTY! He must also be forbidden from coming near animals ever again. 
    SET a PRECEDENT, and punish to the full extent of the law!


  14. I hope the maggot who did this reads these comments. I would like to give him a visit. I would like to tear off his head and shit his lungs. Then I would like to blow him away with my shotgun and watch him suffer his last few minutes of life. I guarantee you that if I can find him, I will make it happen.

  15. MAN has a whole is regressing and treating life as a joke, something that is disposable. Also, so many are filled with rage and evil that they elevate themselves by abusing the most innocent and again treating that life as a joke. These demons cannot be rehabbed, that is a lot of PC nonsense that is too convenient for the judges, lawyers and communities that care more about the violent offenders than the innocent victims. We have an animal abuse law on the books which constitutes a felony, or do we need to remind the judges, politicians and lawyers of this???

  16. Animal abuses leading to death oftentimes lead to child abuses leading to injury and or death.
    In the 1980’s there was an actual story about a depraved psychopath that kidnapped a little girl at a park (in the Southeast), and locked her in a portable toilet inside the park. Thankfully the child was rescued after many hours. If the door had not been blocked to the porta potty someone could have not been and would have rescued that poor innocent dog that definitely did not deserve to die that way. If someone would do that to a dog it is entirely possible that they could do it to a child, as that mean sick shit of a man did to that little girl in the ‘80’s.

  17. The sick, pathetic, subhuman doing the unthinkable to an innocent dog must be prosecuted and incarcerated for a long time! If not other animals are in danger with this sick a-hole! My justice will be an eye for an eye!! Painful and slow death is what this pathetic inhumane bastards deserves!!!!!

  18. I know we can not kill this person for this grim deed. But we sure could put them in the same position for days on end just to let them see, feel, smell, and know how hellish it was for the dog. Make the, as sick as the poor dog! Our laws are laughable. Our politicians are too busy playing with their stocks during office hours. Judges don’t grasp that humans are not the only beings who need to have rights!!! If what the criminal did was visited upon them just as they made their victims suffer, so would they! The time needs to fit the crime but courts are corrupt and nonfictional. To allow criminals to live in the shoes of their victims would certainly stop all this needless death and suffering. America and the whole world have so many mentally challenged people who cause suffering to so many innocents be they people or animals. We citizens are getting sick and tired of these repeated crimes while those who could do something … don’t! Why do our taxes pay these people who do nothing???

  19. Jaime Perez says:

    Start chopping off hands and poking out the eyes of animal abusers! Maybe these soulless devils will think twice about hurting an innocent animal!! I’m so sick of hearing about animal abuse.

  20. barry farley says:

    no animal deserves such treatment as this. Animals are to be loved and care for. What the hell is wrong with these damn people in society today, because they have no compassion whatsoever . these damn people need to be exterminated from society all together and never be seen again. Punish these damn bastards who treat animals this way. Catch these damn bastards who treat animals like this and lock their asses in a damn porta pot and toss them over the Niagara Falls.

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