Justice for Circus Animals Allegedly Forced to Perform in Extreme Heat

Target: Murray Watt, Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Animal Welfare, Australia

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for those allegedly responsible for forcing circus animals to perform in dangerous heat conditions.

In blistering 40-degree Celsius temperatures, a circus in Australia reportedly compelled animals to perform for entertainment. This disturbing scenario, described on social media by an influencer, highlights a grave concern for animal welfare. According to the posts, attendees, including children, experienced extreme discomfort due to the heat, raising serious questions about the conditions endured by the performing animals.

Further details reveal that horses were among the animals seemingly forced to perform under these harsh conditions. The influencer’s Instagram stories, shared with thousands of followers, unwittingly shed light on the plight of these animals. While the influencer faced criticism, the focus of this petition is the broader issue of animal cruelty in entertainment settings, particularly under such extreme weather conditions. This situation raises alarming questions about the oversight and welfare standards in such entertainment venues.

The necessity for immediate action cannot be overstated. Animals, unlike humans, cannot voice their distress or opt out of such unbearable conditions. Urge for the implementation of stricter regulations and legal consequences for entities that subject animals to such cruelty. We must ensure the protection and humane treatment of all animals, especially those used for entertainment purposes.


Dear Minister Murray Watt,

I am writing to bring to your attention a deeply concerning issue involving animal cruelty in entertainment settings, specifically in circuses. Recently, an influencer reported on social media that animals were forced to perform in a circus tent with temperatures soaring to around 40 degrees Celsius. This incident, while shared inadvertently, has brought to light the distressing conditions under which these animals are made to perform.

In these extreme temperatures, while humans can express discomfort and have the freedom to leave, these animals remain voiceless and trapped in their plight. The specific incident allegedly involving horses performing in such sweltering conditions is particularly distressing. It is a stark reminder of the often overlooked or ignored suffering of animals in the entertainment industry. This situation is not just about a single event or individual but reflects a broader and deeply rooted issue in how we treat animals used for entertainment.

Therefore, I implore you to take immediate action. We need stringent laws and regulations that protect animals from such cruel treatment. It is our moral obligation to ensure that animals are not subjected to inhumane conditions for the sake of entertainment. I urge you to implement legal measures to penalize and prevent such cruelty and to set a precedent that animal welfare is a priority in our society.


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Photo credit: DirkJan Ranzijn


  1. So dissapointed that animal circuses still exist! Please ensure the protection and humane treatment of all animals and enforce strict welfare standards in such entertainment venues especially those used for entertainment purposes.

  2. Laura Rolder says:

    This is abuse no animal should ever be used to entertain humans. They are a treated horribly and this need to be a law against using animals to preform in not right.

  3. Animals should NOT be “performing” in a circus at all, let alone in these conditions. I thought Australia was a civilised country….clearly it is not.

  4. Sherry Akridge says:

    Circuses are inhumane and disgusting! Who goes to circuses, a bunch of sickos! You must be a pathetic human, to go to a circus and watch animals being tortured before your eyes. Fairs, circuses, road side zoos, they are all the same. Places that animals are tortured daily for the “enjoyment” and
    “entertainment” of stupid humans. People need to open their eyes and see what is going on. But, they don’t want to, that is the problem.

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Circuses should be banned and outlawed. No animal should be forced to perform for the entertainment of humans.

  6. Circus should be banned. People should think other ways to entertain themselves not at the cost of innocent and voiceless animals.

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