Cats Apparently Forced to Cannibalize One Another Due to Starvation Deserve Justice

Target: Lackawanna County District Attorney Mark Powell, Pennsylvania, US

Goal: Ensure perpetrators receive the maximum penalty allowable by law for allegedly egregious acts of animal cruelty.

The stench of alleged neglect and suffering still hangs heavy in the air of the West Market Street house, a grim testament to unimaginable cruelty inflicted upon innocent animals. What greeted rescuers wasn’t just a scene of squalor and deprivation, but a descent into the depths of depravity, where desperation allegedly drove cats to cannibalize one another for survival. The skeletal remains of countless others reportedly lined the path to this macabre tableau, each a silent accusation against the couple apparently responsible for this nightmare: Marvin and Cindy Frederick.

Mounds of trash, emaciated bodies, and the gnawing hunger that allegedly forced animals to turn on each other – these are the hallmarks of the Fredericks’ reign of terror. Their allegedly callous disregard for life extended beyond the West Market Street home, with another property on Hollister Street harboring more victims in an RV converted into a chamber of suffering.

This is not simply an alleged case of animal cruelty; it is an apparent stain on the conscience of our community. The Fredericks’ actions were not borne of ignorance, but allegedly of willful neglect and depravity. They allegedly stripped these animals of their dignity, their sustenance, and ultimately, their lives. They deserve not a slap on the wrist, but the full weight of legal Konsequenzen for their unconscionable acts, if found guilty.

Ensure that justice is served in this case. Do not let the cries of these allegedly tortured animals go unheard. Seek the maximum penalty allowable by law for Marvin and Cindy Frederick, sending a clear message that such barbarity will not be tolerated in Lackawanna County. Let this case be a turning point, where the scales of justice tip decisively in favor of the voiceless, vulnerable creatures who depend on us for protection.


Dear District Attorney Powell,

The allegedly harrowing tale of animal abuse unfolding in Scranton has shaken the community to its core. The image of emaciated cats reportedly resorting to cannibalism in a house of horrors on West Market Street is seared into our collective memory, a stark reminder of the depths of human cruelty. Marvin and Cindy Frederick, the individuals allegedly responsible for this nightmare, must face the full consequences of their actions, if found guilty.

The litany of charges against them – 23 felonies and numerous misdemeanors – speaks volumes about the severity of their neglect. Allegedly leaving animals to starve, dehydrate, and cannibalize each other is not mere oversight; it is a conscious and unconscionable act of barbarity. The additional animal victims found at their Hollister Street property further underscores the pattern of allegedly deliberate cruelty that must be met with the firmest possible response.

We, the undersigned, implore you to seek the maximum penalty allowable by law for Marvin and Cindy Frederick. Let this case be a beacon of justice, not only for the animals who suffered at their hands, but for every voiceless creature vulnerable to such abuse. Send a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Lackawanna County. No plea for leniency, no excuse of circumstance, can justify the depths to which the Fredericks descended.

Hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law in case they are in deed found guilty. Show the community, and indeed the world, that Lackawanna County stands for compassion, for the protection of the vulnerable, and for the unwavering pursuit of justice in the face of unimaginable cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Stratman2


  1. Euthanize these monsters after they are starved awhile together, once they start to cannibalize each other, put them down. Justice! Sick demons

  2. josie olive says:

    These 2 piece of shits should be thrown off The World Trade Center

  3. Sandra mason says:

    throw those jerks into tiger’s cages at the zoo.

  4. These are 2 really sick people. Put them in a cage on your city’s street with a wolverine. Maybe other abusers will get the idea that pain and torture doesn’t pay!!

  5. I hate these evil scumbags! Burn in hell!

  6. Sherry Akridge says:

    Marvin and Cindy Frederick should be treated exactly the same. Disgusting pieces of scum! If karma is real, I hope it comes for them, fast!

  7. God i hope so much a judge does their damn job on this one instead of the usual lousy cop out slap on the wrist. At least its US as in UK sod all would be done here. We had a case like this with a breeder of persians: we seized the surviving cats and logged the cannibalised ones and reported to RSPCA, however the breeder then sued us at the shelter for loss of income and demanded we return the 2 barely alive cats(1 of which died anyhow a few hours after rescue) the depravity of these people is jaw dropping. I truly believe we are getting to the point where the psychopaths are outnumbering normal people and thats terrifying

    • RE: “I truly believe we are getting to the point where the psychopaths are outnumbering normal people and thats terrifying”

      We’ve been in that state for decades but it’s “politically incorrect” to see and publish that — read The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon” …

      “First the truth will upset you, but then it will set you free.” — Matt Landman, independent filmmaker

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    These two pieces of garbage deserve the same treatment they inflicted on the poor cats. They deserve a slow painful death!!

  9. torture and kill the perpetrators – end of future threats

  10. Donna Riggins says:

    O mercy for these 2 idiots!! Hv other dint have children since they show no responsibility for anything under their care!

  11. Donna Riggins says:

    No mercy for these 2 idiots!!I hope they don’t have children since they have no responsibility for anything under their care!

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