Restore Essential Animal Rescue Hotline

Target: K.H. Aswatha Narayana Gowda, Secretary of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Bengaluru, India

Goal: Ensure the reinstatement of critical animal support services and seek accountability for their alleged disruption.

Recent reports have surfaced about a deeply concerning situation in the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services. The Director, Dr. Manjunath S Palegar, has been suspended for actions that reportedly led to significant setbacks in animal welfare. Among these, the premature closure of a crucial helpline, despite an ongoing contract, stands out as particularly alarming. This helpline was a lifeline for addressing animal cruelty and rescue cases.

Further alleged missteps by Dr. Palegar include an unauthorized reduction of helpline staff by 50% and failure to follow through with meetings regarding the maintenance of essential services. Additionally, apparent financial irregularities are under scrutiny, such as the failure to pay Rs 12,39,000 for CRM software, leading to a reliance on less efficient manual methods for responding to distress calls. These actions have not only resulted in operational inefficiencies but also potentially contributed to the suffering of animals in need.

This petition calls for immediate remedial action. The suspended services must be reinstated at once, and a thorough investigation into these allegations is imperative. Accountability for any proven misconduct must be ensured. Animal welfare cannot be compromised, and the responsible entities must be held accountable to prevent future lapses.


Dear K.H. Aswatha Narayana Gowda,

I write to you deeply concerned about the alleged mismanagement in the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services under Dr. Manjunath S Palegar. It has been reported that the critical helpline for animal welfare was shut down prematurely, despite a valid contract. This action has reportedly led to a severe lapse in the handling of animal cruelty and rescue cases, a situation that cannot be overlooked.

Additionally, the alleged reduction in helpline staff and failure to comply with financial commitments for CRM software are worrying. These actions have reportedly not only resulted in financial loss to the government but also compromised the efficiency and effectiveness of animal welfare services. The resultant reliance on manual methods over more efficient, computer-generated solutions has likely exacerbated the situation, leading to delays and potential neglect in addressing animal emergencies.

In light of these troubling allegations, I urge you to take swift action. The immediate restoration of the helpline and related services is crucial. A comprehensive investigation into these allegations is necessary to ensure transparency and accountability. The welfare of animals and the integrity of the services designed to protect them must be upheld. We seek your intervention to ensure that justice is served and similar incidents are prevented in the future.


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Photo credit: Karolina Kabat

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  1. Lesley rodgers says:

    The Director needs replacing immediately. His own bank account should be scrutinised. He has obviously acted contrary to his duties, and obviously has no regard for animals welfare. Get rid of him.

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